Monday, September 20, 2010

John Stoltenberg

Socialism & the future of capitalism


  1. he also signed an order to kill the handicapped and disabled

  2. ggallin,Maybe it was disabled Jehovah Witnesses.Seriously,Hitler wanted to sterilize the criminally insane and the mentally retarded.Something I wholeheartedly agree with.That was part of the Nazi eugenics program.And as usual no documentation just hearsay....

  3. well thats insane right there what if hitler deemed your family insane and wanted to knock them off.

  4. blitz said...

    " Anytime I hear the word Nazi used by someone in the Truth/Patriot Movement in a derogatory sense,they immediately lose any credibility in my opinion...."

    Yeah,weird.Isn't it? How come I get exactly the same feeling when I read what Nazi-apologist creeps like you have to write?
    Btw... The Volkswagen ('People's Car) runaround was exactly that - a runaround. NOBODY ever got one! It was one of Ada's biggest scams.......

    LOL You really gotta love that Schicklgruber guy!! Don't YOU?? LOL