Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rosalee Grable / Kevin Barrett

Real plane crashes / Research on 9/11


  1. I wish you guys would actually do something in the non virtual world. Like have the guts to start a court case like Judy Wood did.

    I know it is difficult to say something to the hutchinson effect, but I bet you could find an interview partner that understands holography.

    Just ask that person what a conjugate mirror is, and what nonlinear optical materials for dynamic holography are feasable IN MID AIR.

    Nine years and counting.

    Learned helplessness is settling in.

    And stop calling Lear and Grossman the first to suggest holography. If you check the record you'll find your faithful maid, u2r2h, to be the first to understand the logic of eye-witnesses (boolean) AND missing/fake plane-parts.

    911 was a technology demonstrator. The top-brass of the world know it and advise their politicians accordingly.

    BTW Judy Wood's book is out.

  2. I hope to see mentioned links posted along with podcasts in future.

    The discussion between Fetzer and Barrett was one of the more enlightening ones in a while. I thought Barrett asked some intriguing questions in his characteristically diplomatic way.

  3. I have an open mind when it comes to theories on the destruction of the W.T.C. complex since we don't know for sure how it was destroyed.That being said,I hope this will be the last we hear from the Web Fairy.When someone puts their theory out as fact as in the case of AKA Curtis or Grable I believe it discredits the entire 911 movement.Besides both of the seem to be mentally unstable and lacking in sincerity.

  4. i agree with blitz,fetzer shoots himself in the foot wasting his time interviewing these people,there is a reason there views arent supported by 99 percent of the 911 truth movement.fetzer himself was thought of highly in the 911 truth movement until he associated himself with people like the web fairy and ace baker who pretended to commit suicide on air.

  5. who cares about what the other 99% percent "think" is right? what's important is that the 911 Truth movement accomplish their goals. it's either got to be forcing a new investigation COMPLETELY or getting April Gallop paid in a CIVIL case. <---that is a victory or a battle we've got to have.

    if you watch Simon's video you can clearly see that video fakery is going on, undoubtedly in the north tower. this video is short Fetzer should keep probing any exotic theories. something toasted the shit out of 1400 cars, and it wasn't an 800 degree office fire.