Monday, September 22, 2014

Nick Kollerstrom / Wolfgang Halbig

Sandy Hook


  1. Don't Forget: Fetzer & Co. Have Un-Covered Satanism In Action

    Listened to whole show--and it was great to hr fm good ol' Wolfgang once again--even if he does support terror-state of Israel. Incredible brilliant info fm Wolfgang.

    Comrades, u gotta realize ZOG is NEVER going to co-operate w. u--NONE of their judges, or prosecutors, or politicians--if any do, their lives are in danger, seriously.

    U just gotta gather all the facts, is the only thing that can be done.

    ZOG was horribly crushed into the dirt by means of the mighty Internet, un-questionably--what a tremendous effort by all the magnificent people, Prof. Fetzer, Wolfgang, KateSlate, Kelly fm Tulsa, et al.

    What a horrible, putrid society which tolerates such gross, in-ur-face fraud and blatant criminality--refusing to heed rightful requests for info, even assaults and threats against the citizenry.

    Folks, I'm telling u, we are in horrible trouble fm the out-and-out SATANISTS who are riding-high, throwing their weight around, and the obvious, necessary thing to be done is anti-satanism--BUT what could that be?

    And again, I absolutely assure u nothing will work but for the real Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other precept, only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    Thus TRUTH requires objective Aristotelian reality as necessary criterion/premise--this was integral part of Christ's lesson.

    Ask urself then, WHO hates our dear Christianity?--and those are the masterminds, KEY to the satanic assault against our poor culture/civilization.

    And note all the "advanced-thinkers," "progressives," and "liberals" will defend these foremost satanists as matter-of-course.

    Homosexuals can be satanists too, but note they're not masterminds as they're so addicted to crass sense-gratification, who HATE the intellect.

    HINT: the topmost, masterminds among the satanists are same as those who are topmost masterminds among the communists. And never forget Christ himself tells us they are the very "SONS" of their father, satan--at Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

    So u see Christ and New Testament were actually very astute philosophically, sociologically, and psychologically.

    Finally, remember these satanic monsters aren't only involved just w. Sandy Hook, which could only have been one among many other operations, events, and incidents Satanists use in order to bring absolute destruction upon all humanity--like a world gov. which will vaccinate and drug EVERYONE, beginning w. the kidsoes, surely. Keep up ur great work. A.

    1. Apsterian: if it was a simple drill lie, it is less satanic than real deaths,

      if there were satanists (suggested by the man behind Soto in the photo of her smiling, and Adam's New Hampshire death report's date -- 12/13 month/day), or if there were mere occultic people involved,

      still no-one or only Adam as an asset, if he existed, could have died.

      But ... I agree, Apsterian, when even some lie is involved, we can call it satanic in one sense.

      Nevertheless, naming all evil "Zionist" is sloppy thinking, though there are elements who link to Zionist interests at some level in any chain in the mass media. Those elements are not always covering for Israel, though; they are sometimes involved in lies for other reasons (for example, here: patriotism to the US anti-gun crowd, a kind of Left-CIA ideal), just as others, who are non-Zionist, have many reasons to lie and are not properly nameable as "Zionist".

    2. All we can say is:

      almost no-one or no-one died in the school.

      If anyone died in the school, it was 2-3 who may have received medical services but were unsaveable.

      Let's say, as I believe, no-one died at the school. But let's say some families lost people, though it is an if.

      (Saying it is a drill will upset more distant relatives, such as the grandmother of a kid in the supposed drill, mentioned below by me and briefly interviewed by Joyce Riley, with Jim and Halbig recently on the power hour.)

      Well, then, the grandmother and her daughter and the daughter's son, who lost friends, have to be explained. Are those friends hidden somewhere? Or did they die at the school when no other kids did? Or is the official story somehow valid (no it's not)? Or did they die somewhere else?

      So if kids actually were killed, where was it?

      If no kids died, where did this grandmother's grandson's friends go?

      If the school was not in use at all that year, then the grandmother and her daughter, or just the daughter are lying.

      But we must remember:

      If we are wrong about ANY OF THIS, real people will be actually outraged and not be liars.

    3. Clare: Foremost Expert On "Sloppy-Thinking," Indubitably

      Clare the idiot babbler strikes again. There is no "evil" in an objective, hence determinist reality, u brainless, prattling, psycho. There's only psychosis--as in ur case.

      "Satanic" refers to the typical subjectivism of liars, esp. Jews, who deny the objective reality, always ultimately excused upon non-existent "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism). Jews are top satanists, like they're top communists, as they're most organized, connected.

      Talk about "sloppy thinking"--u KNOW all about that, don't u?

  2. Refreshing show with Nick Kollerstrom who keeps the conversation focused on possible legal action against those who are terrorizing us with these false flag events. The government's defense is they can't talk about it because it's classified and anything they do is for our security

    I was wondering cui bono in the demolishing and subsequent huge grant received. Was Larry Silverstein waiting in the wings having privatized the property a month or so earlier? Check out the lovely website the new Sandy Hook has. Also, no school tomorrow due to the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

    Newtown Public School District > Home
    No School
    Rosh Hashanah
    September 25th

    John Jay’s ***Center for Private Security and Safety*** is dedicated to professionalization of the private security industry and its safety constituencies in fire and emergency management. The center is designed to developing joint partnerships with both the public and private safety providers and to ***serving corporate, educational and industrial institutions***in need of guidance through best practices and current industry standards at the local, state, national and international level.


