Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mike Sparks

What is really going on in America?


  1. Homeland Security is the American version of the (Heimats)sicherheitdienst (SD), the umbrella organization. The corrupted FBI is the American Gestapo (Geheimpolizei). The CIA is the Schutzstaffel (SS), which could co-opt functions of the other two, and which had an unarmed and an armed component, the Waffen-SS, which was used in Eastern Europe after 1945 until 1952 in the Nazi partisan warfare against the Red Army and anti-fascists. The American formations are more-or-less exact copies of their Third Reich counterparts. No accident, since the Third Reich was forced on the German People by extensive financing and support from the major U.S. corporations - DuPont, Standard Oil, J P Morgan, Ford, and others - and by leading British bankers. There was a crucial difference between the ruling Stalinist bureaucracy, who actively worked with the same industrialists and bankers to undermine the world revolution and support Hitler against the German workers' movement, and the Leninists, who opposed Hitler and fought for world revolution in Germany and elsewhere. There was always the danger that a political revolution would oust the Russian bureaucracy and put Russia back on the road to world revolution, and for that reason the Anglo-Americans joined forces with Nazi Germany at the end of the war. Military defeat, civil alliance.

    I agree with Mike, realizing that when he speaks of 'communism' he means the Stalinist counterfeit, but note that when he speaks of 'materialism' he uses the distortion of the word as promoted by Roman Christianity. The word that fits what he's talking about is
    'acquisitiveness'. Materialism is a philosophical doctrine which says that material reality precedes thought, and is opposed to idealism, which says that thought precedes material reality. Thus, Hegel the idealist taught that all authority passes from God to the monarch to the ruled. The Roman Apostle Paul taught that slaves should obey their masters. The leaders of the Stoics, who were idealists, were the Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the slave Epictetus. Roman Christianity elevated Stoicism and vanquished Epicurean Materialism. The rehabilitation of Epicurus by Pierre Gassendi in the 17th century inaugurated the European Enlightenment. As Joseph Atwill (author of Caesar's Messiah) remarks so poignantly, "Caesar wears Christianity as a mask."

  2. Excellent comments, atlantabill--and very helpful, especially about Mike's use of the words "communism" and "materialism". Thank you!

  3. Really enjoy Mike Sparks as a guest. His theories are thoroughly entertaining and make some sense. Puzzled why he doesn't go one step further and define the "illuminati". They are as vague as Alex Jones' "bankers". I am sure he has done some research and can give us better insight into the secret societies that don't readily advertise.

    1. There are two main ruling factions within the Illuminati: the right-wing, violence-loving Rockefellers who are pro-war (See "Loose Change") and the left-wing, sex-loving Rothschilds (see "Eyes Wide Shut"). The Rockefellers primarily backed Nazi Germany to face-off against the Rothschild's Communist Russia in WW2. The "Hitler Experiment" did not succeed as the Rockies wanted thanks to what gifted amateurs like Gavin, Fleming, Kaiser etc. were able to do, so in 1945--the critical year--the right-wing took over America in the expected anti-FDR back-lash sheeple mood swing.

  4. Able, Jones' 'bankers' makes it easy for me to agree with him about who the despots are since as a Marxist I follow Lenin's thesis in Imperialism: Capitalism's Highest Stage in which he presents the evidence that the financial capitalists were taking the reins of power from the hands of the industrial capitalists. We use 'capitalist' to refer to the class of men who own serious capital, as opposed to people who merely believe in capitalism as an ideal. Economics is considered by Marxists to be the basis of all society and its driving force by which all other levels of society, referred to as 'the superstructure', can be measured. It would not be possible, according to the theory, for society to "euthanize the banking sector" and return to an industrial-centered model within the limits of the capitalist system (as John Maynard Keynes believed).

    The illuminati (literally, the enlightened) were historically those who sought a freer society based on the liberating power of the free market, at a time when state-controlled mercantilism discouraged individual initiative and fair trade. Those who carried out the Boston Tea Party were illuminati. See The historical meaning has been perverted by those who believe that a group of secret conspirators can be the driving force of history, rather than the natural mechanisms of economic change. Social innovators begin as revolutionaries and end as reactionaries when they try to defend their entrenched interests by blocking further economic progress. Capitalism, as an economic system, has outlived its usefulness for liberating humanity; and those who have become lavishly wealthy and seemingly omnipotent by it must now sabotage trade and put a halt to the Industrial Revolution lest further economic progress emancipate those it has dispossessed and topple their thrones.

