Monday, November 18, 2013

Gary King / Jim Marrs

Katrina and other contrived events / JFK


  1. Excellent Jim Marrs interview...and quite possibly the most curt, concise dismissing of the Oswald in the Doorway theory ever put to audio..."even if true, you're never going to be able to convince people using the blurry background of a photo" and equating to a waste of time when there is so much more available and real evidence that shows Oswald was not on the 6th floor shooting...can we move on now from the giant distraction of all of this Altgens alteration nonsense? You can't prove anything, it's all wild conjecture when you could be focusing on the real evidence of exoneration.

    1. Well, you and Jim are both wrong. When you look at the height, the weight and the build of the man in the doorway as well as the tee-shirt and over-shirt he was wearing, it is not even a tough call. He not only looks like Lee Oswald but does not look--even remotely!--like either Billy Lovelady or Gorilla Man. I was simply not disposed to correct Jim about this one the air, but the facts are the facts. I have explained this so many, many times that I find it acutely disappointing when intelligent men, such as you and Jim, miss the forest for the trees. See, for example, "JFK believe it or not: Oswald wasn't even a shooter" and "The JFK War: The challenging case of Robert Groden". We have proven it was Lee beyond a reasonable doubt. Jim should know better.

  2. King-Kill/33 Fifty Years later :

    The aircraft named Angel delivered the King & Queen of Camelot to Love Field. Where shortly afterwards the King's head were scattered and his brains rendered garage for the street sweeper. After which Ruby was nationally televised blowing the guts out of another scrape goat.

    The surviving former first lady descended into a porn theater habitue. And lover of stunted
    millionaires. Ending her life in the arms of a wealthy, overweight, yiddish speaking adulterer. About whom she said, "I admire his success."

    The assassinations of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald recount an archetypal scrape goat scenario. Are we prepared to accept the cryptocracies monopoly on discernment and interpretation? Or can we see and think independently of it?

    Oswald had served as radar operator for the CIAs secret U2 spy plane. The best evidence points to him as a CIA counter intelligence asset sent to the Soviet Union as part of ZR-Rifle.

    According to Idaho Senator Frank Church's committee to study governmental operations. The CIA's Richard Bissell developed the ZR-Rifle assassination team shielded by forged and back dated documents and with contingencies plans for blaming the Soviets. When the assassinations that became public or were intended to be made public. Of course this is a false flag. You do something then you blame someone else for it.

    CIA assassination scrape goats like Oswald were to have a fraudulent 201 personal file and appropriate Soviet connections. The Church Senate committee and the House Select Committee on Assassinations discovered that CIA's counter intelligence chief James Jesus Angleton department had a 201 file on Oswald from 1960 onward.

    Former CIA Director Alan Dulles told the Warren Commission on January 27, 1964. That no CIA employee even under oath should ever say truthfully if Oswald was in fact a CIA agent.

    Oswald was working both t he FBI and the CIA. Texas General Attorney Wagner Carr informed J. Lee Rankin, the Warren Commissions general counsel, that Oswald was an undercover agent for the FBI. The FBI agent in New Orleans in 1963 William Walter testified to the House Select Committee on Assassinations that Oswald did indeed have an informant status in our office.

    J Edgar Hoover ordered all New Orleans FBI agents to refuse to cooperate with District Attorney Jim Garrison. "We are not coming anyway into Garrison's investigation" Hoover said.

    On October 16, 1963 Oswald gained employment at the Texas School Depository over looking Kennedy's November 22 parade route.

    Dear god the paper says you were the King / In the black limousine

    Dear John and all the King's men / can't put your head together again

    Marilyn Manson, Godeatgod

    Marilyn Manson - Coma White

    Manson actually reenacts Kennedy's assassination.

  3. Thanks for the interviews, Jim. Gary in top form as were you and Jim. Thanks again for uploading. I knew you'd answer my request for the Jim Marrs' slot. Gary was a bonus!! True to your word - as always, Jim. Semper fi, Jim. Semper fi.

    Thanks again, Jim!

    Much obliged! Muito obrigado!!!

  4. Marrs is always good.

    Katrina was contrived by Mother Nature, as are all earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons... the bad guys try to take credit for them with "leaks" from "whistle-blowers" but these are obvious lies to try to make us think that these people are more powerful than they really are. They want us to believe that they are invincible supermen, but they are not, they are going off and they know it.

    1. Yeah. Could be a lot in that. They want us to think THEY know it all. When, in reality, WE know more than THEY do. Wizard of Oz Syndrome - the booming voice is really a pipsqueak with a megaphone.....

      All you have to do is pull away the curtain.

    2. Yeah Stooy44, that's your theory based on nothing but spin. Shoot from the hip opinion. There are plenty of documents saying they can control the weather. Of course if you just dismiss that and say it's a fake leak, you can believe anything you want. We've been seeding clouds since the Wright Brothers what makes you so sure we can't do more. Look at the technology we are communicating through right now, I'd say the know how is there. A fake whistleblower is someone like Snowden who gets tons of media attention and tells you nothing new. There has been a lot of open research done regarding weather manipulation, but I know everything is fake, which I'm starting to believe is the reason why they are obviously faking a lot of these events, so the research community will believe nothing is real.