    The Newtown Public Schools, in cooperation with the Newtown Police Department, has established a Security Committee to address immediate and long-term goals associated with building safety, personnel training, physical security measures, and recommendations for district security policy. The committee consists of members from local law enforcement, district administration, building administration, information technology, facilities, security, Newtown Federation of Teachers, educational assistants, teachers, and the Newtown Board of Education.

  3. A lawsuit's not going to do anything. It would probably not be allowed to go forward because of the corrupt judges, or they would just claim national security. It's a waste of time and money to talk about such a thing.

    1. Agreed. Except that it exposes some more info, usually, if it gets anywhere at all.

  4. I have been in extensive contact with the grandmother of one boy who was hidden by Roig. She is a 9/11-hoax aware person who is maligned for that interest in her family, but is struggling with the idea that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Her daughter is not wealthy; the grandson is suffering from losing two playmates (Ben and Allison).

    The daughter is outraged her mother is even in contact with others (she does not know of my contact with her mother), or looking into the hoax claims at all.

    Now, I have reminded the woman I speak to, that we do not mean bad things to anyone; that those who think it was entirely a lie (with even no-one inside the school at all, some think), are trying their best to assess the material available to us at a distance.

    I have also reminded her that even if there were murders inside the school, not all the deaths would be plausible (spook families or people willing to participate for other reasons are actually more plausible, when one thinks through an operation such as some of us think occurred).

    Why would not all the deaths be plausible?

    The most damning individual considerations are simply that completely smashed heads or long-dead persons would have to be present, for no major rescue efforts or no removal of the near-dead, to have occurred and the street's being blocked off as it was.

    1. To extend the points above: these are many of the chat comments we have shared. "G" is grandmother; "C" is for me, Clare. I have removed personal information from this private correspondence. It is given to show what people are going through and to show many lines of reasoning about this event, from me.

      The grandmother doubts the report of the 2009 gifting of houses, but her upset also keeps her convinced that spook families would be too complex to arrange, and the feeling that being friends with two families (the Wheelers & Wyatts) means that they or *not they, but other* families cannot be spooks.

      I raise the issue primarily that:

      1. If there were deaths, they could not be in extensive numbers, at the school, because identifying death within 10 mins is harder for large groups, so more rescue efforts would be in evidence.

      2. If there were deaths at all, then some could have been done elsewhere, by cults. Or deaths could be in lower numbers at the school, so that fake children and spook children (older, complicit, with younger photos used for the drill), could also be part of the reality of this case.

      G -
      "Hi .. Are you the person that left comments about the Fetzer/Piper debate online? I have been trying to hear those debates but can only be led to a pay site. [...] My grandson was in the Sandy Hook massacre and was hidden in the bathroom by his teacher Kaitlin Roig. The town is still mourning the loss of the children and I cannot understand the Fetzer/Halbig position. Best. [... Removed: Name and discussion of technical difficulties in getting Skype, because she does not know how to use it.]"

      "Hi. I am sympathetic to you (you may be surprised to hear), and we can chat. [...]"

      [Phone conversation for 1.5 hours ensued.]

      (cont'd below)

    2. C-
      "I am open to the idea it was a double operation, with a few deaths in spite of orders not to. Remember: Adam reported locally dead in a different state, New Hampshire (which is the normal reporting procedure in the USA, where a coroner or funeral home reports to a local office), the day before (i.e., 12/13 - month day), which, even if a clerical error, should not be from New Hampshire.

      Multiple families did move in for free to multimillion homes 2009 (as far as I can tell, but do send me the report that that is not so), and no-one was rushed to hosp -- NO-ONE. If 4-5 died, I think it was collateral or to shut up or some kind of double operation. ------ I am not disrespecting the horror of your daughter in my own mind and heart; she suffers. And maybe the other woman who's pregnant again. -------

      But ... how did the wrong photo (from a Facebook page of an entirely different girl) get used for a while, for Allison Wyatt? You heard about that, right?

      And why are two photos still missing here? Madeleine Hsu and Allison Wyatt:
      "Sandy Hook victims names list, photos, bios"

      I am open that some died, if they did. A lot could be fake.

      (Oh, I found the one your grandkid knew, Ben Wheeler.)

      The wrong photo for two weeks was for Allison Wyatt:
      SANDY HOOK - After 2 Weeks, Victim's Own Mother Does Not Know Wrong Photo Was Used

      I know your daughter is friends with the Wyatts, and maybe -- let me say from afar -- their daughter died in the school, but there are other problems, which we discussed and which I will set out again below, tomorrow.

      Good night, researcher into 9/11. Keep your chin up."

      "Thanks... I am listening to Keith Johnson/Jim Fetzer debate Johnson makes a lot of valid points..
      Thanks again for your kindness"

      "Yes. You're welcome. Each person, researcher or someone like your daughter, is going through everything they can look through, facing what they can, thinking what they can; even resistant or angry people who barely look."

      "Allison Wyatt and Ben Wheeler are the ones that my daughter knew...and they played with my grandson."

