Monday, August 12, 2013

Pete Henrickson

NSA, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing and more


  1. Another great interview. I am a regular listener.

    A few comments regarding topics discussed:

    Please try to do an interview with Lenon Honor. He has done some very interesting videos dealing with subliminals in popular culture. His video breaking down the occult symbolism in the Jay Z, Rhianna music video "Umbrella" is particularly fascinating.

    As for Obama, as a regular listener of the much reviled (by some) Alex Jones Show, i was onto him from the start. Webster Tarpley made regular appearances on Jones' show leading up to the 2008 election in which he talked about Obama's phony Ford Foundation, fake left wing cover, as well as his family's CIA connections.

    He is basically a concoction of the CIA meant to mislead and mollify well intentioned liberals. A complete fraud in my opinion. It's good that so many are now seeing through the deception.

  2. Excellent show.

    Jim, you stated that in your opinion the Snowdon story is not an op, like some people think, because you can see no way how this could help the new world order.

    Well, here is how.

    Consider the method of those within this new world order, those maniacs seeking complete world domination. What they do is infiltrate, corrupt, expose and then offer themselves as a replacement.

    Create the problem and then offer the people the solution.

    So, for years this faction has been infiltrating the government of the United States of America. When they have succeeded they have proceeded to corrupt it. Next, they expose the corruption as if it is not of their own doing. Finally, they offer themselves as a replacement for this corrupt system.

    What could be more simple and logical?

    The coup de gras will likely be a nuclear war in the middle east. Then all of the scared people of the planet will reject the old system, the system infiltrated and corrupted by the new world order faction, and beg this same faction to take over and offer the new era of peace and security.

    In America, I suspect all of your efforts with respect to 911 Truth will come to fruition. It must certainly be the plan of the new world order faction to expose the fact that rogue elements within the government itself perpetrated this atrocity. This will discredit the institutions themselves and have the people calling for a replacement that will protect them better.

    Of course Obama is a fake, and they could choose to expose this at any time, so as to discredit the very office of the President. Then they will offer a better system to the unwitting dupes.

    This is just a possible theory, Jim, but it is consistent with observable facts, and answers your question as to how the new world order could benefit from the Snowdon affair.

    If all of the mainstream media is controlled by this new world order faction, then how could any other explanation of the vast publicity this case receives be possible?

    1. Ya Know 44, your making an awful lot of sense..... I have thought those same thoughts, you are not alone in your viewpoint. Are we correct? I would say their is an above 90% chance that we are. I reported on Jim's show about fake news and suddenly Ed Snowdon has whipped the media into a TRUTH frenzy? I think not.... Is there a clue in his name? Ed Snowjob? Hit me back! Gary King

  3. They certainly choose interesting names.

    Consider the obvious Obama and Osama, and the vice-president BIn laDEN.

    And the antichrist according to Nostradamus?

    oba MABUS h...

    Hmmm, what are we to make of Fetzer? :)

  4. I think Dr. Fetzer is a man doing everything in his power to bring some truth around here! He is on a journey of enlightenment just like everyone else, He openly admits that the word Zionism was not in his vocabulary only 3 years ago but at no time is he engaged in purposely deceiving anyone, Ever! Has he ever been wrong? I'm sure he would be the first to tell you. Gary King

  5. In all honesty Gary, I do not doubt this. But I have never been able to resist being a smart-ass.

  6. We should never forget just WHAT the CONDUITS are through which we have been fed our daily doses of (never-anything-exposing-9/11) Wikileaks propaganda, repeatedly touting the alleged omnipotence of the feds' supposed all-seeing-eyes and all-hearing ears.



    Both have long been essentially "speaking tubes for the CIA" (as Webster Tarpley so aptly puts it).

    And now we are to believe that they are suddenly acting INDEPENDENTLY and in OUR INTEREST???

    Come on now...

    As a wise (ass) once brayed:

    "Fool me once, Shame on you; Fool me twice.... er... ahh... ahh...


  7. Here's my first piece on Wikipedia: "Wikipedia as a 9/11 disinformation op",

    And my second was more personal: "James Henry Fetzer: Wikipedia NOT",