Friday, October 11, 2013

James Tracy

Terrorism, truth, and the media


  1. Russian television (RT) just aired a piece on the US conflict in Iraq and its effect on the Iraqi people. One million have been killed and many are sick with cancer and thousands of children were born with horrendous birth defects due to depleted uranium which litters the country and will last for centuries to come. RT also mentioned the hundreds killed by the US and Obama in the drone strikes in Pakistan.

    "American exceptionalism" allows for this according to RT. While they shied away from real conspiracy talk, they did run down the list of now admitted to CIA conspiracies in the US such as Operation Northwoods, MKULTRA and the Tuskegee study. (I've yet to see these mentioned on our TV.)

    I think it is interesting that the media have not commented about the recent affordable healthcare act which Americans badly need. Instead, they refer to it negatively as "Obama-care" and have been scaring the public instead of promoting this badly needed change. We didn't get universal healthcare, but at least many people, especially part time employees are at last getting heath insurance. Talk about terrorism! The Republicans have terrorized us by allowing insurance companies to get away with murder for decades. Of course, so have the Democrats, to be fair.

    The US media have truly failed us and I would even say they are complicit with the government and private industry in all of these staged terrorist events.
    Notes while listening:

    Interesting new information on Sandy Hook. Normally, the press would investigate these obvious frauds. Aren't they embarrassed neglecting their responsibility to the public?

    I always liked and used to read "Project Censored" but realize now they are gatekeepers too--funded by CIA foundations. (The ACLU is now and for many years the Roger Baldwin Foundation. How many know that?)

    Fetzer: read article by Robert Faurisson on free speech "Against Hollywood Revisionism"

    See: by James Tracy. Honesty of Wikipedia--fabrication of history there by anonymous sources.

  2. That was a keeper! Thank you Jim and James.