Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Real Deal #153 Stephanie Sledge

Stephanie Sledge Blows apart the Tucson False Flag


  1. All this has been out for years.

  2. Is this the Mrs Sledge of Barmitzvah Renegade Radio?
    Question for you Uncle Fester, how is it your boy Reyvolt that hyped up Rebekah Roth to begin with and avoided a debate on the Bible which he backed out of to have her on then gave you the credit for solving this case when I told him she was a fraud before you even said a word about her?
    Thats a pretty good scheme you have going on, I bet you did the same thing in the lead up to the control of the worlds media too.
    When the "homo" subject came up with you and Reyvolt I noticed you immediately mentioned your wife. I bet Marco Rubio does the same thing.