Friday, October 25, 2013

Dennis Cimino / Leuren Moret & Christina Consolo

Fukushima fallout: an extinction-level event?

NB: 150 minutes


  1. I like Dennis Cimino, but would you please ask him not to use, "Pardon my French." I hurts my French sensibilities; and, as a matter of historical fact, the obscenity he used (which is usually the case by those who so slander the French) came to English from the Saxons.

    1. Dennis has asked me to post this on his behalf:

      Listen, AtlantaBill, I did not mean to lambaste you for the commentary on this FUKUSHIMA story, but you have dogged my stuff with so
      much crap about Nazi this and HOLLOWCOST that at every juncture when it has ostensibly not been a real valid post relevant to my work or these interviews. I had asked Jim to publish a stronger response to your whining in the other interview, but I have relented and actually pretty much mandated that if my work is going to be on this site, I must get the opportunity to respond to critics of my work and observations about the world in general.

      For you, you have been a loyal follower but I do not wish to alienate you because of my staunch 'anti zionism' stance that is in my opinion, very warranted. If you are an american 'jew' and wish to take issue with my work, by all means post that if you wish and don't pussyfoot around with it, but do not, please, DO NOT come in and post NAZI this and HITLER that stuff when it's really not relevant to the material discussed.

      There is good reason people like me 'deny' the HOLLOW COST, AtlantaBill. It never happened. Historically it is not substantiated by facts.

      If you wish, post anything you want but do the rest of the listeners who have complained about your really long winded shit about HOLLOW COST DENIAL and HITLER, a big favor by stowing that. Rebut the issue in the radio broadcast in any fashion you wish but don't lay a bunch of mumbo jumbo about HITLER in the commentary, it only makes you look more like a ZIO SHILL than you seem to be trying to be.

      I appreciate all commentary when relevant to the material. But don't push ZIO stuff here, please. If you continue doing that, I am going to
      insist that Jim Fetzer remove your commentary in the prior shows, which remain because you were nice.

      I apologize for jumping you like a shark, but be advised keeping ON POINT is valued here. I do value your comments, just don't go off on
      ZIO propaganda tangents, please.

      best wishes,

      Dennis C.

  2. Qu'est-ce qu'il a dit? Il faut que je sache ce que Dennis a dit!!
    Dites-le-moi, s'il vous plaƮt.

  3. Je parle en francais aussi, mais mon francais est Quebecois, pas Parisean.

    It is interesting to note that English profanity has to do with bodily functions, whereas French profanity has to do with religion. I am not sure why this is the case.

  4. moi, je parle le francais comme une vache espanol.

    I believe fukushima to be another psy-op, but with positive purposes behind it. it was designed to discredit the nuclear power industry (which I believe is a hoax to begin with) as the old ways make way for the new. is it co-incidence that so many nuclear power plants are being decommissioned and shut down around the world at this time? I don't think so.

    lots of fear associated with todays show. I won't be buying it.

    1. Dennis has asked me to post this reply to pshea:

      regarding the guy who thinks Fukushima to be a 'Psy Op' and a 'fortuitous one' at that, makes one wonder how all of us would synthesize the
      issues with the sea life and the wildlife which are being adversely impacted by it.

      granted, per Leuren's observation that all of the mutilated cattle just happened to live 'downrange' of nuclear facilities and hence, were most likely picked up by DoD or the AEC for precision dissection and then re-deposited as a 'Psy Op' to blame alien life for their precision dissection they
      underwent, now that is indeed a PSY OP.

      but this is not a Psy Op. The sea life that is being irreparably harmed by the radiation have no fucking clue what a Psy Op is.

      nor do Polar Bears, Seals, or 'me' when I sustained fucking radiation burns on my hand after the shit came ashore.

      Psy Ops are numerous. but so far, the commenters on the radio broadcast shed NO REAL LIGHT on the matter.

      that could be they are scared fucking shitless. Or it could be a concerted effort to DE EMPHASIZE THE INFORMATION.

      the information we didn't discuss is that STUXNET probably played a major role in triggering this disaster, and that has been
      linked to ISRAEL.

      so have some unusual camera equipment built at DIMONA that was present at FUKUSHIMA when the disaster took place.

      and the growing evidence the meltdowns preceded the fucking tsunami that strickened the plant due to power outages.

      these are things we didn't discuss. PsyOp?

      Oh how I do wish we were all imagining this shit. But it isn't that way. This is real. The threat to all life is an existential threat.

      and the commenters who did post comments only served to obfuscate and obscure the factual information contained not solely in my part of the show but in the second half.


      PSHEA really is either a SHILL or is frightened witless. The latter is forgivable. The former, that is NOT. Same for Zio Shill Stooey and the other fucker who posted making light of my 'french' there. All are DIVERSIONS from the points made in the broadcast.

      in a few months there won't be much comedic relief regarding the matters at Fukushima, or for that matter, the impacted afflicted EARTH we live on.