    1. ' Social innovators begin as revolutionaries and end as reactionaries when they try to defend their entrenched interests by blocking further economic progress. Capitalism, as an economic system, has outlived its usefulness for liberating humanity; and those who have become lavishly wealthy and seemingly omnipotent by it must now sabotage trade and put a halt to the Industrial Revolution lest further economic progress emancipate those it has dispossessed and topple their thrones. '

      By social innovators do you mean technologists? I trust you do not mean entrepreneurs.

      Capitalists are trying to halt the industrial revolution? Are sabotaging trade? Further economic developments will emancipate the dispossessed?

      My, my, these are extremely heterodox views for a Marxist, atlantabill! Care to explain? These ideas certainly seem to be at odds with everything from The German ideology through Das Kapital, volume 1. I'm an anarchist, not a Marxist, but I am pretty familiar with the corpus of Marxist thought, and I've never heard/read anything like your comment. Would be interested to hear an elucidation.

  5. Atlantabill is, IMHO, a modern-day rarity -- a genuine freethinker not as constrained by limited-choice ideological/philosophical positions as most "true believer" Marxists I've known and disputed with (as a repentant Christian) over the years. I'm sure he disagrees with both Drs. Fetzer and Tarpley (my conspiracy-hunting heroes!) on several points of the economics and mechanics of the astoundingly Byzantine 9/11 sham, but AB is still an interesting guy to read, now that the comments section of this blog seems to have become AB's regular hangout. ;-)

  6. Excessive branding and labeling as part of an intentionally confusing mish-mash of truth and fact is a central psyop tactic, and as near as I can tell, Atlanta Bill (and the like) is very good at this.

    The central problem in this world is simply the parasitic money/banking system that has been created by a small elite to control and exploit us. Discussion of 'left' and 'right' is meaningless relative to the gravity of this one central issue. Fix the money/banking system and most of the very biggest problems we are facing today melt away.

    One of the very best people on this topic is Bill Still. I urge everyone to watch his no-nonsense 'Bill Still Report' (68 episodes x 10 minutes or so each).
    and click 'browse videos' to see all 68

    Start with this most inspirational one, a young person who describes this basic problem better than most anyone:
    SR 43 Victoria Grant - Bill Still

    Also, watch Bill Still's free full length documentary on this topic
    The Secret of Oz

    Jim, can't you have him on? He's the dude on this topic!

    Also, I recommend ''. Check out the video on the front page and those on the videos page.

    Know debt-based money and recognize it as THE central problem in the world and you are ahead of most people. The elite-controlled media/psy-op machine (of which Atlanta Bill, and the like, are a part?) has been very effective at hiding/distracting us from knowing how money works and that it is THE key problem.

    "[Debt-based Money] is the most important topic that intelligent people can investigate and reflect on." from The Secret of Oz.

    I am curious Atlanta Bill, what is your take on this topic?

  7. Correction: "...intentionally confusing mish-mash of truth and falsehoods..."

  8. Constructor, I would say that falsehoods and truth intersect in the social expression of ongoing contradictions in the economic system and society in general. Ideas are the reflections of physical and social currents, and it's important to see how they originate from different perspectives. These perspectives are usually the result of various class biases - intrinsic or by way of social influences.

    I'm anxious to view the presentations you linked to, but I assume from what you're saying that they're advocating that the root problem lies in the diminishing real value of the money supply (currency inflation). The problem of reliable exchange value in the form of some currency, be it gold or government-issued script, is a critical one; but it doesn't get to the root problem, which is the conflict between use-value and exchange-value (first two links below). Crises aren't caused by the adulteration of currency or even by the growth of fictitious capital, but by the problems posed by overaccumulation of capital (second two links).

