Friday, October 18, 2013

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    No, Radiation from Fukushima has NOT Killed Hundreds of Whales

    According to a report posted to various "alternative" news websites and messages circulating via social media, hundreds of whales have been killed by radiation leaked from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The stories feature a photograph depicting a number of dead whales on a beach. The picture supposedly shows the "scene near Fukushima today".

    However, the claims in the report are deliberate lies. While there is a great deal of information about the Fukushima disaster and its potential effects on the environment, there are no credible reports at all that support the claim that hundreds of whales have died due to radiation from the plant.

    And the image depicting dead whales - which comprises the only evidence of the alleged event presented in the report - has no connection with Fukushima whatsoever.

    In fact, the image shows pilot whales stranded on a beach in New Zealand. And the event occurred in August 2010, months before the March 2011 Fukushima meltdown.

    Ironically, the websites that publish this and similar reports promise readers "the truth" but in fact peddle outright lies. The author of the report obviously took an image from an unrelated news site and made up a story to go with it just to further his own political worldview or simply to get more website hits........

    ......Recent news reports have certainly raised alarm, with revelations that up to 300 tons of radiation contaminated water has been leaking into the sea near Fukushima every day. The long-term effects of this contamination remain somewhat unclear. So how dangerous is it? notes:

    The main health concern is the impact on fish near the nuclear plant. Scientists have long believed that contaminated water was reaching the ocean, based in part on continuing high levels of radioactive cesium found in fish living at the bottom of the sea. A rise in strontium-90 and tritium levels in the past few months needs to be watched, said Ken Buesseler, a marine chemist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Strontium in particular accumulates in fish bones and remains longer than cesium in fish and the humans that eat them. The fisheries off Fukushima are currently closed.
    There have also been a number of panicky reports proclaiming that radiation from Fukushima has or soon will be causing significant problems in the United States. However, MSN News reports:

    "Yes, we do expect radioactive material to reach the U.S. coast by March 2014, but the concentrations in the water are more than a thousand times less than what is considered safe drinking water by the World Health Organization," said Erik van Sebille, lead author of a study tracing the radioactive fallout from the disaster......

    1. Joan, Who are you? Because you are coming across as an apologist for the government. So what is your agenda? Why take you seriously?

    2. Hasn't Chris Busby made a similar assessment? And who is to say that it's not in the interest of the U.S. Government, if not elements in the Japanese Government also, to spread panic?

    3. And meanwhile Steven Chu does his best to wangle a deal with the Japanese government granting the U.S. business interests who installed the Fukushima facility a total immunity from any liability before he will use his authority to release American assistance. After he succeeds in this, the horrific problem worsening by the day will be granted release from his demented grasp for remedy by others. It should be intuitively obvious by now that our nation's leaders were chosen by the beguiled and just plain fooled.
      Did Steven Chu get his Nobel from the same spoiler Nobel Committee who gave Obama his? British Petroleum is Steven Chu's boss, and is controlling the progress of the Fukushima containment, and was Steven Chu's boss the day BP got immunity in the form of a formal presidential pardon for blowing up the Deepwater Horizon INTENTIONALLY. Obama and his entire administration are placebos, shills, stooges, charlatans, and lost parakeets. Not only did professionals in the oil industry note the reckless access into a high pressure oil/gas reservoir amid salt domes and the mixed unstable formation, they also noted that the technology to contain and manage any sort of flow from this formation did not exist, nor does the means to control such high pressure exist today. The well apparatus used was completely inadequate for negotiating a mile of open seas before thousands of feet of terra firma was to be accessed. The U.S. senate committee unanimously signed off on this disaster as "intentional" and "reckless". Obama pardoned Halliburton, his boss BP, and TransOceanic. Halliburton and BP. Both are Skull and Bones outfits. BP's money in the western hemisphere is managed by BlackStone.
      Panic? You want to see panic? Look at the dumasses now in charge. Mewlers, sex offenders, and drug addicts, 24/7. We need them removed. They are too busy with self-indulgence to panic. Tie their hands, and you will see panic. The devil does not share his toys.

    4. Quiz for Dr. Fetzer: What was the name of the Tyler, Texas hotel Bush41 was giving a speech at as President Kennedy was being assassinated on November 22, 1963?

      Ans: The Blackstone.

  2. Jim Fetzer said: Joan, Who are you? Because you are coming across as an apologist for the government. So what is your agenda? Why take you seriously?

    Sorry to offend you, Jim. I have no "agenda" other than finding the truth. My mistake is not explaining the stuff I post. In this case, I googled to see if there was another take on this horrendous story given we can no longer rely on our government or the media to tell us the truth, I typed in "Fukushima Hoax?" and this article on the whales came up. The stranded whales died BEFORE Fukushima yet the incident was blamed on Fukushima.
    This looks interesting, but I have not had time to investigate.

    1 Day Before Fukushima: NRC and Japanese “Utility Execs” participate in “incident response” | hatrickpenry

    1) Is a rogue faction planning operations around known drills and exercises? or
    2) Is a rogue faction planning drills/exercises at the same time as their operations (I.E.: shootings, bombings, man-made weather phenomenon and earthquakes etc.)