Monday, April 26, 2010


Chapters of an important book


  1. A great and powerful read. I enjoyed this show. Fascinating as it is.depressing that the evildoers have such a firm grip.

  2. Oh, what a mixed bag of half-truths! It's true what Menachem Begin's Irgun (/meh-NAH-khehm BAY-ghihnz eer-GOON/ in Ashkenazi pronunciation - notice its "Influence on Modern Hebrew" at ) did to slaughter innocent Arabs in order to grab their land, but keep in mind that many of the Irgun were war-time allies of the German Nazis, including Menachem Begin. These people do what they do not because they're Jews or Zionists, but because they're Nazis. You want to keep the more gullible among the Jews believing that the Nazi way is the way to guarantee survival? -- then keep rehabilitating Hitler and keep repeating the lies of Goebbels that the Jews are to blame for all the brutality in the world. The Zionist Nazis aren't even calling the shots for the re-emergent Axis: that's done out of Langley, Virginia, London, Berlin (formerly Bonn), and Uruguay.