  5. Chris, of course it is logically possible that the military, or some power, can manipulate the weather, and maybe even cause terrible hurricanes. But I think we would need plenty more evidence than we have before we can make this conclusion. It is interesting that they only make hurricanes where hurricanes have been caused by nature for as long as our knowledge of time permits, and only in places where hurricanes have always taken place. Show me a hurricane at a time of year when it has never happened before, in a place where it has never happened before and I might be willing to consider the possibility that it is artificial.

    These maniacs are always trying to rewrite history and take credit for it. They say they caused both World Wars, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and so on.... I do not believe it. Not without proof.

    Yet they could not get to the moon and had to fake it!!!

    Again, maybe the bad guys are causing hurricanes, it is logically possible. We are free to believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus if we like.

  6. Here is a little proof for you 44, an article in the Wall St. Journal about Malaysia contracting Russia to induce a man made cyclone to clear out smog in their country.

  7. Thanks Gary, this type of thing does add some credibility to the theory, but it falls short of proof. I think it is possible that Satanic forces are at work here. (It matters not whether or not God exists, or whether or not Satan exists, it matters only that some people believe it.) The Bible tells of extra earthquakes, storms, wars, diseases and so forth in the end times. So what we may have here is Satanic forces trying to take credit for what God said god would do. (Again, whether or not God and Satan exist is not the point, the point is only that some believe it.)

    What is certainly clear is that these maniacs want us to believe that they can cause such things as hurricanes. But as I said above, the only take credit for hurricanes after the fact. That is easy to do.

    How about predicting one in advance, in a place and time of year where they do not happen naturally, then do it?

    Then I might believe them.

    But it is so obvious that they are trying to make themselves look much more powerful than they really are.

  8. I think the existence of the technology of weather modification is a given. Naturally it is top secret so we do not know what its capabilities are. We made it rain in Viet Name (Operation Popeye).

    I cannot find the citation from Dr. Fetzer's writings right now, but I recall him often saying something like "Once I was fully convinced that it was possible for jets to crash into buildings, I was able to entertain and explore the idea of "no planes". That is a loose paraphrase.

    I think this relates to the objection being raised here that we never see a hurricane occur in a place where hurricanes do not normally occur. Making a hurricane occur in a place where hurricanes normally occur is the most intelligent tactic to take of the weather modifiers. People will believe it is a natural hurricane. Making "plane crashes" appear to happen in a scenario where it is possible for plane crashes to occur makes the "plane crash" all the more believable.

    Any sophisticated technology employed for its maximum potential for believability of the masses, whether it be CGI, video compositing, holography,or weather modification to cause hurricanes is not going to be wasted in a totally unbelievable scenario. Naturally much of this technology is top secret and we do not know very much about it other than it exists. The goal is to effectively deceive the minds of the masses.

    There are, however, some very freak weather events. A month or so ago, 80,000 head of cattle died in a freak snow storm in one of the Dakotas. Beef prices are to soar and that helps the control of our food program.

  9. Good points, Jeannon.

    But I simply do not believe things without sufficient proof. I admit that they are logically possible, but i do not believe them.

    I do find it interesting what people choose to believe or not believe. For example, many people do not believe them when they say Oswald killed Kennedy, many people do not believe them when they say they put a man on the moon, many people do not believe them when they say airplanes hit the Twin Towers...

    Yet many people DO believe them when they tell us they can cause hurricanes????

    1. Sooty, I agree with every word you say, but dog gone.... One country contracting another to induce an low intensity hurricane, advertise it, pass out flyers, guarantee that it would not damage any property, What else can a say, well how about the Olimpics in China where on the front page assurances that it will not rain. 90% of this whether modification is by no means secret. For Gosh sakes, Companies that make it rain are in the yellow pages my young man! Your nor feeling me man!

    2. Make it rain locally, yes. Cause an event like Katrina, not in my opinion. I may be wrong, but I do not believe that these people are this powerful, they are simply trying to make us believe that they are. If they had this kind of power they would have accomplished their objectives by now. They have not because they do not. Admittedly, just my opinion.

  10. Amazing interview.. Melodic like a symphony of truth. 2 of my favorite people on the planet.

  11. Couldn't agree more with stevie.t. Just used the "2 of my favourite...." comment to my girlfriend. Talking of another favourite person, have Jim Marrs and Mack White ever been seen in the same room? If Prof Fetzer looks at posts this old it would be a treat as good as Fetzer/Marrs to enjoy Fetzer/White. I'm listening to his interview with Jack Blood (Deadline Live) and he is quite an authority on JFK too.
    Thank you for your continued brilliance Prof Fetzer.