Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kathryn Forrester Thro / Larry Rivera

False-flag staging / New JFK Show #27 (w/ Gary King) The New JFK Show #27 is dedicated to James Henry Fetzer. This video dispels any remaining doubts about Zfilm alteration and the bullet hole in the wind shield controversy is now a thing of the past. The JFK Horseman series brings NEW evidence by way of the motorcycle policemen's own corroborating accounts. This documentary is without a doubt a history altering event and obsoletes decades of inaccurate research by countless "JFK" researchers. Dr. Fetzer has published on these facts nearly 20 years ago... had we listened to the good doctor, we would not have squandered two decades of effort.


  1. Dr. Fetzer, you might want to change the term "false flag stagecraft" to false flag staging." "Stagecraft" is the art of set design, lighting and operating the curtain system, constructing and moving props, etc., whereas "staging" has to do with acting and performance.

    Have you thought of the fact that in the case of drills and exercises, many people are putting on an act? They are taking direction from authority figures like teachers and police. This should be considered "staging." Most of the time, you can tell if the participants are just in a drill by the sense of urgency they display. Sometimes they are given written scripts.

  2. FBI FAIL - 38 Unreported Deaths - Mass Shootings - Sandy Hook - Aurora

    Television is for advertising first. Propaganda second. Entertainment third.
    Truth is unpopular and unprofitable.
    Keep this in mind should you be forced to watch TV or happen to view it by accident.
    Like sharing dirty needles, watching TV should never be done on purpose.

    1. Success Of Conspiracy Depends Upon Cultural Circumstances

      Ho ho ho--that was incredible good vid, consp-skept, by golly--and I like what u say about TV too, the Jew-tube, Jews the master-liars, by Jove.

      9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora--these are simply "BIG-LIES" boldly told to the people by the masters of CHUTZPAH, eh?

      Joannie Edwards tells us all about the TV vids being faked, she getting this fm simon shack--which is all surely true--even our good Prof. Fetzer acknowledges the TV fakery--but what's the LARGE CONTEXT?--and it's the TOTAL Jew domination of our "culture," such as it is, in horrific "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

      And the culture is totally captive by means of the funny money-supply put out by that (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam, US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed). Thus Jew masterminds at the top have a nearly ENDLESS supply of funds by which to bribe, extort, and assassinate anyone who fails to "co-operate."

      Further, and perhaps most tragic of all, our nominally "CHRISTIAN" culture is so totally dominated by these infernal Jews, "Christianity" now understood as something which SERVES THE JEWS, administered by collaborators taking money fm Jews, including the "Vatican," and all establishment elements of churchianity.

      So we need a TOTAL cultural revolution--much like the French of 1789, but surely most like original of St. Constantine the Great of early 4th cent.

      And of course, this revolution will only be possible when the currency collapses more conclusively, in the early stages as we speak, now.

      For note, we're in grips of SATANIST dictatorship, and Judaism IS SATANISM, nothing more nor less--presently pretending to being a legitimate religion--which Christianity is supposed to oppose most forthrightly, but which it doesn't as Jews have arranged things so that present established Christianity seems to reject human REASON--the very opposite of original intention, Christ being symbol for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other precepts (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

      Satanism thriving within such Jew-oriented Western cultural "decline" is how BIG-LIES and conspiracy succeed and prevail, never doubt.

    2. Uhh...
      I guess I should have mentioned that I'm Jewish....but, you are right....mostly provably and definitely somewhat.


    3. Well, u know--note I trust Judaism = Satanism is reasonably substantiated, esp. at and

      Further, Gosp. JOHN, most philosophic of all the New Test. works, makes Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), Jews liars, worshippers thereof (8:44). But Christianity has long since been made so much mostly mystic gobbeldy-gook and mumbo-jumbo, thanks to "Vatican," et al.

    4. APS,

      Since you are keen of the faith, who in your opinion was Jesus, in terms of ethnicity, creed, etc. I know there are many opinions on the subject, and I don't know myself per se. Do you think he was an Essene? An Egyptian? Something else? What do you think of Paul? The new and old testaments? When was the church okay, if ever, or when did it get co-opted? What bibles, if any, do you like? I am interested in learning about early Christianity.

