Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Barry Ernest



  1. I had no idea what "THE GIRL ON THE STAIRS"
    title referred to until I listened. Great interview from Jim and Barry. Measured, considered, sedate and very interesting exchange of ideas from both participants.


  2. Off topic but seeing as i heard you mention this previously Mr Fetzer;

    Numerous Computer Experts Discuss Obama's Forged Birth Certificate - 7/31/2011 Roundtable discussion

    Joseph M. Newcomer – the person who exposed the “Killian documents” in the Rathergate scandal as fraudulent in 2004

    Jerome Corsi – The New York Times Best Selling Author who recently released Where’s The Birth Certificate: The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President.

    Retired Major General Paul Vallely – Fox News Contributor who recently revealed that former CIA agents have confirmed that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

    Susan Daniels – a P.I. from Ohio who claims that she can prove Obama’s has been using a fake social security number since 1986.

    Orly Taitz – the California Attorney who is pursuing Barack Obama’s birth Certificate through legal channels will give us an update on her activities.

    Karl Denninger – a computer documents’ expert who uncovered some of the more relevant issues with the electronically released long form birth certificate. Video

    Mara Zebest – a recognized Adobe expert and author whose written report on the problems with Obama’s birth certificate is a must read!

    Albert Einstein Renshaw Ph.D. – Introducing the 16 year old computer whiz kid who owns his own software firm and received 1.3 million hits on his video that ripped Obama’s long form to pieces.

    Joseph M. Newcomer – the person who exposed the “Killian documents” in the Rathergate scandal as fraudulent in 2004.

    Tom Harrison – a software designer with more than 30 years experience in graphic design. Harrison – a 58 year-old Dartmouth graduate with a background in mathematics, physics and computer science – believes the dots prove the document is a forgery.

    all is here

  3. If Victoria Adams is telling the truth and there is no reason to doubt it and if she saw the policeman and the TSBD manager(?) come into the TSBD while she was still on the stairs then obviously LHO must have been where he said he was - on the 2nd floor about to get a coke from the machine. Was there an attempt to maroon LHO on the 6th floor? As far as I know there were 3 other workmen who left the 6th floor and left LHO stranded there. LHO called down to them to send the lift up. Some one of the men obliged. Perhaps the man who operated the lift thus allowing LHO to come down and the other man weren't in on the plan or perhaps weren't meant to be there. Does anyone know which one of the men operated the lift to allow LHO to get down from the 6th floor? One of the men was ,I think, Lovelady. Was Lovelady in on the plan to keep LHO on the 6th floor? Did the plan to isolate LHO on the 6th floor for the duration of the assassination fail? Is it possible that what David Ferrie was referring to when he said in Jim Garrison's "On the Trail Of The Assassins" that LHO "fouled up". By "fouled up" did Ferrie mean that LHO did not go to the 6th floor.Not, of course, to shoot at JFK but simply to BE there.

  4. This was a superb interview. Additionally, Barry Ernest has written an outstanding book in "The Girl on the Stairs." Beyond the importance of Victoria Adams as an eyewitness in the Texas School Book Depository, Barry has demonstrated the methods used by the Warren Commission in discrediting her testimony. For this witness, the affidavit was not only edited, but rewritten to change the entire timing of Victoria walking down the interior stairs of the building immediately following the shooting. Entire sentences were added that were not part of the original statements of Victoria. The research and dedication of Barry Ernest are a significant contribution to understanding precisely why the Warren Report is flawed.