      "Well, *if we step back and say we don't know anything you say is true*: Allison may have been a fraud kid (not real at all), or if you are right she existed, she could be a kid in a spook related family. Her photo was wrong for 2 weeks in the news.

      Now, if we *take what you say as true*, she still could be kept away from her family until all the brouhaha dies down (if her family is spook).

      Or, if we *take what you say as true*, she could have died in the school (all else being equal), or died elsewhere (a cult). Family could know or not know. Family could be in mourning for real or not.

      I don't know, but it is another problem in the case. (I stick to the heads blown off point, with no medics except 2-3 people.)

      I really think, partly from what you say, a couple of people died. But I think the teacher of your grandson was told it was a drill. She seemed so fake on TV. Anyway, I am open to combinations ... but I am sure a major drill was part of the event. That does not mean people weren't scared. Real and unreal would be blended.

      I am very sorry for your own troubles, too, in dealing with your family's anger at you."

      "What do you mean about Allison. Her mom is my daughter's dear friend and Alison was my grandson's buddy..... She is DEAD

      I also have confidence in Kaitln Roig....the teacher"

      "Look above how the photo of Allison was chosen wrong for weeks.

      Even if it was a genuine mistake among the huge amount (including the very rich people asking for any buck and the several too-early posts of videos & pictures & memorial dates -- some of which might be arguably okay, but some which likely cannot be), there are too many errors for this to be normal."

      (cont'd below)

    3. (C continued)

      However, if ALL of that is just whisked away: as I said: heads would have to be blown off for all, for their to be no rescue efforts.

      2-3 people shot, maybe? Maybe. But even then, why is there a block of the exit down the street? Get it? --- If your daughter's friends are truly grieving, not lying and waiting to get back together with their kid (or if the kids were not given or taken in sacrifice -- by someone) ... none of which I am saying to be weird, just to remind you that things like that are done ... then, in fact, the families who really lost a kid are anomalous.

      For not everyone would have a complete head-explosion, nor would an ambulance blockage be allowed down the street.

      So your daughter's friends could be lying or absolutely not; and still, most kids didn't die -- or NOT IN THE SCHOOL (if we are dealing with a cult taking the kids) -- and it's almost impossible to know how they would have died in the school with the reactions being wrong by police/ medic.

      Get it?

      Whatever happened, the main event was largely an op. If it was a mass death inside, it wasn't planned to be helped. The question of Satanism has been raised. Most people even in a drill or under Holder would not know of that.
      I don't know what happened to any kids as a near certainty; but I know what did not happen: the main story. Kids don't have their heads blown so wide, in a bunch, that no rescue is made within 10 mins.

      Nothing I've said is to be weird. I am trying to be generous with all thoughts, where each line of reasoning would fit, incl. that your daughter's friends lost a kid and were not part of the plan.

      For me not to consider the last, would be improper reasoning, I agree. (Emotions aside, I agree one has to consider ordinary real loss here as an option, for at least some.) But the main story does not add up in the right way no matter what one does to the idea, because of the blocked street and ridiculous "immediate non-action" death claim of so many definitely dead, said by the police."

      "Good Morning. I am listening to Mike Piper talking with Fetzer and Friend. They just talked about Ben Wheeler not existing...and I am furious. I wrote this to Mike: Hi Mike... I'm listening to your debate with Friend and Fetzer As I write are talking about Ben Wheeler. Ben was my grandson [...]'s best friend. My daughter is very close to Fran and Dave Wheeler... I am appalled. I have seen numerous pics of Ben at my daughter's home. I have watched her share the grief of the Wheeler's. Friend and Fetzer are out of their minds and this is INFURIATING.. I seriously wish that someone would sue them !!!

      what Fetzer is saying is a total insult to the grieving families"

      Wait a minute: in a court case (and this is the public asking as if an advocate, some disturbing q's), in a court, ALL thoughts must be aired.

      Being furious isn't helpful.
      Please read my points.

      The problem is to sift what people have available as all lines of evidence.

      Even if your testimony were trusted by them, your testimony is insufficient to overturn the idea that all the kids claimed to have died, died.

      Even your daughter's experience and yours, even what they know about those families, could be a lie about the kids. -- Think of this:
      Let us say some were spook children. Let us say some were killed elsewhere (a cult). -- Let us say some parents or none were in on it. -- Let's say no-one died. -- Let's say some died at the school. -- Let's say all were real and died at the school."

      (cont'd below)

    4. (C continued)

      Well, if we pick the last option: then all the heads were utterly smashed, which is impossible.

      So whatever other option I just mentioned is true of the events of that day or the days before, even (12/13, note the date, is when Adam died, per original claim and children could have been killed then, an occultic date, and there are other indications of some aspect here being cultic), all other options are open ... but NOT that the event was real AS they claimed.

      No totally complete number of smashed heads in one quick pile, with no medical response and a blocked street.

      If the kids -- or some, since some are possibly older and were part of families bought off/spooks -- were shot or they were shot elsewhere and brought there, or they were partly shot there. -- Police coverups for cults can be extensive. Etc. I am merely pointing out that "unthinkable" options are the only ones left. -- Unless a couple of people in the know and some kids were killed, but not by "Adam". He was reported dead elsewhere, which is per protocol to report locally.

      I am not trying to be "weird" for you; I am trying to point out that whatever happened, possibly more complex than we can directly know, cannot be the official story.

