Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Real Deal #149 Sandy Hook

Wayne Carver and attacks on JFK research


  1. Funny thing happened to Sandy Hoax tool Delphi-Deanna Spingola, who's even an SH 'profiteer' in the form of her ~600 page "Screening..." book. Just listening to Delphi’s latest Jan 16 show, with a guest who’s an ex cop talking about race & crime. Beginning at 1:24:30, out of the blue and obviously without knowing Delphi’s public SH position, cop says:

    "[…] if you don’t realize Sandy Hook, by now, is a complete false flag, you’re, you’re DEMENTED!! […]”

    and that SH dialog goes on from that priceless statement for the next 7 mins; check it out!

  2. It was great! And even when she told him about her book, he said, "You're wrong and I'll tell you why." But he was graceful and let her off the hook. No pun intended.