Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jim Fetzer

On in Boston / Pilots 9/11 Truth Debate

NB: 114 min


  1. Host Jen Brien is a bit obnoxious who likes the sound of her own voice. Although I dont agree with all your points Jim , I find that you have been shabbily treated from O' Reilly to this

  2. Slightly off topic ...

    "MONTREAL CONFERENCE: Richard Gage on 9/11 Truth
    Part of the Canadian Public Investigation of 9/11 ( April 7, 2012)" at

    ... is all this a response of the thermite-sniffers to the Vancouver Hearings?

  3. Montreal Conference? I didn't even know there was to be one. Check out The Vancouver Hearings, Thanks.

  4. What an awesome interview. You're unflappable delivery is astounding... I love hearing you make the mainstream denial fluoride-heads freak out! I'm sure you caused several Bostonians to drive their cars off the road in sheer panic over hearing so much truth! It's a shame you and Alex Jones aren't buddies.. You guys could tag team debate anyone on the planet and squash them into submission with your drastically different yet compatible arsenal of data points and rapid fire articulation. and thanks for throwing Judy Wood the bone she deserves. I freaking Love it! I'm gonna have to go watch you bitch slap Oliver North again for an encore, just so I can come down!

  5. looking forward to this Jim, lots of new uploads recently which is great to see. So now i have lots to listen to and catch up on my holiday. :)

    I know you're a strong believer of tv fakery, but I still have a problem with the tv fakery thing, there's been so many new releases
    of 175 hitting it seems implausible they could all be tampered/inserted planes, don't you think the hologram type of theory is more plausible? I'm sure you're familiar with John Lear's opinion..

    Well I've just been checking out Ace Baker's new videos, not sure if you've seen it yet but it's perhaps his best work: