Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Steve Martin The JFK Show #46

Tonight we have a very special guest. His mother was and is one my heroes in JFK research, she was a housewife bringing up four children in Hominy Oklahoma, a pioneer in JFK research who was on the scene in Dallas within days of the assassination to find out and investigate for herself, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the LEGENDARY Shirley Martin, and we are honored to have on "The Real Deal", my very special guest, a person who seldom gives out interviews and is never in the limelight, Shirley's son Steve Martin hosted by Larry Rivera and Gary King.


  1. A good summary article (post) about Shirley Martin:

    Thank you, to her son, Steve Martin, for coming on to the show, to speak out, here.

    1. Though out of date regarding the Zapruder film's usefulness, this post is interesting regarding wounds to the left of JFK's head (near his left eye), which Mrs. Martin and Father Huber ended up having a dispute about, with Huber claiming he'd never met Martin and never said JFK had a wound to his left.

      The evidence for some wound to the left is listed here (including the Huber material):

  2. If the JFK head shot would have been real, then Jackie would have reflexively jerked in a startled movement. What we see instead in the Zapruder film is that Jackie is holding JFK's right arm in a deliberate and firm grip. And the Nix film shows that Jackie forcefully pushes her right arm to the left thereby making JFK's head bounce back to the right (in the Nix film):

    This is exactly the choreographed movement needed in order to edit the Zapruder and Nix films and add a fake head explosion.

    Some people may claim that Jackie's sudden movement of her right arm was just because she was startled by the head shot. That's a false claim since Jackie's left arm remains firm and steady. It was a planned and rehearsed movement with exact timing.

    1. If you are not up on how and why the Zapruder film was fake, you have missed one of Jim's & colleagues' main contributions. Get "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax" & listen to the presentations on Youtube.

      But here are some good things to start you off:

      Then you can know that Jackie's movements are not accurate & why.

    2. One of those sources says: "More recently, scientists have discovered that there is something else about the shot to JFK’s head on the forged film that is fake—and can be proved to be fake: the spray of blood that appears at the moment he is shot."

      Indeed, that's consistent with my hypothesis. There may have been other things faked in the Zapruder film, but the fake head shot alone is enough to question whether JFK was killed at all or simply changed identity.

      The only theory I have found about changing identity is the pretty outrageous claim that JFK changed identity to Jimmy Carter. I'm doubtful about that but it would indeed be a huge Big Lie. :D

      Potential tinfoil hat conspiracy theory:

      Jimmy Carter is JFK and Quentin Roosevelt (Hitler and Disney) is also Prescott Bush --

    3. Clare,

      Glad to see you've finally gotten down off
      your high horse and actually invested in
      Jim Fetzer's "The Great Zapruder Film
      Hoax - Deceit and Deception in the 
      Death of JFK ". You will now, at least, be armed with the facts before you post your faulty and chuntering nonsense on the Zapruder film. Perhaps you could add the other two tomes in Professor Fetzer's trilogy to your JFK assassination library soon :

      Assassination Science: Experts Speak Out on the Death of JFK 

      Murder in Dealey
      Plaza: What We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then

    4. Tarquinius Maximus: I was never on a high horse.

      I started in 2008 by contacting Jim about Costella's work. I was soon asked to speak on many topics, then in 2012 helped as a presenter at the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings which Jim organized, have contributed to the original research and the early article (#2) on Oswald in the Doorway.

      It is you who was on a high horse. Might need to rethink who I am. ;)

      I am assuming it is Paul's death as a case that most upset you about my qualifications. However, perhaps you might wish to think through that case more, given who I am.

    5. On a simple note: I have read all of Jim's works on any conspiracy, and many more, several years ago. When ill, I also worked through thousands of hours of videos and lectures on such topics, of all kinds and qualities.

  3. Jim,
    The January 5, 2015 show with John Friend and the previous show with Nick Kollerstrom have NO audio. Can this be fixed so that we can listen to those shows?

  4. Hey Steve, The shows are playing now. GK

    1. Thanks, Gary! Now can you look into the recording of Robinson for the talk he did at the conference which Jim mentioned? Do you have any way to get in touch with those people? I sent you an e-mail about it.

  5. Thanks Gary or whomever made it happen.