Monday, July 11, 2011

David Mantik



  1. Three thoughts:

    1. I would love to hear David Ray Griffin discuss his theological beliefs more.

    His book on Christianity and 9/11 had many intriguing ideas about evil and good in the universe, but were a bit dense for this layman. A closed-minded person might argue that they are as distracting as non-thermitic based theories about what brought the twin towers down-- is that why Griffin seldom (if ever) talks in public about them?

    2. I wonder what Vincent Bugliosi thinks (if anything) about Mae Brussell's theories on Manson? (That may not be a direction anyone wants wants to go-- it definitely gives me the creeps. Yet Bugliosi's credibility in general is becoming more open to question, as is growing evidence of complex COINTELPRO schemes.)

    3. Genes, I believe, are too easily blamed for behaviors (even mental illnesses) that are more complex and involve environment, experience, and choices. While it is intriguing to consider there may be a presence or lack of a "God gene"-- it is about as provable that there is a presence or lack of a God.

    Mantik suggests at the end of this program that due to a mind-set, every age has its own idols.

    (I believe in one either has faith, or one does not.)

    Good program!

  2. Sometimes I catch myself getting angry with an opinion for no appearent reason. Fetzer sometimes does that to me. Bless him for that. I am as far from a democrat as I can imagine, still some points raised by Fetzer infuriates me, the points I deep inside agree with against my beliefs, of course. It is theory vs practics again. In theory, practice and theory are the same, in practice they are not. The difference between a democrat and republican often are the evaluation of how well theory is put in to practice by government. The republican thinks the democrat is gullible to the extreme, the democrat thinks the republican is a conspiracy theorist.
    Fetzer is more balanced in between than I could ever hope to be, although leaning left.
    What I am trying to say is, we need people like Fetzer to bridge the gap between left right, because there should be no gap. Everything is politics these days, everything. There is no left and right it is us or them.

  3. A correction to point 2 above:

    "Yet Bugliosi's credibility in general is becoming more open to question, as growing evidence of complex COINTELPRO schemes is becoming more credible."