      Outrage is not appropriate at your daughter's level, but it is normal. Court for real life with lies involved, is never nice. You know that.
      We are in a position where your daughter is hurt by SOME kind of a lie; maybe Ben and Allison's parents, too.

      Piper's points are nice, but insufficient. We can always say every error is legitimate; but we cannot do so with true intellectual honesty, and it shows: Piper does not handle the problem of medical non-response and blocked street, which should be shocking in itself.

      It is not "an incontrovertible" proof -- and actually, there is nothing incontrovertible in life, if we really want to push an argument to the limit;

      but it is a major indication that Piper is saliently wrong and something, perhaps not exactly "no deaths", was fake about the event.

      I went over with you, how murders could have occurred in the school, but remember the head nurse whose (female) reporter made statements that the nurse had said to her that she'd "locked eyes" with "Adam" and then whose statement was she only saw the boots from under her desk? -- If the latter is what happened, who was the booted figure? (If it happened, and maybe it did.)

      Get it? I don't know what was in the school. But a pile of absolutely, sure-dead kids is a medical impossibility in 10 mins, and if there were shots, other kids didn't hear them, just some thuds.

    5. (C continued)

      It makes no sense to be angry at Jim, etc., for their conviction that there were no deaths; that's what it seems like. But ... if there were (and I'm very open to the idea there were): it was a silencer, someone other than Adam, perhaps having gained access already, some drill going on to cover the real killings. If we continue we can think possibly even cult activity drove the killings (in the school or done elsewhere). -- I hate to be so complex, but there are indications even of cultic presence in this event, so we have to wonder what happened.

      Heads neatly blown away? Blocked street? -- Use those to orient yourself. Then sift the rest. What you'll find is: not knowing what happened (to the dead or some-dead kids), but knowing what did NOT happen as claimed.

      I do not say I know what happened. I know what did not happen (almost certainly).

      Either way, the attempts to sift the material are well intentioned by all. No-one wants your daughter or the other families to actually lose loved ones.

      I have to commend you: you are struggling with the same incredulity and troubles that "we" are: you are just closer to the situation. Many of "us" were afraid to doubt this event; some doubt but are uncertain, or were (wrongly or rightly having changed now to certainty in some area of the inquiry). --

      You are brave to look. But as I have to repeat: if there's a trick, or a coverup of several tricks, it will not be nice nor exact.
      I repeat: Heads neatly blown away? Blocked street? -- Use those to orient yourself. Then sift the rest. What you'll find is: not knowing what happened (to the dead or some-dead kids), but knowing what did NOT happen as claimed."

    6. ***********
      End of Chat (to date)


      I posted this to make the point that real people are suffering, that confusion about the event can hit anyone, that we must reach out, and that we must remain open to more complexity at Sandy Hook than a simple drill alone.

  5. No. It's to keep it together, John. Duh.

  6. I posted this to make the point that real people are suffering, that confusion about the event can hit anyone, that we must reach out, and that we must remain open to more complexity at Sandy Hook than a simple drill alone.

  7. Real people are suffering, confusion about the event can hit anyone. We must reach out and must remain open to more complexity at Sandy Hook than a simple drill alone.

  8. Not everyone is lying. What happened, where, and who exactly died, have yet to be determined and might never be determinable.

  9. Clare, for someone who is so smart, you can be dumb as a post. NO ONE DIED AT SANDY HOOK. The woman you are citing appears to be the same one who called into "The Power Hour" with Joyce Riley yesterday when Wolf and I were being interviewed. It will be the show for tomorrow. After we discussed the matter, no one believed her and she was admitting that she herself was now confused. It was quite revealing.

    1. Jim, it is the same person, but you have not dealt with her at length, by phone, understanding her problems and troubles, confusion and effort to understand the issues.

      Her daughter is not rich, is suffering and we have to be open to the possibility that even if as you say,


      this woman and her daughter are convinced there were. And if they're wrong, that does not mean a brief, confusing few minutes of one nervous woman on the radio means others can assess whether she is outright lying.

      Many people can "not believe her" and she could be telling what she knows and her daughter knows, to the extent they know it.

      My point is:

      be not so utterly certain. I have been thinking no one died.

      But the Wheelers and Wyatts could, as I said, be lying, or they (or one of them) could have lost a child to an operative.

      You are not certain, so either the Wheelers an Wyatts are good actors to their friends, such as this grandmother's daughter, and they might be,

      or they or one of them lost someone.

      My own tendency? No one died ...

      and this woman's daughter is being lied to; but that is only something that someone close to the situation could assess if we don't get more information publicly.

    2. All we can say is:

      almost no-one or no-one died in the school.

      If anyone died in the school, it was 2-3 who may have received medical services but were unsaveable.

      Let's say, as I believe, no-one died at the school, but some families lost people -- it is an if, which will upset more distant relatives, such as this grandmother of a kid in the drill, unknown to the kid, and the grandmother's daughter, especially, of course.

      So if kids actually were killed, where was it?

      If no kids died, where did this grandmother's grandson's friends go?

      If the school was not in use at all that year, then the grandmother and her daughter, or just the daughter are lying.

      But we must remember, Jim:

      If we are wrong about ANY OF THIS, real people will be actually outraged and not be liars.

    3. I just listened this this. The woman sounds unsure. It may be that her own daughter has duped her and is a participant in the hoax.

  10. Nobody died at Sandy Hook. If they faked part of it they faked all of it. They're all actors. It's amazing what people will do for money.

    1. I tend to agree, but then some family (extended) would be lied to.

  11. Check the link showing the number of murder in 2012 for the city of newtown according to the FBI...

    1. The FBI report of 0 murders for Newtown comes from a feed for Newtown. -- UCR (FBI)= 0 deaths. The only reason would be if Newton didn't supply data, as that how UCR works. - However, the names and ages were not public in the reports, a nice way to keep the lie.

  12. Maybe Adam Lanza is Paul Mcartney...........

    1. ....we have to be sensitive to all possibilities here......

    2. Ho ho ho hoh oho--great pt., ho ho ho ho

    3. Not "Ho ho ho hoh oho--great pt., ho ho ho ho"

      Okay, jerks: my point is, if any kid did lose friends, where does the lie start?

      Did the kid not lose friends & family is lying?
      Is the mother told to keep quiet or is she lied to by her friends?
      Was a pedophile ring killing a few kids?
      Did an operative get anyone inside the drill?
      Was a drill there on that day at all?
      If no kids dead, then fine -- I already believed that. But I am opening up the possibilities because Judy, the grandmother (she gave her name on the Riley show and Riley knows her over years, as a 9/11 researcher), is being lied to at some level (daughter, daughter's friends who only fakely lost kids), but then where are the kids? Hidden? Killed by their own parents? Killed by a ring?

      If no kids, then we have all the answers. But unless Judy is not an outraged but curious researcher and grandmother who is lying, something more is going on, or the daughter is lying, too.

      Get it? -- Paul's death is real but it is another case entirely.

  13. As to the fraudulence or reality of Judy, the claimed grandmother:

    She was on line earlier, having just been horrified to find someone saying her daughter's friend was some other guy.

    Now, if anyone thinks I'm a mere sucker for her. Okay. -- You know what? I am well aware I could be being played. I could have fallen for it, too. I know that. But I listened for hints, too, don't get me wrong. And I am not sure.

    If she's genuine, she is not nec. going to "admit she was played". the way Jim would hope. That's like dunking the witch who "might" float. Real people don't alw. convert.

    It's not a test.

    She thinks Wolf is a fraud (she's angry), but she waffles about where she'd fit in all this. She also was very hurt when Jim told her at a 9/11 convention she was lying re. Sandy Hook. -- He was probably in a mood and assuming (like now) she's a spook or gotten to by the spooks.
    As Jim points out: THE SCHOOL WAS CLOSED BY 2008. How can any rational person entertain her story when there was no Sandy Hook Elementary School for her grandson to attend? I would be out of it!

    My point is, just as I cannot incontrovertibly prove one way or another her sincerity, nor can anyone directly prove the other way. -- I know there was no elementary for the grandson at that school unless the computer activity shown for 2012 was real that one year, or for a month.

    The grandmother would not have to know.

    Even the potentially lying daughter (mother of the son, whose name I know but will withhold) would not have to know why the school was opened suddenly. If it was. I'm not saying it was.

    The kid could even have been in a drill elsewhere and been scared.

    I told her (being kindly on her side), to realize her grandson (who'd only lived in the town 2 years, but they are not rich), might have attended another school (she wouldn't know), if her daughter was in on it. This is something awful to say to someone if she really is being lied to! How crazy I seem to her, if she's genuine!

    Remember, I am taking hits from "both sides now".

    And if, just if, that year the school was open -- you think? -- then the grandson could have gone.

    The grandmother would not have to know.
    The mother could be scared, enraged anyway, whether lying or not.


    1. Anyone can say this is nuts and a discredit to truth finding, but if some kids did get taken away from anybody, they could have been killed or taken by pedophilic satanic rings (heck, some of the parents could be mere drill fakers and some be satanic).

      Did you see the horrible, intent devil horn handsign and intent face on the creep behind Soto in a photo? (And Emily Parker, a claimed victim, also gives one.)

      (Note: the man's hair is too rich, thick, and he's more gaunt than this other man in other shots, but in one angle they bear similarity -- don't be fooled -- for someone is saying there are some possible Greenberg family players in this. It's subtle, but no they're not. Maybe the woman on the left, but it seems to me she's someone else. Resemblance from one photo in angles and not forward as well, is not strongest argument: )

      Or the satanic-illuminist ideals mean little or nothing.

      Emily Parker herself gives a little handsign ... for maybe no, or maybe a family reason she learned it.

      It could just mean there were evil-minded people involved in a non-killing, rather benign hoax operation to promote fewer guns, which many people think is a great thing for safety (I disagree, but anyway).

      Point is, even if most adults were in an op which was nothing, could other things be going on? YES.

      Lanza was reported dead on 12/13 (month, day) -- occultic number use and progression -- and in a different state, which for a purely nonexistent fellow would be unnecessary. It would be normal reporting of a local death if he was a victim during this other hoax, a victim of black ops, mind control, a member of ops or satanism (sometimes the same thing).

      Or NO, nothing else was going on -- and Judy still could be not lying what she knows.

      Or she could be lying.