    5. Solfeggio, did you like the JFK show?

    6. Christian TRUTH, Means Objective Reality, No "Good-Evil"

      Gary: ur JFK shows are always good, but it's hard to think of any specific comments to make sometimes. I note ur comment to effect it's best to get evidence first-hand, not just fm reading fm some book.

      Note at this pt., JFK is mere detail, like 9/11, like Sandy Hook, within larger context, the Jew take-over/domination of the world--how did this happen?

      Solfeggio: New Test. is LITERATURE, like Homer's Illiad and Oddysey. Christ was character preaching, clarifying, and restating Mosaic law and he denounced the Pharisees for diverging fm original Mosaic law and lying, telling people their (Pharisaic) creed was real Mosaic thing. Pharisees retaliated against Christian truth by murdering Christ.

      Thus Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence truth requires the Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality as necessary premise/criterion for such truth, opposing Jew (not Judean) lies founded in SUBJECTIVISM.

      Most important pt. then is philosophic, Christ affirming Aristotle against Jew lies and Platonist subjectivism. Note Jews push their subjectivism by means of Pharisaist "good-evil" delusion/heresy (Pelagianism).

  3. For the love of God, this woman is reciting the obvious in talking about considering the source of the information and being cognizant of the source of the information to discern if they may have an agenda, etc. blah blah.

    Isn't it obvious that the listening audience of the Fetzer program and those like it, are those most able to discern what is probable truth from probable lies? Ms. Forrester mentioned more than once the "possible disinformation" that is disseminated throughout the main stream media and the alternative media. Are you kidding me? Probable? Who is this woman? Of COURSE there is disinformation, and as a matter of fact, almost ALL the public receives is disinformation. Probable, my ass. Geez.

    The way to get to the root of any conspiratorial matter is:

    What Jew, paid what gentile to do their dirty work?

    Pretty simple, really.

  4. Yes, Gary, I did. And I wrote an additional comment after your other comment a few shows ago. If you haven't read it, read it, the one about how I had an epiphany during one if your shows.

    I also sent Jim some videos to forward to you for potential audio clips, some that show the latest opinions of Gerald McKNight regarding his views on doorway man and LBJ being the big man. He had never gone that far out in a limb before but now is quite proud about his being satisfied with the evidence., and G. Is one of Jim D.'s most favored scholars.

  5. Gary, I also have rare regional papers such as the first editions that reported assassination that are very interesting since they are the first reportage before the cover- up coalesced. I will see about taking pictures of them. It is unusual how many refer to a killed secret serviceman among other things, and we also have that curious puddle of blood off to right of Elm by monument walkway. And other strange things. Yes, that Zapruder has frozen a false image of the assassination in everyone's mind. Is it not curious how the camera starts to rise up, obscuring the people on the north side of Elm?

  6. Fantastic JFK show Gary, like you, I enjoy listening to the eye-witnesses real interviews.

    I've wondered the timing when Bobby H was hit, was this when he was on the motorcycle at the LR or after he walked between the limo, thus possibly RR?

    His statements on Jackie trying to get out of the limo are 180-degrees different from the conventionally accepted position of her retrieving JFK's skull matter. To me, Bobby H is implying that Jackie was screaming and trying to escape before Clint Hill pushed her back-in.

  7. Gary, if you are able to do a show with Doug Horne, I hope that you do an honest segment with Doug's points on the possibility of Greer being a shooter and mix-in some Bill Cooper clips of him trashing Robert Groden and Cooper's statements on his Office of Naval Intelligence documents.

  8. I'm not trolling here, I just would love to see an in-depth, honest discussion of the Greer issue instead of goofing on it or bull-dozing it with the "authority" argument.

    Doug Horne clearly presents his thesis in his book and discussed a 3rd head-shot potential with Dr. Fetzer in this 3rd interview from 2009. Doug has a 1 paragraph "alleged" story in which someone who was helping Clint Hill clean-up back on the plane, claims that Clint was shaken and said that Greer was waving a revolver at the back-seat.

    In a subsequent 2009 show with Dr. Mantik, Drs F & M discuss a LF entry wound, but form no conclusion. They discuss the RR exit wound in frame 374 being in-consistent with the frangible RF temple entry wound.

    As Doug H says, we'll never know for sure about a LF entry wound; however it is sure worth a good discussion.