Monday, August 1, 2011

Clare Kuehn / Kevin Barrett

Video Fakery & Debt Ceiling / 9/11 Research


  1. I think Kuehn need to see the evil in kollektivism aswell as in capitalism. I dont think of Alex Jones as conservative as in republican, he is an individualist as opposed to a kollectivist. Ron Paul is hardly a republican either, only by name. We need to see beyond left and right, power to the individual means money to be spent by the individual. If government gets to decide where to spend money, it will always be spent on keeping the people helpless and dependent.

  2. So how to make Adam Smith work?
    If a tax is collected en redistributed so that everyone get a citizen salary enough to survive with food and housing. Everyone gets this, and if you need a better life you work to make more money. This way people can afford to lose a crappy or immoral job which would make the invisible hand shape jobs that people like and the worst jobs disappeare. This would mean people have jobs they like and productivity should increase. Otherwise government should be kept to a minimum.

  3. If government gets to decide where to spend money, it will always be spent on keeping the people helpless and dependent.

    motorfot, I agree with this, but I think that makes Clare Kuehn's point, that withdrawing the safety net now would cause great harm to a great many people, even more valid.

    Anyone know if Clare Kuehn has a blog or forum devoted to her work?

  4. I do not have a blog for me yet. I have joined Scholars forum recently. I am also regularly on an e-mail list with Jim and others.

    No, I did not intend "kollectivism", which is a spelling-change diminishment (in fear) of a position which merely values people's needs arising naturally though they are individuals. I was saying we are always in need of recognizing our collection as a class of persons who have rights as humans, but where those rights cannot be exercised if we stand thinking we are only individuals. Nor was I saying that capital is all bad, but rather that valuing the barter-format (money) more than what's done with it, leads to mistaken policy. And what's wrong in the thinker Adam Smith is fundamentally that he is like a philosopher-oligarch: he was like the CEO or board member of the British East India Company (the General Motors, Sandia, Nike, Nestle, etc. of his day), and his position on business is that small-scale trade needs freedom and will regulate itself ... and large-scale trade is no different ... and the needs of the region he trades, speculates upon, and milks has no value except what he "free trades" out of it. In other words, areas become "zones", and the "hidden hand" of the "statistical" market can regulate business. Anyone with a mind outside this can see that of course business -- as any collective, shall we call it?! -- creates forms which are larger than its individual players; monopolies and ideologies form. Government can offset this by regulating the greed and hegemony of corporatist business practices. But government, too, can become too monopolistic, and not represent the human needs in its policy, so become "kollectivist" as much as "monopocapitalism" can be. Yet business and government can in fact not be direct opposites, but rather freedoms in business and guiding loans (especially in depressions) and regulations for safety, fair pay and environmental responsibility (against cheats!), are also necessary, and only government, not business itself, tends to voluntarily help those aspects of our lives.

  5. I want to add, that my problem with socialism is not the idea that everyone is equal, it is that most people are selfish and ignorant. That means that the laws of game theory will not work because people in general are to narrowminded to see the benefit of sacrifising a littel to gain a lot. Theyd rather kling on to their crump instead of giving it away and gain a whole cookie in return. Its like the scenario where 15 people are held captive by one armed guard, or two, doesent matter. They are ordered by the guards to dig their own graves, wil they complay? Probably. Will they say, NOW attach the guard closest to you 123-go! Maybe and two or three people will be gunned down, the other grab their shovels and start digging. So the problem with democracy is that people accept tyranny and are easily led by leaders who intimidate them or promise them a slightli better life. It is very depressing because i se no end to the eras of elite classes ruling over common man.

  6. Somebody has to name and promote fairer policy and real regulation of pollution and polluters (I don't mean carbon, though now this nonsense has corrupted many of the current social democrats), and fairer policy on economics, are anti-corruption (so is the "right", you know, at low levels, but they tend not to want regulations which actually do help people -- they tend to incarcerate *only*, which leads to the worst conspirators for police state having a hold on the "right" as well as on the "left"-Marx-rhetoric about government control extremists).

    So socialism isn't really an ism, but an awareness people who are pushing for sovereignty (call this right wing, traditionally, or call it left wing, since now it's social rights groups who are fighting integration most corporatism).

    As an awareness, socialism, as much as patriotism, can be healthy or unhealthy, can be balanced or not; but currently we are way too UNfair to citizens as a general group, way too UNfair to the nation-state as a sovereign (non-bank-controlled) political unit. So we need to bring in these issues, not become fanatics -- though some things take a fight to implement.

    There is a lot of propaganda out there against "social" concerns and against "sovereign" concerns, call them "left", "right", or SANE in combination, as you will; and all we need is enough dedication to fighting fascism by increasing social democracy AND sovereignty against monetarist conspiracy (not against all business rights). Monetarist concerns RUN "left" extremists and "right" extremists.

    What we need is "left" and "right" fighters who are balanced, not helping banking elites' and monarchist conspiracy elites' agendas. (I am not calling all bankers or all monarchs completely bad.)

  7. Hi Clare. Very interesting comments which certainly give pause for thought. I really enjoyed the shows you did with Jim and I admire very much your passion and commitment.
    I Know you did a show on vicsims last year and
    you must be aware of the septemberclues premise, that most/all footage broadcast of the twin towers attacks were computer generated imagery and there were few if any real victims associated with the day. I wish Jim would just pull everything together from his years of research and innumerable quality guests and come to realise and report that all the footage is indeed (badly) faked and that very few, if any real people died on 9/11, most being computer generated simulated identities. Jim still insists on expressing outrage at the loss of nearly 3000 souls that day, even though he knows for sure that there were no real plane crashes, which automatically takes hundreds away from that total. Even a cursory look at the victim profiles (and the many obvious photoshopped memorial site pictures) scream fakery, and the 3000 figure can be cut even more dramatically. By extention it stands to reason that, to get so many people on board the hoax/scam, NO victims was the best way to go. It is surely easier to sign people up to a mass scam/hoax than to a mass murder.
    It seems clear that No conclusions can be arrived at by examining ANY of the broadcast footage, as physical laws do not apply to cartoons, and I think this blind and dead alley of enquiry is exactly what the perpetrators expected when they decided to design and computer generate the towers collapse in such an extraordinary and unbelievable fashion. We had all been suckered into accepting virtual reality as reality, and it is high time that yourself, Jim and everyone else cottoned on to these FACTS and focused on getting this hoax exposed for what it really was. Come on Jim. Rise to the occasion. The world needs these things out in the open NOW, as similar methods of deception and video and victim fakery have been used in many other events including the Madrid, Bali and London Bombings, Mumbai and Tucson shootings, up to and including the recent attacks in Oslo and Utoya to coerce and mislead the public. We are being played for fools (as always), and we all need to wake up immediately. regards. pshea.

  8. @pshea I want to agree with you in the vicsims and the fact that it would be easier to get the conspirators to go along with such a plot. I second a show exploring the whole subject. I think the Jayhan show was the only one that explored the Sims .