Monday, March 19, 2012

David Arnold

Deceit and Deception

NB: 98min


  1. Agree with JF, really interesting guy with a nice approach. Loved the Teller stuff. Useful tool to think about and explain to others the way we're manipulated.

  2. Thanks. Tell us how that works out for you. With your obviously superior abilities of observation it will surely go well, and be a good example for others.
    The importance of understanding other people and seeing ourselves the same way is that we can begin to indirectly detect sophisticated attacks against ourselves and those around us. It is even important, as the most usefull #2 people know, to know the weaknesses of your #1 and protect them from the consequences of their vulnerability. Bringing this knowledge out in the open might increase the efficacy or application of the principle and result in fewer interactions of pathologies and more based upon strengths and abilities. With no actual improvement in anyone, such a sophisticated "I've got your back" practice could vastly improve all factors of life.
    What do you all think of that? Better without prerequisite individual improvement?

  3. Error correction: House Resolution HR15090 part 6 page 129 from 1970 DoD Apropriations hearing

  4. This is one if your best Jim. Zelikow must know all about what David has to say.