    I'm thoroughly in agreement with the presentations linked below, except where noted. The first are from the excellent expositions of Marxian theory by Brendan M Cooney. Cooney doesn't mention here that Marx based his Labor Theory of Value on work of the leading British economist of the early 19th century, David Ricardo ( The last is a lecture by David Harvey, illustrated brilliantly with cartoons (a lot more fun than the others).

    Law of Value 4: Value (1 of 2)
    Law of Value 4: Value (2 of 2)

    Falling Rate of Profit 1 of 2 [I disagree here with Cooney's acceptance of the "Man-made Global Warming" theory]
    Falling Rate Profit 2 of 2

    This is a rapid exposition taking less time for explaining theory, but it brings in a lot more of the social dynamics.
    RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism

  9. Totally incoherent unless the goal was programming through the association of fascism with everything bad and therefore anti-fascism with whatever the listener identifies as positive.

    *Operation Paperclip marked the fascist-ization of America with the growth of a police state

    *But then we’re told fascism actually means total war without concern for civilian causalties

    *Then we’re told that actually fascism was already in America, was American from birth, and means ruthless capitalism and the exploitation and regimentation of ordinary people

    Sparks talks about hypnotising people into being willing to do violence. He oughta know. It’s what he does. Keeping the war against fascism going in 2012. War without end, seemingly.

    When the mainstream media and the conspiracy media are united in their view that one particular political model is the one most to be undermined doesn’t that make people think? Isn't the damned gameplay obvious enough?

  10. I had to turn off after about 15 minutes, sad more than anything.

    I’ve recently been reading HELLSTORM by Thomas Goodrich about the Allies’ method of war against Germany and to hear Spark talk about the ‘Nazi’s’ uniquely brutal targeting of civilians when I know the truth is just the opposite was too much. HELLSTORM is heartbreaking and gut-wrenching but it’s real history.

    If the audience would have an open mind and read HELLSTORM as well as Sparks’ material, or listen to Deanna Spingola’s interview of Thomas Goodrich alongside this interview of Sparks, I think they’ll feel as I do that the continuing black propaganda about the Third Reich is something monstrous.

    Amazon Book Description:

    Publication Date: June 10, 2010
    It was the most deadly and destructive war in human history. Millions were killed, billions in property was destroyed, ancient cultures were reduced to rubble--World War II was truly man's greatest cataclysm. Thousands of books, movies and documentary films have been devoted to the war. There has never been such a terrible retelling of the story, however, as one will find in Hellstorm. In a chilling "you-are-there" style, the author places the reader at the scene, in the moment.

    Throughout this book readers will see what Allied airman saw as they rained down death on German cities; or the reader will experience what those below experienced as they sat trembling in their bomb shelters awaiting that very same death from above. The reader will view up close the horrors of the Eastern Front during the last months of fighting and through the mud, blood and madness of combat they may come to understand how the same German soldiers, who only moments before had destroyed an enemy tank, could now risk their own lives to rescue the trapped Soviet crew inside. Readers will witness for themselves the fate of German women as the rampaging Red Army raped and murdered its way across Europe--all females, from "eight to eighty" feared the dreaded words, "Frau Komm." The worst nautical disasters in history which claimed thousands of lives, the greatest mass migration known to man in which millions perished, the fate of those wretched victims in post-war death camps and torture chambers, these and many other dark secrets of World War II now come to light in Hellstorm.


    Excerpts from the book can be read here:

    The Spingola interview is here as well as in the RBN archives:

    or on this page:

    The Veronica Clark interviews on the Spingola specials page are another useful corrective to the false history about National Socialism peddled by the MSM and alternative/no alternative media alike. Dr Fetzer might consider getting one of these historians onto his show to offer the other side of the story to Sparks’s.

  11. “The American formations are more-or-less exact copies of their Third Reich counterparts. No accident, since the Third Reich was forced on the German People by extensive financing and support from the major U.S. corporations - DuPont, Standard Oil, J P Morgan, Ford, and others - and by leading British bankers.”

    You’re seeing what you want to see. How does anyone fall for this absurd conflation?