      Got it?
      I am no ninny. I know all the possibilities but will handle the person as if genuine, in case she is. It is all one can do, since none of her claims actually preclude her being genuine:

      if genuine, she would believe her daughter and her daughter's friends and her grandson. Or her daughter, if lied to but seeing the friends really without their kids, would be scared.

      I tend to think the whole thing was an operation in which no-one died. But a) some people further away would not know. And b) we may be missing something, partly due to the suggestions of satanic types & numbers in the narrative.

  14. Thanks for posting the link. Judy (the grandmother I spoke to) was on it, too.

    It is an excellent show, right to the end.

    Aside, John: The "ho ho ho" is an often smug person named Apsterian, who means well, but whose only format of discussing evildoers and powerplays is to call them Zionists, then to link all formal Satanism with them, plus not to recognize that bad intent can be called "satanic" in context, without meaning huge groups involved. He calls many he dislikes a Jew (as a dishonour); if discovering a Jew (just their religion), he must often link them to potentially being part of the horrible mind-set of the top "Jewish" conspiracy.

    No matter the fact that there are apocalyptic occultic Jews and other kinds at work in the big power plays of the world, Apsterian's rambling comments using limited concepts for whodunnit, are sometimes very unhelpful.

    He's not stupid when he calms down, but his limited conceptual rhetoric gets in his own way. At that point, he has displayed a common mistake, i.e., that proof of something comes from one item of each kind (each area) in an argument. In reality, of course, several items sometimes group together, of each kind, before linking into different kinds in the overall argument for a proof.

    His passive simplicity about what proofs are and physical evidence is is common. (Physical things can show a tendency; they are not only incontrovertible in themselves. They can show that what might have been dismissable in one thing is bolstered in another, becoming a nexus, a linked argument within the general argument, which itself is a proof.)

    He calls the bad guys "ZOG" -- about Zionism. Of course, there are such people at the "top" (Rothschilds being a famous example), but the "top" are not really only Jewish.

    Anyway, your link is appreciated and that was a great show, right to the end.

  15. Who is "this ho ho ho"?--gosh, I don't know, Johnny--"mental health issues"--ho ho hoh ho--that's something we all have to keep working on, eh? Ho ho ho ho. Hang in there, Johnny John


  16. Clare K., Perfect Example Of Cultural Problem Gripping West

    "...[B]ut the "top" are not really only Jewish." - Clare Kuehn September 26, 2014 at 6:18 AM

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Ho ho ho--as if apster's exposition isn't self-explanatory, we need this bloviating, patronizing, moronic know-it-all, "Clare Kuehn," to trying her best to confuse things further.

    Thus our dearest Clare the moron feels it necessary to explain, in inimitable idiot's manner (see above, ho ho ho), to mere humans what "proof" is, ho ho ho--she can't just refer to a dictionary, u see--no no, she knows better, ho ho ho.

    And there are no "bad-guys" as, first, there's no "bad" as there's no "good-evil," a delusion (Pelagian heresy--see St. Augustine and Martin Luther) that's much a great part of the cultural/psychologic problem in the first place, so many now caught-up in Jew-fostered Pharisaism--like Clare herself, one notes.

    And ZOG is Zionist Occupation Gov., which is excellent term to describe the obvious political-cultural problem.

    And what's that political-cultural problem?--simple--it's simply an elaborated CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, headed by Jews and satanists, easily demonstrated whose primary, practical instrument of control, manipulation, and coercion is central-banking and fiat-money, US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam, as I've noted for folks, which then buys and controls practically everything and everyone, including but not limited to the mass corp. Jews-media, all public and much private "education," the governments, beginning at top w. federal, but extending to state and many local entities too.

    Perhaps most tragic is ZOG control/influence over even nominally "Christian" institutions which were originally, way back when, meant to protect the people fm these Jew and associated monsters, but which establishment institutions have themselves now been captured.

    But it's good opportunity for clarification and fullest exposition of the general cultural problem, the people so oppressed, mentally-entangled, and immersed, as we see, in the general cultural/societal "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--which begin in HUBRIS and now extends to its mass manifestation/expression--satanism, always led by Jews, foremost SUBJECTIVISTS, thus Pharisaistic moralists.

    Thus the people must RE-GAIN their grasp upon an objective, Aristotelian reality whence there's no "good-evil," humans being necessarily sinners and motivated in self-interest according to necessary nature, the only means of temperance then being reason and rationalism which cannot abide the sort of bloviating, presumptuous Pharisaism of such as our dearest Clare K., good example of what's wrong w. the culture and people, caught-up in schizoidalism borne of Pharisaism.

  17. By All Means: Ck Latest Fetzer & Wolfgang Show W. Joyce Riley On "Power Hour"

    Incidentally, I went to the Vet's Today item where Prof. Fetzer is on the "Power Hour" w. Joyce Riley, along w. Wolfgang--it's tremendous, outstanding exposition given, esp. by our good Prof., on the Sandy Hook psy-op. That link is

    The YouTube vid is at

    Riley felt obligated, evidently, to having on the show an amazing, Jewwy, lying "grand-mother" who only made herself out to being pathetically stupid, imagining she could substantially over-shadow or confute our forthright heroes, Prof. Fetzer and Wolfgang.

