Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kurt Miller

The Presidential debates


  1. Once CIA, always CIA (and I use the acronym to cover the more than 20 Government formations whose job is to plot empire and subvert the liberties of 99% of the American people in defense of the ruling 1%). "Ambassador" J Christopher Stevens (given that title posthumously) helped plan the very bloody, genocidal war of aggression against Libya, and on the day of his "assassination" (assuming it wasn't FAKED) he was negotiating with a Turkish official in his mission office (NOT a consular office) over the logistics of transferring more al-Qaeda terrorists to Hitlery Clinton's jump-off camps on the Syrian border. There is a REAL WORLD out there that wasn't discussed, and couldn't be discussed, in the last monopoly-parties' presidential debate. I watched it, Jim. If I didn't know that the two "debaters" were only mouthpieces for a cabal of psychopaths that control both parties and the official propaganda (read: contrived fantasy), and had to regard their words as their own, I would have to say that I was watching two psychotics acting out their delusions. Jim, were we watching the same performance? Here's where you can watch three SANE third-party candidates and one relatively sane Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party actually maintain a serious discussion within the bounds of reality:

  2. Correction: Like the Occupy Movement, in my comment I made the error of quantifying the ruling class at 1% of the population. Actually, it accounts for only about 15/10,000th of 1%, or about 5,000 persons.

  3. More great comments, atlantabill. My arguments for Obama are based on my conviction that Romney would be MUCH, MUCH WORSE, not that Obama is a "good guy" who can do no wrong. Did I not make that clear? I live in a swing state. I would vote for Jill Stein if that would make more sense, but I have to do what I can to make sure Romney is not elected.