Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jim Fetzer & Jim Viken

With "Popeye" on psyops, covert ops and "false flag" attacks


  1. Satanists, set, anunakis, Aleister Crowley, the queen, the greys, the nazis... Popeye and Jim Viken, you two bozos FORGOT SANTA CLAUS... HOHOHO HOHOHO HOHOHO HOHOHOHOHOHO

    LMAO. That was priceless. Thanks Jim!

  2. well, if you don't know with who your mother (your mom) was whoring, that's kind of a risky statement. He might be your father, stevie.

    Family gathering season coming... you better watch it dude.

  3. Hey!! That Bugliosi guy?
    Didn't he write a book on the JFK assassination? There's a film of the book. I can't recall the name of the film. Krapland or something??

    Does anybody know?

  4. Is there any truth in the rumor that the dickwipe Freeride is actually Bugliosi's bastard "love" child?

    Bastard I can believe but "love" child??!!

    Gimme a break!!

  5. " Unser Seliger Adolf "??

    A copy and paste job?

    Why the capitalized 's' in "Seliger"?

    Adjectives in German do not have
    capitalized letters unless they are at the beginning of a sentence.

    Anyway, it should be:

    "Unser vedammter Wichser Adolf"

    Du Arschloch!!!

    ......and dickwipe.

  6. The Germans who were suspected of still supporting Hitler after WW2 were tortured and imprisoned, so for code they used the acronym U.S.A. Unser Seliger Adolf, which in German translated to Our Beloved Adolf.

  7. I know what it means!!

    It means " Our blessed Adolf ".

    Blessed??!! LMFAO

    You dickwipe!!!

  8. You are a vulgar jew. I have never addressed you. I'm not going to stoop to your level. If its even possible for a Gentile to stoop that low. Just how long do you believe that decent people are going to continue to put up with your tribes disgusting behavior and theft of everything they have including their dignity? All its going to take is someone saying the right thing at the right time and its going to click in the minds of the people. Whom has done this to them. The loss of their homes.The deaths of their children. All the immeasurable suffering your people have brought on to them.Then we shall see who is LMFAO

  9. Where's your boyfriend Pasquale??

    You two have a lovers' tiff or what??


    Just curious.


  10. If the past is precedent, then there is very good reason to suspect that we have just witnessed (in this rather dismal, verbally polluted comment thread) yet another chapter in the endless Hasbara saga of vicious, foaming-at-the-mouth, Jew-baiting -- actually posted by an earnest-but-misguided web warrior who thinks he's doing his bit for Zion by posing as a crude, low-IQ antisemite.

    Nevertheless, the legitimate criticism of Israeli misbehaviour that Jim and his guests often offer on The Real Deal can not be refuted such puerile attempts at "associational tarnishment".

    Maybe Jim SHOULD do some censoring, at least of such gross and vulgar charades that are off-topic as well!

  11. Crude? Low IQ? Who's the one using vulgar language,doing nothing but hurling insults and using simple grammar mistakes to dismiss everything I say? All of my claims are true and you did nothing to refute them. You just hurled more insults and called for censorship. You sound like the hasbarat troll.Weak

  12. If the shoe fits, wear it. Otherwise, cast it off.

    But if you deny that the previous posts display disgustingly childish and vulgar behaviour, then your inability to even recognise such rubbish suggests you must be wallowing in it.

    Dr. Fetzer's forum deserves a much higher level of discourse than the drivel that was recently spewed above.