Monday, March 2, 2015

Mind Control

Episode #25 deals with Mind Control.


  1. The story of the intelligence agencies' use of mind-control techniques was initially probed by several honest investigators (both inside and outside of government) back in the late 1970s. What was accurately revealed (in the only semi-controlled mass media of that bygone era) was so shocking and paradigm-altering that the damage-control spooks who were subsequently assigned to "clean up the mess" faced a huge challenge.

    And for the most part, they met that challenge successfully by flooding both the popular media (and the pre-Internet, fringe media too) with a torrent of limited hangouts, wild distortions, impossible fantasies, and synthesized delusions -- so that anyone actually trying to assemble a potential "jigsaw-puzzle" image of the MK-Ultra truth was instead confronted with way more puzzle pieces (many of seemingly identical shape) than needed.

    Consider the whole sordid, sub-literary genre of CIA/Satanic, sex-slave "memoirs" and "confessionals," for instance.

    Having obsessively followed the story of parapolitical mind control from the time of the Senate's amazing (but limited-hangout) "Church Committee" hearings down to the present day, I have often detected obvious traces of MK Ultra-style programming -- scattered across the history of America's highest-profile political assassinations. (You know, the ones that the covert wizards decided were absolutely necessary to DEMONSTRATE THEIR CAPABILITIES to the various politicians, business execs and media celebs who would become the spooks' influence-targets in the future.)

    Now, if you think John Marks' flawed-but-valuable "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" is the ultimate historical resource on this dreadful, ghastly business (with the clever way it portrays the spooks' brutal experiments as a vicious and costly failure) -- try searching instead for Walter Bowart's "Operation Mind Control," the well-suppressed masterpiece of 1970s parapolitical research that (doggedly and documentedly) picks up where Marks too cautiously left off.

    And flashing forward to 9/11, with its rogues' gallery of "witnesses" to impossible (thus simulated) yet world-changing events, you may then be willing to consider the possibility that they aren't all just paid actors. Perhaps some, even many of them really BELIEVE the bilge they've been spewing (or sobbing about) for the past thirteen years. And then there are the contradiction-filled accounts of the more recent, surveillance state-justifying "carnage" in Sandy Hook and Boston.


    Could it be because their own sense of "reality" (like the ever-expanding cache of suspicious videos and photos) has been conveniently FABRICATED?

    The borders we once relied on to separate our perceptions of fiction and fact grow ever hazier -- as the perps' techno/cyber/chemical/hypnotic prowess grows ever more sophisticated.

    Thus we must press on with our investigations, ever strengthening our faith...

    in scepticism!