Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meria Heller / Allan Weisbecker

Assassination Science / Snowden and Hastings


  1. I would take Allan's comment regarding Government and Media being essentially one, a step further. Our government is a construct of media.
    Through various committees and bureaucracies - bound by international agreements through the UN - the New World Fascist Socialist Disorder run the country.

    Frank Zappa once said,
    “Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.”

    We already know the military-industrial complex and the CIA have pull on our media.
    And we know our CIA was created by bankers who are globalists and contains Nazi and Zionist influences.
    Nazi and Zionist influences like... The Rockefellers, the Greenbergs, the Strongs.

    Snowden and all the the bogus shootings and bombings, along with the fake news are created by this Clan of Nazionist Disinfotainers. And Obama is part of it. That's why our media sucks his dick. They're not sucking...they are blowing him up.

  2. How the media fool us:

    ? CNN Caught Red Handed Interviewing Crisis Actor : Boston False Flag - YouTube

  3. Great find by Jack White: Oswald's square chin in the backyard photos is the exact same shape of the square chin of Dallas cop/spook Roscoe White.

    Go figure.

  4. Jim's host's no doubt satirical use of an Orwellian double-think, when she uttered "communist fascists", was clever.

    Though I am surprized she would advocate a Nobel Prize for Snowden, since this same prize, for Peace, was given to a man who murdered an entire Olympic team on a tarmac in Munich.

    On Snowden, Jim stated that he is a hero for having shattered the peoples' impression of their government. I am certain that the new world order maniacs feel the same way. As the people lose complete faith in their own government and institutions, it will be easier for the maniacs to offer up themselves as a safe and trustworthy replacement.

    A little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing.

  5. It is entirely possible that what has been taking place in Egypt, something Jim, strangely, does not say much about, is a trial run for what they have planned in the United States. An allegedly democratically elected government does not live up to its promises, the people get very upset, then the military steps in and takes over the show. As Alex Jones has suggested, they will likely name Arnold Schwarzenneger as interim President.

    With the media under their complete control, the new world order maniacs could easily pull this off as long as they had top level military complicity. For God's sake, as Jim points out, the damn President himself is not even an American!!!

    We know what Jim's reponse will be: Time to use your guns!

  6. Maria mentions fear based mind control of the MSM and alternate media from the book by Lenon Honor. After listening to hundreds of Jim's shows, I can easily label Jim. He's Alex Jones with a professor's hat. The guests spewing fear are on weekly. Jim then takes their fear and amplifies it 10x. Remove the phony victims from 9/11 and you have a badly spun fairy tale. Remove the Zapruder fakery and you have a President who simply went missing. Removing emotion allows logic to prevail, and logically, nothing but fake events took place to plant fear in the citizens for control. Sadly, it repeats in smaller doses on a weekly basis, and with 24hr news, it's global brought local.

  7. Ab Irato, please expand on this. Are you suggesting that I have it all wrong? Or that we REALLY ARE in a precarious state, as I do believe?

    1. Dear Jim,
      I've replied to you here.
      Kind Regards,

  8. I do agree that some of Jim's guests spew fear, but I do not believe that Jim himself can be compared to Alex Jones in this respect.

    Alex Jones is clearly working for the bad guys. His role is to exaggerate their power, put people in terrible fear of them, and cause the masses to feel hopeless in the face of them.

    Jones also avoids any suggestion that Israeli interests might be a factor in what is happening, Jim does not hide from this issue.

    Also, and of course, Jim is more logical in his analysis than Alex Jones is. I do happen to disagree with much of Jim's analysis, I think the plot is much deeper and thicker than he does. I do not know the truth, but I do believe that what Jim suggests is at least plausible, and I believe that what I suggest is plausible. Jones makes little sense and is a web of self-contradiction.