    Ho ho ho--Prof. Fetzer simply brought-up the recent FBI crime report which then got the Jewwy "grand-mother" to stuttering and stammering like an idiot, ho ho ho ho

    Note, as I've said, Sandy Hook, like JFK assassination, and 9/11, is instance of CLASSIC "BIG-LIE" technique, which is only possible or successful WITHIN A LARGER culture as we have now, dominated by ZOG and satanists, these necessarily led and controlled by same people who control US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam--JEWS, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews--any gentiles are mere distractionary/diversionary to confuse idiots like Clare Kuehn, as we see.

    1. Nope. There are as many groups of elitists who are bad for us in some way, as there are types of people out there; however, when you wish to diminish dissent within power structures by saying only Jewish mobsters (of any kind, any metaphorical level of saying "mob") are the rulers of all or the "true" bad, you are being uncareful.

    2. And when I said "bad guys", in another post, anyone without your off-base pedantry about Satanism as Jewry alone and how good and bad are relative terms, knows that I meant you overaccuse some and underrepresent others in the people we fight (the "bad" because dangerous to common good).

    3. Clare K: Jew-Friendly Liar

      Satanists are led by the foremost satanists, who have the power--nearly infinite funding of central-banking, US Fed COUNTERFEIT scam, obviously, moron--COUNTERFEITING the apex of all organized crime, obviously, u infernal idiot.

      And u're a brainless, moronic liar--there are lots of satanists, including non-Jews, like there are lots of non-Jew communists, but Jews obviously have the power, THE MONEY, u stupid, satanic, lying moron.

      And "people we fight" include satanic liars like u, Clare K., crass, dumbass dis-info agent, w. all ur stupid babbling idiocy and outright lies.

      Further, Jews are, by definition, followers of Talmud which is anti-human war--war against humanity, up-holding of Jews as God, effectively, u utter, brainless, lying fool.

    4. For obviously, if satanism, by definition, features subjectivism, in essence, then leaders of satanism are foremost subjectivists--Jews. Q.E.D.

    5. Observe this moronic string of assertions-without-substantiation and question-begging:

      Clare KuehnSeptember 28, 2014 at 1:57 PM

      Nope. There are as many groups of elitists who are bad for us in some way, as there are types of people out there; [ASSERTION]

      however, when you wish to diminish dissent within power structures by saying only Jewish mobsters (of any kind, any metaphorical level of saying "mob") are the rulers of all or the "true" bad, you are being uncareful. [ASSERTION]

      And WTF is this moronic clause supposed to mean?--" wish to diminish dissent within power structures...."

      I thought Clare K. was allegedly supposed to be "smart." Ho ho ho ohho ho

    6. No lies here. Different definition of groups involved.

  18. About Nick Kollerstrom - and his 'bizarre' disgust for September Clues:


    1. Simon: Prof. Fetzer already has granted ur premise, hasn't he?--(a) that there was gross fraud involved in 9/11 false-flag, (b) that planes probably didn't hit the bldgs. (c) That vids were heavily faked, along w. lots of other fakery and lies. So what's ur real complaint?

    2. Simian Seems To Lack Conclusion For His Efforts

      What I submit u (and others too) either overlook or ignore is 9/11, like JFK and Sandy Hook, are instances of huge, "big-lies" and BIG-LIE technique.

      Question then is HOW these big-lies succeed--and there must be a larger context for this culture of big-lies, eh?--what could it be?

      And what I submit is the culture is dominated by phony moralism/Pharisaism founded upon fallacious "good-evil" delusion.

      Thus since the child-like people insist upon and "believe" this false "good-evil," the big-lies follow and are swallowed by these children in adult-form--as the big-lies rather second and then justify the original, more basic delusion/heresy (Pelagianism) of moralism/Pharisaism.

      This over-all "good-evil" was then used by the master-minds to launch their wars, including the domestic war (still mainly psychologic) against the people, taking their rights, setting them up for "population-reduction" by means of toxic vaccines, drugs, GMO foods, etc.

      So Simian, u go to great lengths to insist upon small potatoes, but what's ur pt.?--what conclusion is it u're really driving for?

    3. Apsterian: Simon Shack wants agreement about the whole conclusion he's drawn, that there were no real images and nothing of substance can be known about the event.

      Like your radical doubt posture about JFK's assassination (that it did not occur), Simon's good work is done disservice by his radical posture on 9/11. If there were good reasons to think it, he'd be fine to say it, but there is no re-entry of common sense or limiting what was faked, which he will consider.

      We have been over this.

    4. I didn't say JFK assassination did not occur, u fool--why not let simian speak for himself?

    5. Apsterian, from comments on the Horne thread, you seemed to think JFK was not shot. However, sorry if misunderstood you on that.

      Simon will reply if he wishes, but I (and you by now should) know what his gripe is.

  19. full link:

    Simon said:
    ...[L]isten to NICK KOLLERSTROM at 1:26 into this interview - as he mentions the 'nauseating' September Clues...

    At 1:26 : "...Now this is not the theory of video fakery in September Clues, ok? ...That story nauseates everybody, the idea that CNN bought up videos from people in the neighborhood and inserted planes into them and gave them back (...) - that nauseates everybody..."
    LOL, Simon. That is pathetic of Kollerstrom to say about SC especially since he says some weird things on this video.

