Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Paris shooting/JFK Horsemen II JFK #44

During the first hour, Nick Kollerstrom and I discuss the "false flag" attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, which was conducted by a professional, high-disciplined team, which went out of its way to leave false impressions that they were Islamic terrorists. Some of the give-aways include that the vehicle parked on an "+" mark in the street to make sure it would receive clear coverage, that the shooting of a police officer on the sidewalk did not blow his head apart and left no blood and that, at the "kosher" deli, an officer is firing from behind a vehicle into the store, which might have injured police in front of him had he not been using blanks. We also discuss the political dimensions of this event, where the ADL is already attacking anyone who suggests that this was Mossad fakery as "anti-Semitic". So they have a perfect plan: no matter how blatant Mossad involvement may me. anyone who remarks that it bears the signs of having been done by the Mossad is attacked as "anti-Semitic". During the second hour, Larry Rivera and Gary King go further with Larry's studies of the audio interviews with the JFK escort officers and provides more proof of the limosine stop, that Officer Hargis dismounted and ran between the two vehicles, and that five Secret Service dismounted from the SS Cadillac and surrounded the JFK limo, impossible that they not come to a halt.


  1. FOUR NEW SHOWS!!! I'm so freaking excited!!!! Thanks ProFetzer Jim

  2. LOL! George Galloway versus an audience of angry Zionists: a BBC Question Time Instant Classic
    Interesting debate on growing anti-Semitism in the UK. (Why is anti-Islamism okay?)

  3. Similar attack in Paris in August of 1982: (It happened on the first day of my first trip to Paris. I always thought it was for real.)

    Attack on Goldenberg Jewish Deli in France was a Zionist Hoax
    On August 9, 1982, the world was told, a madman – or depending on the version several madmen – armed with guns and grenades attacked and devastated the Jo Goldenberg Deli in Paris, France. Incredibly, in this attack he/they threw grenades into the restaurant, while firing automatic weapons, killing 6 and injuring 22.

    Immediately and subsequently, this was labelled as an “anti-Semitic attack,” the worst since the “liberation.”

    As is typical of Zionist hoaxes the versions vary significantly. Too, which is also typical the sympathy/holocaust canard is leveraged, which alone gives proof of the fraud. Here is the Wikipedia version:

    Two assailants threw a grenade into the dining room and fired machine guns. They killed six people, including two American tourists, and injured 22 others. BusinessWeek later said it was “the heaviest toll suffered by Jews in France since World War II.“

    The Zionists through various sources were quick to lay blame on various organizations perceived to be of Palestinian origin, like the Mossad entity of Abu Nidal:

    Several writers, including François Two assailants threw a grenade into the dining room and fired machine guns, attribute the attack to the Abu Nidal Organization (via Wikipedia).

    The fact that rabid Zionist extremists, such as François Massoulié and David Charters, attempted by insinuation to attribute this to Mossad-based false flag ‘terror’ groups is hard proof of the hoax.

    Forward Thinking finds some common ground with Wikipedia but differs slightly: