Friday, November 15, 2013

Sofia Smallstorm

Deconstructing Sandy Hook / Debunking Fukushima hysteria


  1. Voice of the host is so much louder than the voice of the guest. The usual problem, the usual lack of balance in so many Internet production talk shows.

    1. I know. Sofia is soft-spoken and I am not. I tried to get her to speak up, but it's not in her nature. Sorry about that. I'll try to do better in the future.

  2. I really liked 9/11 Mysteries, and Sofia`s work generally, but she was way off on Fukushima vs. microwave radiation.

    For a start if the man made microwave communications matrix goes down tomorrow, all the damage stops too.

    Microwave radiation does not leave long lived radioactive isotopes that bio-accumulate in the environment.

    Sofia said you can`t tell the difference between cancer caused by MR vs. IR. Not true, as you most certainly can detect all sorts of isotopes in our bodies often in the organs they target.

    Strontium-90 is classic example. They know it causes bone and blood cancer (leukemia) and it is absolutely detectable in the bones.

    Then there`s Fukushima. Lets get real. There are (3) reactor cores that have totally melted down and are now some 1100 ft below the facility merrily melting along contaminating all they contact. All the while TEPCO are acting like the three stooges pretending the reactor cores are still there, and wondering why they see a spike in ground water radiation oner the last few months.

    Duh ..... the reactor cores went all China Syndrome on them. It was inevitable. All reactors have well known and established period of time where if no cooling present a meltdown is unavoidable thereafter.

    Never mind the 1320 rods of spent fuel stored in perilously perched pools on top of the blown out #4 reactor building.

    And don`t get me wrong, I don`t think Fukushima is as bad as some are suggesting, and I also firmly agree that EMF radiation is very bad stuff. But not as bad as the all pervasive solid fuel nuclear power plant industries continuing to burn forever-toxic heavy metals to boil water.

    1. Sofia asked me to post this response:

      You are right about the ability to detect traces of elements from nuclear radiation. However, the research coming out on non-ionizing (wireless) radiation's damage to tissues and the body emphasizes that it is no different and indistinguishable from that of ionizing radiation. This is not my research; I am simply repeating what scientists all over the world have been finding. People today are aware that nuclear/ionizing radiation is very harmful, but they are largely unaware of the very harmful effects of RFMW radiation, which the entire world is becoming dependent on. Also, why are locals with Geiger counters not detecting noticeable radiation levels on the West Coast? As I stated in the interview, I continue to encounter people who are searching for such results but are finding nothing, despite the alarm that is being sounded.

    2. Jim, to detect harmful radiation in food requires a $50k instrument, the $200 Geiger counters will not detect anything in amounts minimally sufficient to be harmful for human consumption.

      Governments have the capacity to invest in the more-expensive radiation detectors, the average Joe on the street does not. This is a Homeland Security issue if I ever heard of one.

    3. Also the Japanese parliament (Diet) is considering making it illegal to publish data on radiation-induced illnesses on the island. A Japanese doctor will lose his license to practice. There is a clamp-down on critical information coming from mainstream media.

      I believe Fukushima is a serious threat to humanity in the long term. Like exploding atomic bombs in slow motion on the surface of the ocean.

    4. If studies' findings are to be believed, Japanese government's and U.S. government's irresponsibility using existing resources to monitor accumulating and Incoming radioactivity stems from the fact that the controlling shadow Government wishes to exterminate economic competition to the European drone class who are losing everything since they lost their colonial control as of the end of World War II, with minor exceptions. The slaves are freed from the clutches of queen lizard, and the U.S. taxpayer is now the main course. To get elected to the White House or the U.S. congress, you must please the Rothschild controlled U.S. corporate media. The American Associated Press and the Council on Foreign Relations' CFRtv are the benefactor of campaign mewling, even more so than the shallow obligatory mewling toward the voters. All the intelligent educated folks WHO KNOW what radioactivity and honest foreign policy consist of are rejected outright by the Rothschild media. They need large quantities of fresh blood and fortune, daily.

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    1. I don't know why that is the case, but I have heard that before. I can only assure you that I welcome comments and am not censoring. So I apologize for it and hope you can post them.

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  4. Dennis Cimino has asked me to post this comment:

    "First, Sofia, that was a very very very excellent show about the HOAXING, but I think you would be well served to do research into how busy the zionists and khazarian FAKE JEWRY has been in America with regard to how they have been actively seeking to bend and form and shape the opinions and minds of the American Sheeple.

