Monday, January 19, 2015

The Assassination of America

In 2013, I organized and moderated "JFK at 50: The Assassination of America" to observe and honor his death. We had an exceptional line-up, with Phil Nelson on LBJ, who was the pivotal player in arranging the assassination; John Hankey on George H.W. Bush, who supervised a JFK hit team; Peter Janney on Mary Meyer, who had an important relationship with JFK and was killed for it; Larry Rivera, on Buell Wesley Frazier, who played a key role offering false testimony to frame Lee Oswald for a crime that he did not commit; Ralph Cinque, on Oswald having been captured in the doorway of the Altgens6 photograph; and Jim Fetzer, offering an overview of the assassination, including the Sponsors, the Facilitators and the Mechanics. Here the last two are featured for today's broadcast.

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  1. Thank you, Jim, as always, for your dedication on the JFK issue, with the other presenters. I hope the remaining presentations will be posted, too.