  5. Well, I have done several shows on Fukushima--and you are the only one who doubts that what's taking place is a threat, not only to the Japanese, but to the world. Dennis and Majia and Leuren and Christian are all reporting the same scenario. You are welcome to believe what you want but, in my view, you cannot also claim that your beliefs are rational, given the evidence.


    why the need to fake video dennis? did we learn nothing from 9/11? do you believe in the nuclear demolition of the twin towers as jim does? I thought you were hip to fakery? I don't doubt your personal accounts of injuries, but how can you be sure as to the real causes? was fukushima built to be destroyed (just as the twin towers were)? and who builds a nuclear power on a fucking major fault line? the efficient, innovative and technologically savvy Japanese? pull the other one! fukushima is an on-going soap-opera psy-op imo, but I quit watching tell-a-vision long ago!

  7. Dennis asked me to post this response to pshea:

    I think we are in general agreement about the 'Psy-Op' facets of this disaster that is unfolding in Japan, and by that, I am quite willing to admit that nothing we see on any TALMUD VISION is going to bear much truth in it. I haven't had a functioning TALMUD VISION in my home for several years now. Even when I had a spouse who had one, i seldom really watched it because I knew it was 24/7 propaganda and lies spewing forth from it. When Kubrick made; "2001: A Space Odyssey" the huge monolithic TALMUD VISION that trained primate apes how to 'kill' wasn't lost on me, the symbolism therein. Having said that, human beings are unfortunately rather gullible critters in that if they hear repetitive bullshit and propaganda enough times, it sticks to their psyche's like a greasy pancake to a long overdue for cleaning pan. The propaganda message in the faux 'news' is so powerful that it has effectively poisoned the well in Amerika to the extent that if it's not on Faux Noize, it's not to be discussed or talked about in public.

    Now, as you can imagine, we know many things about Fukushima. We know that those were Mk-1 plants, designed by G.E., of which there are about '26' currently or thereabouts still in operation in the U.S. today. As far as I know, the U.S. versions are not using MOX fuel but I may be wrong about that. The technology is not unlike the two reactors I walked by on the nuclear powered warship I served 5 long years on, and it is far from safe. Hyman Rickover, as you may have guessed, didn't push nuclear power for efficiency, he used the naval reactors as a form of breeder for the nuclear arms race, producing stuff that later ended up in nuclear warheads. Isn't it a tad ironic that alleged 'jews' have been part and parcel to the progeny of both the destructive force of nuclear weapons, as well as the implementation of nuclear power both in naval reactors and in shore based powerplants. I don't think this is solely for greed. There is another reason.

    Having said this, I do have to agree with you about the psychological impact of FUKUSHIMA being 'used' as a 'Psy-Op' because, as you also are no stranger to this concept, you and I both know that zionist love 'chaos' and they love to keep goyim not just on their edge of their proverbial seats, but on the brink of despair and helplessness. What can be more debilitating than the thought that an ongoing severe nuclear accident in Japan threatens all human life. Now that is one hell of a potent 'Psy-Op' or 'FEAR MONGERING OPERATION' in that it transfixes most of the sheeple in a state where they are either oblivious to the threat, in denial of it, or frightened to the degree of hopeless inaction and a sense of; "oh shit, we are DOOMED" in many minds. This is not by accident that zionists like this state of affairs, not only in the incessant leaks about the corruption of the entire U.S. Government, but the financially engineered implosion of the economy, the incipient ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, another 'Psy-Op' if you will, and then this. All of these factors make people either make bad judgment calls or worse, makes people appear to be immobilized in mental amber where they cannot even imagine how to respond. This is modern jewry, khazarian form, that loves this formula for the 'goyishe kup' stupid goyim who have no clue what the fuck a 'Psy-Op' is or how they work to the khazars advantage as 'looters and shekel grubbers and enslavers of mankind' as they inherently have proven themselves to all be.


  8. thank you for your response dennis. all has never appeared as dark as it does now, but you know the old saying about the dark and the dawn. I have my own interpretation on matters and see many issues resolving themselves this side of Christmas. I respect your views and your passion. I guess we all walk our own road. there are certainly enough around who are loosing sleep over fukushima. I will not be joining that fray. I do see huge hope though, where there appears to be none.



  9. A+. Now, how to side step the incoming and implement a cure. The flexible sealant material used on the 'bathtub' of the World Trade Center complex seems to be holding up well after 45 years. May I suggest an immediate termination of the services of Energy Secretary John Su and his boss, British Petroleum so we can get cracking on digging a ditch to a level below the fresh water disc under Fukushima some distance and immediately install a bulkhead and channels. A desalination plant for cooling water should be there somewhere. a plastic curtain out in the salt water should be there by now, starting 2 1/2 years ago.

    Dr. Fetzer, perhaps you now have had enough of a face full of these swine to see just how self-indulgent and mentally unfit they are. The Rockefellers ere just as bad in their drug addled attempt to "build the biggest buildings in the world and call it The World Trade Center", and how dangerous they are because fools fawn over them to get money or a seat at the Cambridge tea. Not me. I'm a peasant AND PROUD of it.
    An outstanding website, this.
    I find Rick Wakeman's album 'Rhapsodies' a fine place to go for a better look.Pedro da Gavea.

  10. Excuse me. I meant a termination of the services of Energy Secretary, Steve Chu, an entirely forgettable hack and possessor of a plastic plated Nobel. We must go pro on this ASAP.

  11. Regarding Cimino's 'Khazar' foes.

    The Khazar-Ashkenazi hypothesis is contradicted by the great preponderance of studies into Jewish genetics.

    It flies only with a certain subset of American Christians who feel they cannot criticize Jews unless those Jews are unrelated to biblical Hebrews, and with passive consumers of conspindustry programming unable or unwilling to look into matters for themselves.

  12. Dennis asked me to post his response to Nick Dean:

    No, Mr. Dean, the ‘khazar’ TRUTH is supported by facts, genetic facts, the kinds of facts that khazarian fake fraudulent body snatcher ‘jooz’ as I call you guys, like to ignore.

    In your last ridiculous comment where you stated that; “The absurd Khazar-Ashkenazi myth is kept alive for two reasons:

    1) by nutty American Christians who feel they cannot otherwise criticise Jews; for these Christians the 'bad' Jews have to be unrelated to the biblical Jews; and,

    2) by self-serving Jews who keep the joke going in conspindustry circles in order to undermine by association any truth about Jews that creeps into this kind of discussion. Jews know they only have to fear smart and principled so-called 'gentiles' -- and smart people are able to look up genetic studies that overwhelmingly refute the Khazar hypothesis, and principled people are turned off by purveyors of B.S. posing as truth tellers.

    (The 'dual-citizen' claim about people like Wolfowitz, Perle and Feith is a similar case.)”
    On point ONE of your outrageous hasbarat statement, you blame Christians who think they cannot otherwise criticize ‘Jews’ and hence therefore we allegedly invented the genetics that effectively contradict your claims, because none of you are descended of biblical jews in any way make nor form, and that’s a proven GENETIC FACT, and then second, I am not a Christian and therefore I have no hang-ups of any kind calling a FRAUDULENT CASTE out for what you all are. You’re ‘usurpers’, and ‘body snatchers’ who descended from a place far far removed from the holy lands, after adopting Judaism a tad after 800 AD rolled around…which never made any of you true ‘biblical’ or what I call, JUDEAN JEWS in any way make or form.

    Conflation of a RACE identity with the adoption of a religious believe is a bit much, Mr. Dean. You post garbage about Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and for that matter the other khazarian assholes in the last mis-administration, when they too like yourself, are FRAUDS and USURPERS and LIARS and totally guilty of committing heinous acts against the true ‘semites’ of the Holy Lands who in virtually all respects, are not deserving of being starved, bathed in khazarian zioturd sewage, strafed or white phosphorous attacked out of their ancestral lands as your type destroy their homes out from under them. Your tribe uproots olive trees that are hundreds of years old, Mr. Dean, because your tribe is scum and has no humanity in any of it. You’re 12 centuries of INBREEDING did not fare well for your tribe. Let’s face it, Mr. Dean, you’re a KHAZAR, and a FRAUD, and a USURPER, and to be blunt, a disingenuous piece of scum for decrying nothing but HASBARA and LIES here in the comment section.

    You need to go somewhere that scum with identity issues like your tribe should be, only that turf now is inhabited by people who don’t much care for your ilk either, so once again, where does a fraudulent and wholly murderous race of slime slither off to when they have no home to go to?

    The turf you occupy in Palestine someday will be repatriated to the true owners, and the day will come when your ilk won’t be welcome anywhere on the planet, for what time we do have left here. It’s no wonder that your tribe is hated and justifiably so. Look at the harm you liars have done globally, stealing land you don’t have any rights to take, and grubbing every shekel you can nab under wars for profit. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to push your outrageous zioturd KHAZARIAN jive here, my friend.

    Go somewhere else and do that, please don’t do it here. You are all inveterate liars and by your hasbara, do a disservice to those who seek the truth over your bullshit and LIES you spew. Not one of you is capable of EVER TELLING THE TRUTH, and that goes for you, Mr. Dean.

    On any day, any PALESTINIAN has more semitic blood flowing in his or her veins than ANY khazarian fake jew does, Mr. Dean, if that's your real name, which I sincerely doubt.