    Earlier in this thread I wrote something to the effect I admired his style in this interview with Fetzer. That was because he was able to stop the Fetzer fillibustering with repeated recitation of facts which can go on for hours if you know what I mean. (No offense, Jim, but you shouldn't go off on tangents.) Kollerstrom did rein in Fetzer long enough for him to comment on what causes of legal action one might take regarding Sandy Hook.


    Eric Holder Regrets Not Releasing Photos of Slain Sandy Hook Children

    Obama DOJ in $2.5 Million Sandy Hook Payout « Memory Hole

    [T]he Obama administration has made an unusual $2.5 million payout to Connecticut law enforcement and emergency response agencies for their participation in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event.

    Under the p l a n a d m i n i s t e r e d by Attorney General Eric H o l d e r and the Department of Justice, the Connecticut State Police are slated to collect $663,444, the Town of Newtown will take in $602,293, the Town of Monroe will receive $602,293 and more than two dozen other agencies from the surrounding area will get $296,836. The funds originate from the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program.......

    B e c a u s e t h e r e are so many inconsistencies and missing information in the case where the findings have not been made public, the l a r g e p a y o u t appears especially s u s p e c t.

    Overtime Pay to Police

    In August the Hartford Courant conducted an investigation of overtime pay being generated by Connecticut State police assigned to the Sandy Hook tragedy. Eight State Police detectives received $139,000 in overtime pay for work on the investigation since January 1, 2013. Almost half has gone to two investigators claim to have put in over 500 hours of work beyond their scheduled duties.

  21. I'm exhausted just scrolling through Clare's posts....: (


    Holder regrets not releasing pics of dead Newtown children

    On January 29th Attorney General Eric Holder said the public would have pushed Congress to support gun control if the photographs of the slain children at Sandy Hook Elementary had been released

    [If] the American people, legislators, [and] members of Congress had the ability with me that day – to walk through the classrooms and see the caked blood... if they had seen the crime scene photos of those little angels – I suspect that the outcome of the effort we mounted last year would have been different.
    How about just showing the public the death certificates of the children and maybe some photos of the toxic school they allegedly attended?

    1. Righto Joannie: AND a little thing--like following the doggone LAW--and answering Wolfgang's FOIA requests, eh?

      After all, we're the citizens who employ these "public-servants," eh?--so why don't these "servants" do their job and answer-up and -forth w. the info that's been requested?--what are they covering-up?

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Oh my god. That grandmother is so fucking fake. You can hear her coming in and out of character and her scripted and no scripted inflection..
    It even sounds like that woman who shows up being interviewed in sandyhook and the boston marathon as a witness interviewed for both events. What a joke.


    1. I think that's your grandma in yet another roll; )

  26. Legal action against the Sandy Hook hoax will be too disruptive for society. Plus I think neither those who staged the event nor those who have done a coverup have had any criminal intent. We need to look at the bigger picture and seek peaceful solutions.

    1. Putting them in prison seems pretty peaceful to me..

    2. @stevie.t There are probably thousands of people being forced to cover up the Sandy Hook event. And when adding to that the 9/11 attacks etc, there are likely millions of people being more or less forced, for national security and other reasons, to go along with a coverup. The general public and society at large would be unable to "handle the truth" and the scandal would be on such a large scale that it risks bringing down the whole U.S. and most of the rest of the world with it. Not good.

    3. Those people should all be stripped of their assets an have to wear orange jumpsuits in public.

    4. Christianity upholds LIES LIES LIES

    5. Says, the Jew, nigel kneale--Jew filth

    6. Oh dear.
      Jim, how can you allow this stuff to go on here?

    7. Well I don't believe in censorship. I do believe in not tolerating hate speech, however.

    8. Criticism of religion isn't hate speech. I'm as derisive of Christianity as I am of, say, Islam or Judaism. It's a belief. I can be deprecatory of it as I can a political leaning, for instance.
      Religious commitment is not intrinsically deserving of respect, as you likely believe.

    9. Regardless, as apparent above, you're clearly guilty of hate speech. Not just against those of Jewish ethnicity but against homosexuals.

  27. Send them to the moon or load them into that ISS flying ipod. Apparently it is the size of a football stadium. Enough place for NASA employees and partners. One could think of adding stands and include fans as well, with obligatory rooster for thruthers.

  28. Someone posted this link but I will not listen to it. I don't mind Nick but to listen to a program with Fetzer and HowBIG (can you lie and holocaust believer) is far too much for me to endure. I rather listen to nails of a chalkboard!

  29. You're clearly a very simple little man. Bless you.

    On an entirely serious point, may I ask what you enjoy about Jim's show?

  30. You don't come across as very "Christian", it must be said. You're a very peculiar little man. How old are you?

    And who's this "we" you speak of?
    I won't lower myself to explain to you the obvious answer to your barely articulate question regarding the difference between the criticism of religion and the discrimination against persons of an ethnic or racial group or the hatred, intolerance, and fear of gay and lesbian people. Though I suspect you know the answer anyway and you're being facetious.

  31. Nigel, u presumptuous Jewwy queer, u don't even understand Christianity, do u?

    U don't know who's "we"?--u must be pretty stupid, eh?

    "Lower urself"?--u're already pretty low, I'd say.

    And fact is there is no diff. btwn criticism of religion and ethnicities and queers; u're just too cowardly to admit it, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho