Friday, August 12, 2011

Greg Hallett / Rick Wilcox

London Riots / Fukushima Getting Worse


  1. About the London Riots. Did these not explode in full fashion in your
    face-(book) after Rupert Murdoch and his 'News of the World' got caught
    in the act?

    Maybe its interesting to watch the speech of former prime-minister
    Gordon Brown who had his medical records hacked by 'The Sun' editor
    Rebekah Brooks, later 'News of the World', where in 2009 Brown as
    acting Prime Minister had failed to bring this scum to justice :

    Gordon Brown parliament speech on hacking, part1/3 (13July11)

    Gordon Brown parliament speech on hacking, part2/3 (13July11)

    Gordon Brown parliament speech on hacking, part3/3 (13July11)

  2. Though many general and specific truths are mentioned when Greg comes on the show, sometimes he makes unsupported claims -- and unsupportable, so far: for instance, we know the British royals are illegitimate even in historical mainstream sources (William of Orange was an usurper), but to claim that QE2 is a maid is another -- it's possible, of course, in theory, but is it an accurate theory? Second, William looks like Diana and Philip, in my opinion, though Harry looks like Diana's dead lover.

    Now, I have researched literal Satanism and metaphnorical Satanism (i.e., major immorality, colloquially nameable as "Satanic", but not formal Satanism). And there is plenty of nonsense but some good evidence for its overlap in different forms, with "Luciferianism" (the "good" enlightenment god of some secret societies).

    And so I have no problem in Hallett's questioning the royals' behaviour in this way, or making hypothetical forays as well. There are even some general certainties we can have in this regard. But there are times when Hallett continues as if ALL his conclusions are perfectly knowable in detail, and they're not. There are gaps in our knowing in this matter, though some of the gist is knowable.

    Also, saying "the judiciary is ..." or "the government is ..." or whatever, is irresponsible: there are, I agree, SIGNIFICANT trafficking and protection rackets being run through them, as through corporations, but many don't know. The fact that some are "in on" parts of these things, and the networks of judiciary, for instance, were set up partly to BE brotherhoods for Freemasonry, etc., that is not how most within it function, or they're low-level.

    Thanks to Greg for his dedication, but sometimes he is uncareful to the point that only those who are even more uncareful, or those who are most aware of the partial truth of what he says (even weird things), such as I, will listen. This is a shame.

  3. Clare, try buying the book. I suggest ‘How to Take Over the World – A Right Royal Con’, publ. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (sold out) where you will find all my claims supported and Indexed making them perfectly knowable in detail.
    These books do not mention ‘Luciferianism’ or ‘Satanism’. Rather this is a conclusions from your own gist – a foray in your mind to hypothetically assume without having read any of my books . . . irresponsible and carefless to the point . . . making one suspect “TROLL” or “TROLL-HYBRID”.