Wednesday, July 6, 2011

T. Mark Hightower

The nanothermite challenge


  1. Very good show. Appreciate the outline Mark supplied on Scribd. Thought it a bit puzzling that apparently emails were invited to be sent during the presentation and that two were apparently received by Mark, but the entire interview itself was a private pre-taping that none of us could have listened to live. Anyway, Dr. Fetzer is to be credited with first using these interactivity features on his radio shows from several years ago on WeThePeople radio.
    Mark Hightower's work exposes the misrepresentations made by Dr. Jones et al. The “9-11 truth & justice” gang have consistently from the beginning played up how monumentally important Dr. Jones', and now with Dr. Niels Harrit's, "scientific findings" are. Many of us remember some of Dr. Jones' presentations where he puts on a wow show to impress all with his true deep "science", as for example when he presented at a room on the Univ. of Texas at Austin. But when Mark puts the magnifying glass to Dr. Jones et al. work, it dustifies from the top down!

  2. It would be extremely valuable to expose in more layman's terms all of this misrepresentation, perhaps on Dr. Fetzer's ning forum, BEFORE the big Jones and company Toronto 9-11 "Truth" conference to take place in a month or two. We need to get the truth and significance of this misrepresentation out far and wide before people get suckered in to that Toronto 9-11 "truth" theatre.

    I suspect that Dr. Jones and his nanothermite wow show is phased out now as it has played its role and done its job. The Toronto conference will probably focus on this latest 9-11 "truth" phase of focusing on Building 7, calling for a new investigation and focusing on the numerous architects and engineers on board with Richard Gage and his operation. Also the Toronto conference presentations and message will be equated with satisfying justice and truth for the families of the victims of the Twin Towers' destruction, which to me is a subtle but substantial manipulation and lie since none of those victims were lost in Building 7.

  3. JEANNON: I am the Steve who asked the email question, and yes, it was live. I also received an email answer with virtually the same answer. I was just wondering whether he thought the thermite results were accurate or not. Apparently he does. What bothers me is that no one has found chemical evidence of the presence of high explosives, if we admit that nanothermite isn't one?

  4. Great show. It continues to bother me that everyone associated with researching the destruction of the twin towers begins and ends with a limited selection of known materials and sku numbers.

    What immediately jumps out at me, upon realizing that the twin towers are being destroyed completely from the top down, and being lied about to the public, is that the powerful entity that carried out such a plan, could have and absolutely would have, designed an explosive/destructive weapon from the ground up to do the job. This was unlike anything ever done before. Why would it be MORE likely for the perpetrator to use off the shelf components, rather than design a weapon from scratch to do the job?

    To me, the latter is the ONLY realistic possibly. This wasn't some amateur, on some boring job. This was high profile TV, on the most high profile target in the world.

    Stop and think about it. Thermite, Nano, Nukes, DEWs, who cares. It wasn't anything that we can look up and describe.

    So what if you found Thermite in the dust, Dr. Jones? That could have been a very small part of the overall equation. Especially if this was (IT WAS) a custom-designed destructive weapon.

  5. Calling the destruction agent “custom designed destructive weapon” is no different than appealing to “unknown”, “secret”, and “exotic” as descriptors.

    All we have to work with is a field of evidence that was totally and promptly erased and some effects (or data or “evidence”) that are unknown the outsider folk who are endeavoring a true investigation.
    All I know is that they knew exactly what they were doing and how the destruction would "come down". They were not taking any chances or dealing with new custom inventions that they did not completely know about. They knew that the destruction to adjacent properties would be almost nonexistent and that the destruction would be limited to WTC properties.
    Somebody knew exactly what they were doing and the message to the world was "look what we can do and what we got away with and be afraid, be very afraid."
    It is even difficult to estimate the amount of effort and time had to go in to the pre-planning for 9-11. They may have some other places and events already set up. They can pull the same kind of operation again anywhere, any time – pro re nada.

  6. PM--

    What you seem to be missing is that the military--and let's face it, this was a military operation--has technology that won't be released to the civilian world for decades. They spend billions on this kiond of stuff. When the first stealth aircraft flew, they knew exactly how it would behave. So don't discount the use of advanced equipment and techniques.

  7. get some new guests. I'm jonesing for more FETZ!!!.. but please get off your tainted horse of mildly discrediting Judy Wood... You act like you haven't even read her book and if you haven't.. READ IT! and pick up on the loose ends she hasn't fastened.. this isn't a popularity contest... we're on the same team.. AND NO MORE CHUCK BALDWYN PART 17..... We've heard every piggy back excuse for scientific hogwash the guy can expound. peace!