Friday, April 30, 2010

Judyth Vary Baker

Living in Exile I


  1. Amazing interview. Finally someone who treats Judyth Vary Baker seriously. Here we have someone who could have cured cancer in the 70s, but was used for evil. More proof that the powers ruling us have nothing but destruction in mind for humanity. Who knew cancer was a virus? Who knew bacterial phages could treat cancer? Even today this woman could be helpful, but is afraid for her life and on the run from her own country.

  2. I'm a member of 9/11 Truth in UK.
    I have just read 'Lee and Me'; and I checked web for some updated news about Judyth.
    She should not be on the run, under heavy attack, and not getting beaucoup assistance from Truthers.
    If no one can fill me in on an update, will someone pass this request to Jim Fetzer.
    Belinda in London will provide bona fides for me (though I do not accept 'Beam Theory' on 9/11!).