Friday, September 10, 2010

Scott Forbes

South Tower Employee / 9/11 Eyewitness


  1. Great show. This is very compelling and important testimony from a close eye witness who knew the buildings well and was lucky not to be a victim. It speaks well of him that he is making every effort to get at the truth of 9/11 and is not frightened to see it through. Surely more eye witnesses should show the same courage and come forward with their testimonies. I was slightly annoyed with Rosalee who seemed to dismiss what Scott had to say without listening to it first. His story should be easily verifiable as he mentions friends and associates who he was in contact with during the attack. Thanks again for a great show.

  2. I'm sorry but, I am forced to agree with The Web Fairy. I find this man believable; however, he must be lying. Now i understand that no planers are often accused of trying to dismiss eye witnesses, but this man describles himself as witnessing an event in real time that totally matches the event we argue is physically impossible to begin with, i.e. if it is impossible its impossible, either in real time or on tv, period.

  3. Let me be more clear, lying may be too strong, ill use Jim's term, he must be "mistaken". As well a building cannot swallow a plane. It just cannot happen. Massive amounts of the plane would remain on the outside.

  4. I'll say it,he's lying. There's a picture of ticket stubs for the observatory for the week-end of this big power down. He stressed that the towers were vibrant with employees, when they were probably vacant and prepped for demolition. Plus he just happened to be off that day and witnessed a plane fly into the tower. I'm not buying it.

  5. Wow his story is swiss cheese city. I've only heard 20 min so far and have a million points of deception ready to go already. Since I contend he's a paid shill lets start with his British accent. What is it about us that makes us automagically want to believe anyone with an Anglo lilt? Why do we give instant bonus credit to Brits? Is it secret longing for our old master the King?

    Secondly, why doesn't he tell us his company's name? How hard would it be to verify his various floor stories?

    Third, why does he keep mentioning the Port Authority when lucky Larry bought the Wtc in July?

    A 50 person express elevator to 78 in under a minute? How many ear drums would remain intact? 50 people wouldn't even fit in a freight elevator.

    Carried PCs down 90 floors in 1993? He said and Jim agreed that was it was unbelievable. I agree it was!

    How many data techs know the structural makeup of the building they work in?

    A generator required by law for data backup? What law?

    The more I listen, the sadder the stories get. Is he mocking us? Is he playing with us like a cat with its prey?

    Simon Shack of Sept Clues is bang on. The towers were emptied in 93. Who in their right mind would buy space in an asbestos laden target with terrible floor layouts and obscured views?

    9/11 was a movie, a complete media fakery. I only wish I watched Sept Clues first before I went down the carefully laid out path of the perps.

    Now I find reviewing so many of Jim's shows pure entertainment as I marvel at the money and length the perps used to promote the illusion. This truly was the most well planned hoax in history, despite its glaring errors (deliberate for all I know).

    Jim you ought to only do shows on media deception from here on. The trick will be trying to figure out what media is real. You need a full time staff of experts to sort it out. Others shows should be just exploring "war by deception" and its history and current use.

    Explaining that will unravel today's and the future's mysteries and may save the planet.