    They are a think tank of predominantly JEWISH psychologists and personalities that infer that they have intellectual rights to determine what American's see, do and think here, and it is pushed at us by people like Daniel Ellsburg and Steve Pieczenik,, both RAND guys, and both very very blood line connected to modern day khazarian jewry. Not a coincidence, by the way.

    Anyway, good show about the SANDY HOOK thing, but they have been doing the subtle and not so subtle programming of the brainwashed minds here for a long long time.

    And, regarding the Fukushima thing. Let's just say your assessment of the forms of radiation is incorrect at it's thesis level. There are fundamentally TWO TYPES of radiation, one is IONIZING RADIATION, and the other lesser level is the EMR or NON IONIZING form that is nonetheless bad for us but not nearly as harmful to human strands of DNA as is the IONIZING TYPE.

    To some extent, you are partially correct. EMR from a number of sources, such as high tension power lines, high power transmitters, and even the 2.4 ghz WI FI shit we use in our homes now, all is not good for us.

    Exposure to EM fields from fluorescent lighting, or to any number of radiators of energy in the HF spectrum all the way up into the SHF spectrum or MICROWAVE frequency range, is all contributory to things that
    our bodies don't adjust to. Like the effects of EMR energy on our circadian body rhythms and sleep cycles even.

    Having said that, if you are stipulating these as major threats, while your are partially right, but these are NON IONIZING RADIATION EXPOSURES and the symptomology and the effects on blood and human organs is very different from IONIZING RADIATION which punches holes in your DNA and then forces your cells to replicate by stealing DNA that is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE USED BY THAT CELL TO REPRODUCE, which is then a cancer causative issue then.

  5. More from Dennis Cimino:

    So I don't lambaste SMALLSTORM at all but I will probably remind her of the fact that as right as she was in the first 3/4's of the show, her assessment of FUKUSHIMA is unequivocally INCOMPLETE and probably quite wrong, but she does bring up good points about EMR issues, which are causative of a bunch of things, none of which are beneficial to humans, plants or even animals.

    So let's just suffice to say her assessment of the SANDY HOAX thing is pretty good. Even superlative to say the least.

    I want to say that these programs may not have been planned years ago, but were 'pre canned' and stowed away kind of like emergency provisions in the aftermath of the JFK COUP D' ETAT and JUNTA which I cite all the being the major 'demarcation' line between LEGITIMACY and NON LEGITIMACY' of our government.

    We have had 50 years of ceaseless RAND CORPORATION kind of mind conditioning and the installation of zionist jewish INTELLECTUALS and authorities who have more or less guided this country down the path to what Brezinski mentioned in one of his diatribes about how easy it will be to condition American's into more malleable and compliant SERFS, in the long game.

    Brezinski has been a major part of this zioturd intelligentsia out there that is pushing the NWO crap down our throats, and the implication of even RAND CORP in all of these FALSE FLAGS and HOAXES on some level suggests that it's no longer laughable that there is, a massive and HUGE JEWISH CONSPIRACY and people are forbidden to discuss it.

    At SANDY HOAX it was all yarmulkes and WHITE CASKETS with Noah Posner attending his own fucking funeral before our very eyes.


    And they do indeed now have that power. Every step of the way, zionism has been part and parcel to the CONTROL OF THE SHEEPLE and the ultimate goal of making all of the SERFS very very compliant, malleable, and uncaring of OBVIOUS GOVERNMENT OVER STEPPING and DESPOTIC RULE.

    And that is not by mistake. It took 50 years to get us here. Just thank the ADL and SPLC and many other facets of JEWISH CONTROL that ensure that if you are a free thinker and have ideas about GOVERNMENTAL CONSPIRACY now all but certainly PROVEN TO HAVE OCCURRED NOW FOR YEARS, as is the case of the JFK thing and 9/11, it is both 'improper' and a sign of MENTAL ILLNESS to question your government or cite it's wrongdoing, it's mass murder, it's lies and deceptions. Instead, we are all expected to guard against those on the INTERNET WHO ARE DESTROYING DEMOCRACY BY PUBLISHING CONSPIRACY INFORMATION.

    The RAND corporation zioturdia have been very very busy bees for 50 years, guys. And it's all jewish. EVERY BIT OF IT.

    Just ask Brezinski...he'd tell you. Needless to say, however, we have been undergoing a very low level of indoctrination by khazarian fake jews for decades, and it has been happening right under everyone's non caring nose. And that is very very sad.

  6. More from Dennis on Fukushima:

    "It has been my displeasure to have been in the Pacific Northwest when the initial wave of FUKUSHIMA radiation washed over the area and
    made it's presence apparent here. It killed birds by the hundreds on my property, burnt plants and trees, and I suffered a minor radiation burn from water that came off the roof edge of my vehicle and to whit, no other causative reasons for the burn can be reasonably factored in.

