Monday, October 29, 2012

George Beres

Politics, JFK, 9/11 and more

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  1. Jimmy Carter has participated in election monitoring in many other countries. Ask Daniel Ortega, once again president of Nicaragua, where upwards of two dozen parties were on the ballot at a time in 1990 when their harbor at Managua lay in ruins from U.S. bombs and a joint force of fascist regimes and the U.S. State Department (named "Operation Condor" in honor of Hitler's expeditionary force, "Legion Condor", sent to aid Francisco Franco) bore down on them ...listed in context of Nicaraguan history here: Ortega is currently being interviewed on

    For particulars on "Operation Condor", this LaRouchist history is not far from the mark (if one ignores the absurd attempt to paint LaRouche as a major nemesis of Condor):

    There are international NGOs that do monitoring regularly. Governments have an interest in allowing election monitoring because it bolsters their legitimacy. It's not done in the United States because election standards in the U.S. don't satisfy their minimum requirements, and Carter is on record saying this. "'Would your organization come and monitor elections in America?' To which Carter replied, 'Absolutely not. Elections in the United States do not meet the minimum standards.'"