Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The New JFK Show #43

Tonight's episode discusses the Zapruder film and new proof of its alteration, which has emerged from Larry Rivera's discovery of interviews conducted by Fred Newcomb with the motorcycle escort officers. The show begins with Jim's discussion of the extant film and then turns to "On the Road with Dr. Fetzer", in which Jim, Larry and Gary King visit JFK-related sited in New Orleans and in Dallas, where they traveled to speak at the JFK Conference organized by Judyth Vary Baker. During the second hour, Gary and Larry discuss the new discoveries Larry has made on the basis of interviews that were conducted by Fred Newcomb and his associates of the motorcycle escort officers, who provide stunning confirmation of the limo having come to a stop (with Officer Hargis running between the two limos and five agents disembarking from the Queen Mary). Listen to this one, because it makes major breakthroughs with regard to how long it endured and what happened during the limo stop.


  1. I recently watched a JFK documentary (don't remember the title) where they said that the cop that (supposedly) was killed had the nickname "JFK" because he looked like the real JFK. And they claimed that the simple coffin with the cop's body was switched with JFK's body in the more fancy coffin. Something like that iirc. Probably just a smokescreen diversion story but anyway, could be interesting to look into further.

    In another video (or in the same video I don't remember) they said that the blood/tissue from the head shot had a fake color. Bingo! That's what I suspected. They had added the head shot with some kind of special effect into the Zapruder film.

  2. So how many years did it take Mr Fetzer to "twig" that the Zapruder film was an untrustworthy fraud, hmmm?

    At this rate, we should probably expect him to finally "twig" that the original 9/11 "live" MSM broadcast footage was/is entirely fraudulent fake footage,complete with faked plane crashes and faked building collapse sequences, by around 2055, no, wait, Mr Fetzer won't be around to gatekeep then. :-).

    Regards, onebornfree.

  3. I have a question for Mr Fetzer:

    In these 50+ years of JFK investigations, have you ever invited to your show any of the below-listed individuals who reportedly recorded on film (parts of) the Dealey Plaza events?

    - Mary Moorman
    - Marie Muchmore
    - Orville Nix
    - James Darnell
    - Gordon Arnold
    - Robert Bothun
    - Harry Cabluck
    - Beverly Oliver
    - Wilma Bond
    - Mark Bell
    - Jay Skaggs
    - Patsy Paschall
    - Elsie Dorman
    - Hugh Betzner
    - Philip Willis
    - Tina Towner
    - Jack Martin
    - Charles Bronson
    - Jack Daniel

    Surely, their testimonies would have been of crucial importance to the investigation in order to verify/ corroborate the claim that the limo came to a stop.

    Thanks for a kind reply.

    Simon Shack

    1. @septemberclues Most if not all of those people in the list were probably playing a part in the JFK assassination psyOp.

      Simon, do you think it's possible that the Zapruder film is mostly real footage with the exception of the head shot which I suspect may be a complete fakery, such as double exposure of an explosion into the original film plus some paint brushing etc.

      My idea is that the whole event was thoroughly planned and rehearsed. Observe how exactly choreographed Jackie's movements were in the sequence leading up to the head shot. She is holding JFK in a very firm grip so that JFK could fake the head shot by making a quick nodding forward movement with his head. Jackie's firm grip and the stiff corset he was wearing made his head bounce back, producing the appearance of being hit by a bullet.

      JFK then survived and changed his identity to maybe not Jimmy Carter, but something like that.