Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don Fox / Clare Kuehn

Ron Paul and Rand on Economics


  1. Clare brings up a great point: Ron/Rand Paul Libertarianism IS Feudalism. To me the New World Order has always been about the Old World Order: the elites live in a castle and if you're lucky you'll live in a mud hut. There is no substantive difference between Ron/Rand austerity and IMF/NWO austerity. The end result is exactly the same. Before you support these guys take a long look at what's going on in Greece - that's what you'll get from a Rand Paul presidency.

    Libertarianism itself is dominated by Jews/Zionists. Notable Historical Jewish Libertarians: Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Irv Rubin, Aaron Russo and Ludwig Von Mises.

    Notable Jewish Libertarians: Mark Cuban, Rich Goldman, Larry Ellison, Ray Kurzweil, Geddy Lee, Gene Simmons and Howard Stern. See the complete list here.

    Anthony Migchels: "Austrianism was and always has been the Money Power’s tool to subvert American Populism."

    The Truth Movement isn't going anywhere with Alex Jones, Ron/Rand and Lew Rockwell in the driver's seat. Time to reject Libertarianism and fight for true populist causes such as the Wall Street Sales Tax.

  2. The biggest issue is that our "money" is not money... It is debt issued as notes with interest.
    This situation is un Constitutional and the problems we face today are directly linked to the inception of the Federal Reserve system...also conceived and implemented by Zionists.
    Simply handing control of it to our Zionist controlled Congress - you know, the Congress with a 12 percent approval rating - will not make it better.
    What Ron Paul is suggesting is a return to Constitutional money - which means introducing golf and silver as a competing currency and allowing that competition to select what works best.
    The implications by these guests that the Paul's want to cause harm to the poor is bullshit. It reflects their concept of the Paul's position as put forth by media garbage slingers like Rachel Maddow who is the biggest enemy her viewers have.
    Limiting Federal Power and safety nets does not mean doing the same at the state level. Reducing taxes paid to the Feds allows for raising taxes at a more local level.
    Allowing things to continue the way they are will cause the Serfdom your guests accuse the Paul's of supporting. And that is the stated goals of the banker supported Agenda 21 New World Disorder plan.
    As mentioned above, Congress has had a very low approval rating. Yet 1 Congressman has had a 92% approval rating for many years. Ron Paul...Who also happens to be be Dennis Kucinich's first pick for VP during his Presidential bid in 2008.
    Dennis Kucinich was also one of the only Congressmen with a "high" approval rating of 70%.
    And, there has been only two Congressmen with a 100% Constitutional voting record...
    Larry MacDonald - a Democrat
    Ron Paul

    I suggest watching some Tom Woods videos
    And realize that Koch Brothers Libertarianism is very different than Ron Paul Libertarianism.

    But, I don't support any politicians any longer. Politicians are not the solution to our problems. They are the cause.
    I just don't like seeing people misrepresented and then have all their ideas thrown out.

  3. Chapter 7, "Agents of the Money Power," in Michael Hoffman's "Usury In Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not," lays out the case against Austrian Economics.

  4. This is one of many shows where Jim and his guests act under the assumption that politicians at the high levels actually make their own decisions. If they do not, then the shows are jokes. Personally I believe Obama, Paul, all of them, to be puppets doing what they are told, or else.

  5. I like alot of what Ron and Rand Paul say, but the whole Austrian School of Economics thing is a bit too far to the right as I understand it.

    Total free market ideology is a mistake in my opinion. There is an essential and crucial role for government oversight of the so-called free market capitalist system. Without necessary labor laws and social safety net provisions, the little guy will get screwed over by profit drunk business owners both small and moderately large. The question is do we want to over regulate and tax the free market into oblivion on the one hand, or let the free market run itself without oversight on the other hand.

    It seems almost paradoxical to my limited grasp of these things.