    The US corporations in Germany were not funding the NSDAP political party, they were operating as businesses (see the previously mentioned article ‘Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP’). Corporations from many countries were operating in Germany at the time (without their taking occult control of the German government). US corporations were operating in many countries besides Germany (without their imposing National Socialist governments on the people). The US government and corporations were deeply involved in many countries (without modelling their security apparatus on every one of them).

    There’s literally nothing here -– except a desire on someone’s part to keep us in fear of the ‘Nazis’ and the only good reason for doing that is if our manipulators themselves fear them. Hint, hint …

    “Economics is considered by Marxists to be the basis of all society and its driving force by which all other levels of society, referred to as 'the superstructure', can be measured.”

    I didn’t make it that far, but I would imagine this kind of thinking is what Sparks meant by ‘materialism’, not merely acquisitiveness. Economic-Man is the name sometimes given to both Marxists and libertarians who try to promote this idea of the general cause of human action, shoving aside family, tribe, culture, religion, morality, other essential elements of human nature.

    Oftentimes it’s clear that the originators and purveyors of these ideologies use them as vehicles to pursue other proximate interests or even ultimate, i.e., genetic interests: Ayn Rand and the other Jews who took over her movement promoting radical individualism to the world but defending Israel’s Jewish character; Trotsky demanding the suppression and elimination of all national particularisms but being covertly supportive of the Zionist project; Lenin (who identified as a Jew) assailing Christianity, turning churches into latrines, but making antisemitism illegal.

    If these ideologies were not self-serving of ultimate ethnic and genetic interests these double standards would not always be observed and would not always be beneficial to the ideologue’s perceived ingroup and harmful to perceived competition.

    No doubt there's often some self-deception going on among these guys, but it's sad to see others still deceived by them in 2012.

  12. Constructor, Ellen Brown and Carl Herman have been interviewed on the Real Deal. The Herman interview can be found in the archives and may be the best single audio introduction to the money question from the perspective you and I share. Check it out.

  13. Atlanta Bill, I have watched all of the videos that you have posted.

    What we are seeing now is plutocracy (rule by the rich).

    I believe in core drivers, meaning that a few very basic underlying causes can have huge cascading effects down the road (i.e., "the butterfly effect" which is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions).

    The current money / financial system, which has been established by the rich as nothing more than a parasitic wealth extraction mechanism, is the most important example of this.

    Two critical core drivers stand out:
    Critical Driver 1: The amount of money in the system is essentially under the control of private, for-profit corporations (i.e. banks) and they manage it as such. This stems from fractional reserve banking and then beyond that, derivatives. Current laws allow banks to create/control enormous amounts of credit with very little holdings of their own. Otherwise known as leverage. The GDP of the world each year is coarsely 65 trillion. The 'derivatives bubble' is now estimated to be upwards of 1.2 QUADRILION (or 1200 trillion)!! The banks that create these financial instruments reap huge profits and download the risks onto the masses...privatise the profit, publicise the debt/risk. Hence the crash of 2008.

    Critical Driver 2: Governments around the world are hugely indebted to private banks. Much of our tax dollars go to servicing debt that only exists because private interests (i.e., banks) have corrupted governments into allowing themselves to go into debt.

    Critical Solution 1: Banks can only lend what they have on reserve and charge interest on this...bye bye exploitative parasitism of us the masses.

    Critical Solution 2: Governments cannot go into debt. The immediate result of this is that they utilize their legal right to print their own money. Lincoln did it and it's been done in numerous places/times in history. It's nothing new, we have just all been psy-oped into thinking it's some ridiculous, impossible notion, when in fact it is THE KEY to us achieving a balanced world.

    The result of implementing these two simple steps is that, once governments and the masses have access to the billions of tax dollars that are otherwise spent on servicing bogus debt to private banks, many of our current money shortfalls in healthcare, environmental protection, education, etc, etc. simply melt away, as do the problems.

    "One debt to rule them all, One debt to find them, One debt to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

    Check out Bill Still's "The Secret of Oz" free film online.

  14. Nick Dean. Thanks, I have listened to those and they were very good. I find Bill Still to be even more to the point. He just keeps harping on the same few key problems / solutions. This is useful because it can be easily communicated to the broader audience, who need to wake up and get together to achieve critical mass to achieve this change! Worked in Iceland...they told the parasites to F&*k off!

  15. == Hint, hint ==

    Exactly Nick Dean! It’s so fkn obvious who controls the media and political debate! And it’s so fkn obvious why, therefore, the Nazis are still public enemy number one in our culture!

    As James H. Fetzer would say, this Nazis run the world theory simply doesn’t match the ‘gross physical evidence’, and in fact is contradicted by the most clear and unimpeachable evidence of who really does, quite openly, and quite loudly with maximum chutzpah!

    But when it comes to discussing Nazis he’s no longer a philosopher of science, he’s an MSNBC liberal. The people in charge are doing bad things, therefore they’re Nazis! The problem is, when it’s Jews in charge doing bad things, the Nazi talk serves only to protect them.

    I don’t know how best to help people get over the taboo on questioning this Jewish hate propaganda about Nazis. I mean Hitler died nearly 70 years ago and the tempo just doesn’t slow. Personally I found that A LOT of other scales dropped from my eyes when I reluctantly agreed to check out some of the Holocaust revisionist literature. Maybe that is the key to unlock the door. If all that's hooey, then certain possibilities open up that are otherwise closed off.

    Following the Holocaust round table in the Real Deal archives Nick Kollerstrom did a more comprehensive follow-up interview with Kevin Barrett at Truth Jihad (in the 2012 archives at American Freedom Radio). Worth listening to for people who aren’t ready to stray too far outside conventional truther fields. I don’t know what else to suggest to people scared of men who were murdered by the NWO over 60 years ago.

  16. == nothing more than a parasitic wealth extraction mechanism ==

    But if we ask, to what end? it isn't hard to come up with answers. So maybe there is something more.

    For example we can observe that the ruling banking families are also ethnocentric, ensuring that members of their own tribe are enriched over and above all other peoples and given the benefit of a country all their own to serve as criminal bolt-hole and ring-fenced genetic store.

    And we can see how they set other peoples against each other to fight themselves to death.

    Isn't control of money the means to an ethnocentric end? Perhaps among other functions.

  17. Cornish-truth. I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down.

  18. "I’ve recently been reading HELLSTORM by Thomas Goodrich about the Allies’ method of war against Germany" - Nick Deen

    More in that vein here.


    The Germans as a whole, and more especially the “Nazis”, are expected to play the role of “bad guy” in world history, right from the time Germans became a modern nation in 1871 with the unification of independent German states under Otto Bismarck. But the fact of the matter is that the Germans suffered more at the hands of the British during WWII than the other way around. Pictured at right are four German men after being interned at the notorious Bad Nenndorf secret prison set up by the British during their occupation of north-west Germany in 1945. They are far from the worst of the cases discovered there.

    In a new book not yet released, Cruel Britannia, investigative journalist Ian Cobain looks at torture carried out at the London Cage and Camp 020 on captured German soldiers and officers during and after WWII … from 1940 until 1949.

    Carolyn Yeager and her guest Hadding Scott go over published extracts from the book and discuss why the White Nationalist community is so resistant to changing its perceptions about who were the good guys and who the bad guys in WWII.

  19. Some of the commentators here are confusing TOTAL WAR (how we fought WW2) with the immorality of Nazi fascism (which caused WW2). We did not fight WW2 as morally or as skillfully as we should have due to American incompetence. FIREPOWER advocates in the U.S. Army Air Force (later broke away into their own USAF bureaucracy) fire-bombed Nazi Germany to try to con us into the lie that all we needed to do was bomb populations/industries to win wars. This MILITARY IMMORALITY should not be used as an excuse for moral relativism and a pass for Nazi fascist evil, but be seen as an evil that shares the same psychopathic disregard for human life. When our medium and heavy bombers were directed to help our ground maneuver the results were positive and at minimum expense to civilian populace lives lost. Remember, the Rockefeller right-wing branch of the Illuminati made huge profits by both building/operating factories making weaponry and bombing them! American G.I. ground maneuver over-ran the Nazi wunder weapon labs and stopped them in the nick of time--the Illuminati resented this and transplanted the labs back here to the U.S. to continue their evil widget research...