Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doug Vogt

Obama's Alleged Birth Certificates


  1. Very interesting program.

    Among the Real Deal's guests, Vogt was one of the best-spoken and convincing.

    The mention of his book, however, was a real zinger.

    I do indeed begin to wonder who will ever believe these stories, even if they are logically sound?

  2. Thanks for putting Mr. Vogt on Jim. The fact that this very obvious fraud has not been picked up by the mainstream media may be an even bigger story.
    Though I wouldn't be surprised if Fox News starts running items on it closer to the general election.

  3. This birth certificate business is as crazy as the fake bin laden killing.
    It is not easy to live in a world ruled by liars.
    But why is media also lying.
    In SWEDEN media lies exactly as bad as american media. When you state thar europeans are aware that 911 was an inside job, that is wishful thinking. The lying propaganda is as bad here as with you.