    To be blunt, I was nearly LIVID when I heard that you had downplayed the FUKUSHIMA disaster to the extent that you have pushed the theory about the EMR exposure which is nonetheless quite correct but by no means the major reasons for the things happening to our environment.

    We have been living in an ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY FILLED WORLD since Marconi invented the wireless, and to be quite blunt, Alexander Graham Bell and the transmission of electrical power at 60 hertz on power lines to light up city streets was just the beginning of that EMR stuff that now crisscrosses the country and is called THE POWER GRID.

    Every day people use radios they call CELL PHONES which in the long term, do cellular and blood damage, and therefore are truly not harmless as you have been told that they are. UNLIKE the radiation you get from a radionuclide in your breathed in air into your lungs, or in your food or water you ingest, the EMR threat is significantly, by order of magnitude, less harmful but nonetheless is not good for us nor any other living things.

    Having stated that, the issue you downplay regarding FUKUSHIMA, in my opinion, is an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT in virtually all ways you can imagine it. It is now in the very air you are breathing, in the food you eat, and it is causing damage to your cell structures in your body in ways you won't become fully aware of until you do start to see cancer or possibly LEUKEMIA issues due to blood chemistry and bone marrow absorption from these radionuclides you are eating, breathing and drinking now.

    Fast growth cells are the most disrupted and most likely to suffer cell replication damages. These changes mean the youngest amongst us are the most vulnerable and affected, and the older the least afflicted for a time. But that is a fixed time window. As the danger from the radiation gets much more pronounced and worsens, even older people, like myself, who lost my thyroid to radiation exposure, will also manifest itself in LEUKEMIA and probably early death from that.

    As you can imagine, there are many chemicals and other causative agents in our environments like BENZENE and petrochemicals we are exposed to every single day that are also cancer causative agents. It's not bad enough that we are eating GM food which incorporates pesticides built into the crops, but also other toxins that are not good for either human organisms or even animals we share the earth with.

    Bees have been decimated by the MONSANTO hybridized corn that allows farmers to use abnormally high levels of pesticides to kill insects and not harm the plant itself. Yet we ingest these as well as other MONSANTO created plants that in their own way, are every bit as harmful as if we ingested DIOXIN directly.

    Downplaying the FUKUSHIMA issue does a disservice to humankind and animals alike, in that the alarm bell has been rung by many of us who know what this threat poses. It was perhaps pollyannish and maybe naive of you to go down the road of essentially stating that the
    FUKUSHIMA thing is all hype and no threat. In time, the FUKUSHIMA issue will threaten as it does now, virtually ALL FORMS OF LIFE on this planet. The threat is very severe and real.

    I urge you to rethink the telling of the public that it can be ignored or that it is something we can all wish to go away by taking no action. It's borderline IRRESPONSIBLE to state that it should be effectively ignored.

  7. The absurd Khazar-Ashkenazi myth is kept alive for two reasons:

    1) by nutty American Christians who feel they cannot otherwise criticise Jews; for these Christians the 'bad' Jews have to be unrelated to the biblical Jews,

    and 2) by self-serving Jews who keep the joke going in conspindustry circles in order to undermine by association any truth about Jews that creeps into this kind of discussion. Jews know they only have to fear smart and principled so-called 'gentiles' -- and smart people are able to look up genetic studies that overwhelmingly refute the Khazar hypothesis, and principled people are turned off by purveyors of B.S. posing as truth tellers.

    (The 'dual-citizen' claim about people like Wolfowitz, Perle and Feith is a similar case.)

    1. Dennis Ciminio asked me to post his reply:

      The Ashkenazi jew aren’t Semites. To solve the conundrum, that is, explaining Slakhtal criminality; what does makes sense and is rarely ever broached in their media, is the logical outcome of 12 centuries of chronic, incestuous inbreeding amongst the Khazar/Slav/Neandertal.

      It is Darwinian in the extreme– the survival of the shiftiest. The Slakhtal jew is no different from the Gipsy Roma. In short, they acquire depravity from their mothers’ septic milk. Itsinum and no–that ain’t Latin!

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  9. I'm not endorsing this article, but I think it's representative of a point of view that we have to take seriously. I just discovered it accidentally. It may represent propaganda in someone's interest. But what isn't? If we had even the wisest and best technology, the lieutenants of Caesar would use it to create a hell.
    "Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power"

  10. Hey AtlantaBill, it would be prudent to keep in mind Webster Tarpley's assessment of The Guardian: that they're really the mouthpiece of the "left wing" of MI-6.

    And speaking of that spooky publication, let's not forget that it was the primary info-funnel for the (highly selective) Snowden leaks -- which to date still say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to challenge the war-enabling 9/11 myth. But they certainly do spread a mindset of numbing acceptance, in regard to the PERCEPTION (perhaps not yet equalled by actual technology) that the spooks have won and our privacy is dead.

    In other words, if we BELIEVE they can know all, see all and hear all, then they've they've already come to game, set and match.

    Don't forget that Daniel (RAND CORP. toady) Ellsberg was one of the first and loudest endorsers of the Snowden Circus. And HE'S never said a WORD to challenge the 9/11 myth either.

    As Fletcher Prouty observed, decades ago, the "Pentagon Papers" leaking served the primary purpose of shifting the blame for the Vietnam debacle from the covert Langley boys to the uniformed military.

    So Jim, perhaps you should re-evaluate your pantheon of heroes.

  11. Dennis asked me to post this response to Andy Tyme:

    Andy, you sure have it exactly right. The assessment I have of these SNOWJOB leaks is to, as I have stated many times to Jim Fetzer and others in the TRUTH community; "get people resigned to the fact that the ALL SNOWING, and ALL SEEING OMNIPOTENT NSA is both capable of collecting all this shit at of all places, a location they just built called, get this; "BLUFFDALE" (hahahhahahaha!) and that SNOWJOB was chopped out of 'Catch-22' as a character who'd been mortally injured by FLAK that under his FLAK JACKET, had effectively eviscerated him, where the other character, the MAIN character, YOSSARIAN, opens the jacket and "OUT SPILLS SNOWDENS GUTS".

    As you know, the TUCSON HOAX, and the AURORA HOAX and the SANDY HOAX all were BATMAN THEMED HOAXES, run ostensibly by jews who then screamed bloody murder that we all had it wrong that the JOOZ in the community would NEVER EVER did FEMA GENE who has crisscrossed the nation for FEMA and was clearly a CRISIS ACTOR trying to get morons to believe he just happened to be in the right place and right time to care for those kids. What a crock of ZIOTURD SHIT that was. Other zio slime like Jeff Prager published crap on many websites denouncing Fetzer and myself for publishing "The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook" which is still at Veterans Today website for reading. We did a prior article exposing these zioturd organized ACTOR FILLED HOAXES, and took much heat from that.

    JOOOZ as I call these frauds, have no clue how 'out of the bag' the conspiracy is now. This NSA crap is to get people to buy into the fact that the scum in this WHOLLY ILLEGITIMATE ZIOTURD RUN MIASMA OF SHIT that rules us, is both COMPETENT and CAPABLE of building dossiers on all of us. Back when I was at Lockheed a few years ago, many of my fellow engineering department assholes were being siphoned off into MOSSAD OPERATION for the NSA called 'VERINT' which is affiliated with VERIZON', much to the chagrin of all of you who like having MOSSAD run your telecommunications network for you. Yes, the surveillance is going on, but VERINT later laid off all of my stupid co-worker associates who went over to them for that big paycheck from the MOSSAD.

    Ellsberg, and all of these other pieces of shit, all rally around FRAUD SNOWJOB, as well as another piece of work named Colleen Rowley, who is no more a 'whistle blower' than most of you are not. Julie Annie Assmange who is a ROTHSCHILDS MEAT PUPPET AND CALIBRATED LEAK FOR ISRAEL, and a 9/11 TRUTH DENIER, is SNOWJOBS biggest pal there is Rowley.

    But to the chase, I digressed here, the government doesn't have the core competency nor the plan to adequately monitor 330 million American's communications. This shit is a huge ruse and lie. And sadly, many people who are RAND PUPPETS now due to their believing in Ellsberg, now are anesthetized and transfixed in muted acceptance of this, per your assessment. Fine observations, Sir. You give me hope we can rout these bastards from JIZZRAHELL from our midst and restore a modicum of LAW and SANITY on this earth after we fully defeat them across this globe.. Thank you for your excellent assessment commentary here!!

  12. Daniel Ellsberg is one of the biggest gatekeepers of the left along with Chomsky, Cockburn, The Nation crowd, etc. and appears at all sit-ins and demonstrations endorsed by these groups. You can always find him on C-Span speaking at these events. Since Ellsberg has been endorsing Snowden all along, one need not be a rocket scientist to figure out something is fishy. Amen and thanks for posting this.

  13. I watched the movie. The most convincing to me was the parent who was clearly an actor, smiling and laughing before changing face and pretending to be all upset. Of course, he should have been sniffling and having to blow his nose if he was actually in the emotional state he was acting out. Good job!