Monday, March 5, 2012

Carl Hermann

Occupy American history


  1. An incredible interview that adds even more unknown facts about the Tyranny of our Federal Government throughout its history. Just when you think you have heard it all! This interview is worth hours and hours of research, Great Show Jim!

  2. I agree with Reno. Haven't had a chance to listen to it all yet but the first part is sensational.

    Couple of points:

    re Zimmerman Telegram. Multiple controversies. First, the 'gram was sent in military, not diplomatic, code. Zimmerman might have access to it but it's not clear that the 'gram would have been understood by the embassy. More on this later.

    Zimmerman insisted it was a fake, and he may have been telling the truth. Many historians believe that the Z 'gram was part of the Balfour Agreement.

    Germany offered UK peace during WW1 on a status quo ante basis [same as before (the war)]. Chaim Weitzman, Nahum Goldman and other Zionists went to the UK government, namely Lord Balfour, and said if the UK refused the offer, they could bring the US into the war due to their control over American press. England refused Germany's offer and just after this meeting was when the Z 'gram was 'intercepted' and became pretext for intervention.

    The other factor is to whom the 'gram was sent. Carranza was Washington's ally in Mexico. The Mexican Revolution began in 1910, and the US didn't want either of the revolutionary leaders, Zapata and Villa, to come to power. Consequently the US invaded and occupied Vera Cruz [mexico's biggest port, where its munitions came in] for a long time, and didn't leave until Carranza was ensconsed in power. There was a lot of spin and sabre rattling, but facts speak for themselves--the US left after putting Carranza in power.

    The US also allowed forces loyal to Carranza cross the US border and travel by train along the Mexican border unhasmprered to outflank Villa's troops.

    I believe the Z 'gram is a fake cuz the intended recipient wouldnt have been able to decode it. And more importantly, it seem highly unlikely that anybody would try to elicit Carranza's help in a plot directed against the US. He was their ally.

    Moreover, the German's would understand that Mexico, ripped apart by revolution, could not possibly be willing or able to mount any kind of campaign against the US,.

    Nahum Goldman's autobiography does not say that the 'gram was a fake, but he sure doesn't bend over backwards to disprove it.

    So if it was a fake, does that mean the Allies had Germany's military codes? It must, if it was a fake.

  3. part 2

    re Eisenhower's genocidal policies: Carl's version is different from my understanding. I have read that these were not civilians but POWs. My source is Jim Bacque's Other Losses, and Tender Mercies. The US refused to even build housing or latrines for German POWs, they dug holes in the ground and lived in them.

    But if a million civilians were starved, then multiple millions were genocided by Eisenhower. [let's not forget that he was a protege of uberscum Bernard Baruch, who would have every incentive to want to reduce the German population.]

    Why? I believe that it had to do with the Freikorps after ww1. Europe was in socialist revolt at the end of the war. Russia, Hungary, and Southern Germany had formed soviet-styled governments. Spain, Greece, Portugal and France were on the brink. International capital, in order to stem the tide, reformed the German army as a paramilitary which the Weimar government could claim was not acting under its orders--the Freikorps. [when everybody was starving, these guys were paid in gold. Yes!]

    It worked. The Freikorps killed enough left-wing civilioans to undermine the German Revolution. [Chris Harman's book on the topic is fabulous.] They were Hitler's earliest supporters.

    But then they wouldnt disband, and although they murdered many a socialist [rosa luxemburg, karl liebknecht and countless others], they assimilated some socialist ideas and started demanding human rights, social programs etc.

    Most of the Freikorps leaders were wooed into the Nazi Party [which originally was a revolutionary party] and killed off in the night of the long knives. What was left was forcibly disbanded by Hitlers goons.

    My guess is that after ww2 the POWs were genocided to avoid a repeat, particulatly as there was no great socialist threat at that time. Believe it or not, this is not that unusual. A government needs its army to protect it or conquer some coveted place, but once done the army now poses a threat...

  4. @Carl Hermann

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  5. A thousand apologies!

    Bacque's book is called "Crimes and Mercies", not Tender Mercies as I stated above.

    Here's Bacque complaining about censorship and distortion of his work:

    And here's a GI's chilling, first-hand account of life in the Allied camps:

    Giles McDonough's "After The Reich" is supposed to be a more detailed continuation of Bacque's work but I haven't read it.

  6. I gotta hear this. I had been suspicious of the Zimmerman telegram for years

  7. Alright, I heard the show, and yes the Zimmerman telegram was only contingent upon the U.S. going to war, but it had the fatalistic argument that with the increased harassment of British and ally shipping it was likely the US would declare war on Germany. The contingency seemed so certain to happen that the Germans wanted to front run the possibility with the Mexicans. On the other hand, if the British could be starved out before the Americans entered the war then the peace process could have started before Wilson could call a declaration for war. We'll never know because the British had the ungentlemanly habit of reading the mail of others. There is an NSA(National Security Agency) document that goes into this controversy in depth, and the British do not come off smelling like roses. As to Jim's contention that most of the surviving concentration camp prisoners were products of non-deliberate starvation is a weak point to me. I would surmise that the death machinery creaked more slowly as the number of living prisoners decreased and as the number soldiers needed elsewhere reduced the number of concentration camp supervisory staff. It would seem that most of the people killed were done in the earlier years of WWII. The argument I have heard to confirm the 6 million figure for Jews were the census rolls of the towns for which they came from. The Nizkor site seems like a good resource to me.

  8. Alright, this may be defeating my own argument, but have you heard of a man named David Cole? He was a young Jewish man, who appeared on the Phil Donahue Show. There a is clip of that show on Youtube- There was news about Cole getting a hit contract on him by some Jewish group.