Friday, April 2, 2010

Chuck Boldwyn

Why the Twin Towers couldn't "collapse"


  1. if there were 100 some odd mini-nukes, there would have been substantially more seismic activity recorded, and the bathtub would have been annihilated. also we know by evidence of sulfur on steel girders that thermate was present to give the ILLUSION that the towers were exploding outward. have a look at the spire video. also, no one has reported radiation sickness or anything...

  2. The Energy equavalent to 0.5 Little Boy Atomic Bombs, minimum, was required to fell the Towers, according to the John Skilling quote of 20 times the weight of the WTC Twin Towers needed to potentially collapse a tower, from above as top loading.

    Of course the energy is spread out over the
    length, width, and height of a tower, mostly within the core, and is not in one massive bomb.
    I assme they used mini mukes, otherwise it would require 70,000,000 pounds of TNT, which is not plausible to bring into a Tower and then set up. mini-nukes and thermate is simple and fast to set up.

    Seismic activity is caused by very large forces within the earth or at least extraordinarily large masses striking the earth, maybe.
    The towers were pulverzed into dust long before they hit the ground and would cause little or probaby no seismic activity. The only forces of significance striking the ground were the steel beams, but even as large as they were, they would not give any significant seismic activity. This all has already been hashed out by other researchers on the internet.

    Did you listen to the show while studying the Vector Physics graphics on ?

    Anyway, the energy was absorbed in breaking up the components of the tower not the ground, except for the bomb(s) that went off in the basement(s) about 13 seconds before the allegd plane crashed into the tower, or the tower expoded outwards.

    The are a lot of radiation and carcinogens cancers attributed to the first responders. There was adequate evidence for the presence of tritium as found in the research on the internet.
    I would say that your arguments are not at all well thought out and researched over the internet to show your theses have already been debunked. You need to research these queries you have on the internet...
    The bathtub only got the impacts from dust and mostly individually scattered steel beams that certainly would not destroy it.
    You will need far better arguments to deflect my logical processes on the seismic activity, the bathtub destruction possibility, and the radiation question.
    What is your scientific background in 911 physics & chemistry or engineering...?

    There is no illusion about the exploded materials going outward, symmetrically from all 4 sides at the same time, up and down the length of each tower.
    I believe there was a combination of Thermate/Thermite and mini-nukes used to account for the vast energy needed.
    Mini-nukes can vaporize steel, burn holes into it and completely oxidize it into instantaneous rust and rust dust, which will collapse upon itself. The spires were massively oxidized, rustified, dustified, and a large amount of the steel was vaporized or atomized/instantaneously oxidized into iron oxide = rust dust.

    Please opine if you will...

    Chuck Boldwyn
    Retird Physics & Chemistry instructor and the person being interviewed by Jim Fetzer...