Friday, August 15, 2014

Jim Fetzer

The latest on JFK, Sandy Hook and 9/11


  1. Jew Destruction of West And USA--Good Subject For Fetzer Analysis

    This was great show James. U know, I listen to Alex Jones ( everyday, the whole show, and it strikes me u do a much better broadcast, generally. Sometimes Alex can be quite lucid on various issues, guns, vaccines and GMOs, etc., but he gets old w. his self-righteousness and pushing Jews and Israel, always knocking Adolf Hitler who merely strove to defend against Jew take-over of the world.

    But I guess Alex's dis-advantage is he has to go on and on EVERY DAY, ho ho ho--whereas u can take a rest and arrange ur facts and presentation.

    I think there's only one subject-area u might be over-looking and that regards the Christian foundation to American/Western culture which is presently being de-constructed--and who else would/could do this so willingly and cheerfully but these scummy, infernal Jews?

    I'm sorry u had to take-down part of the dialectic I was having w. dear "Joannie Edwards," who's obviously a Jew, who further has the INCREDIBLE chutzpah to declaim and declare unto Christians what Christianity is properly all about, she saying it has to do w. "love," ho ho ho ho

    So u see James, what has happened: the Christian foundation to our entire society/culture has been effectively de-constructed by these infernal Jews, along w. their trendy little homosexual buddies on the left, and especially their idiot mignons on the "right"--the Judeo-Christian (JC--also known as "Christian Zionists"--see and for expo) hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel.

    Thus the Spenglerian "Decline of the West" continues--a CYCLIC course and process of determinist, Objective (Aristotelian) reality/nature.

    Notice James: the Jews brilliantly oppose the determinist and objective nature of reality--hence CHRISTIANITY--by means of fallacious, hubristic perfect "freedom" of will, thus moralism/Pharisaism. And Jews do this by means of taking advantage of the corruption of the following generations fm original pioneers/soldiers who made the state in the first place, the following generations being perverted, hedonistic, and most tragically, fatally, PHARISAIST--thus destruction of basic Christianity.

    Like I noted: there are excellent sources for analysis/discussion about this Jew corruption of Christian culture--at,, and

    Keep up ur great work. A.

  2. Theoretical "Good" (Pharisaism) Destroys Truth & Christian Honesty

    Another psychologic trait of the corrupted little pukes which has happened in CYCLIC "Decline of the West" follows fm the corruption of philosophy and the take-over by moralism-Pharisaism, the specific contribution of Jews.

    It much has to do, for perfect example, w. yet ANOTHER gross hoax which u probably know quite a bit about, but which u don't mention so much--"climate-change."

    I always like to challenge these little scum-balls who insist upon "climate-change" to give one--JUST ONE--little, concrete FACT, subject to simple sense-perception and verification, which indicates or demonstrates this "climate-change" idiocy, but they NEVER can give one--simply because, obviously, THERE IS NO SUCH FACT.

    What these little pukes ALWAYS do is they'll cite a supposed "study" (arg. fm authority), or "have u seen an 'inconvenient truth'"?--or they'll just insist there's "lots of evidence"--it's just all ABSTRACT for these little schizoids.

    So u see, along w. the destruction of Christian TRUTH founded in simple honesty and reason, this by means of Jewwy Pharisaism/moralism, u've got these little abstracted "theoreticalists" who disdain empirical facts of concrete reality in favor of "intellectual" abstractions--"one-born-brainless" being perfect case-in-pt.

    "Good" (Pharisaism) is worst enemy of Truth, un-questionably--such is the gross HUBRIS which has over-taken our once vibrant, productive Christian culture, now in control of satanic psychopaths--Jews who control first and most by simple means of Fed (legalized) COUNTERFEITING.

  3. Moving swiftly on, Professor Fetzer.....

    What do you think the reasoning behind the so brutal and barbaric assassination of JFK was? If "reasoning" be the right word.
    Why was, for example, some other form or means of assassination not chosen? A fake heart attack, poisoning, an "accident" of some sort etc., etc.
    Why was the assassination of JFK so devastating, so overwhelmingly violent and so public? Was this intentional or was the violence and mercilessness of JFK's assassination something else?
    Was it a message? Was the idea actually greater than the event itself? Perhaps the thinking behind the public execution of JFK was better to kill JFK this way than rely on the uncertain outcomes of the alternative scenarios of a fake heart attack, poisoning or an "accident". Perhaps JFK would have survived these alternatives and then there would have been hell to pay by the conspirators. Better to go for broke and be absolutely sure the "job" would be done and JFK would be gone.

    Your views, Professor Fetzer?

  4. Spengler's "Decline of the West" Is In Effect

    Prof. Fetzer isn't around, so asst. prof. apster will stand-in:

    "What do you think the reasoning behind the so brutal and barbaric assassination of JFK was?"

    Terror is good mentality to impress upon people in general, for general purposes--helps encourage them to be obedient. Those in the "know" understand this is powers-that-be asserting their authority.

    * * * * * * * *

    "Why was, for example, some other form or means of assassination not chosen?"

    How do u know it/they wasn't/weren't considered or tried?

    * * * * * * * * *

    All the rest of ur questions/comments have essentially been answered. JFK was "loose-cannon" who was dealt-with in exemplary fashion so that those in the know understood resistance to Jews and their tools/accomplices is futile.

    Christian unity was decisively broken, crushed, and destroyed, long ago when Jew-Bolsheviks took-over Russia, gentile resistance crushed during WWII. ZOG is now consolidating world dictatorship through United Nations, NATO, NAFTA, GATT, etc.

    Fiat-money just (legally) COUNTERFEITED-up is basic practical instrument. In the abstract, it's Pharisaism/moralism which trumps Christian TRUTH/honesty for grasp of objective reality.

    Real, anti-Semitic Christianity, worship of TRUTH above all/any other precept is necessary solution for revival of culture--just as in early 4th cent. Roman emp.

    1. Gosp. JOHN Magnificent Theologic/Philosophic Capsule, Never Doubt

      And in case one doubts essence of Christianity is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precept, just ck Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8.

      Notice in chapt. 18, there's actually quite intense discussion upon meaning of "truth," and note truth HAS NO REAL MEANING without the Aristotelian objective reality as necessary criterion/premise.

      Observe further, place of Jews/Pharisees as satanic, Hegelian opposites/contrary to Christ = TRUTH is eloquently formulated at 8:44.

  5. Oswald was apparently a CIA employee as per real dealer. It must be common for the CIA to bump their own stuff. Not a nice place to make a living.

    General consensus today is that Jfk was another big media fakery event, just like 911 was with exactly the same template used. A movie was made, and all the participants in it and around it were actors. This includes JFK and Oswald.Jim should do a debate pro or contra on this angle. I tried to listen to this one but lets be honest.

  6. I know that JFK murder was a fake. So in this respect reality exist, as a fake. So you see it does exist
    ears up!

  7. Well Simon, that's soooooooo interesting--why don't u tell us HOW u know JFK assassination was fake? Didn't u also say nuclear weapons are fake too?--so tell us HOW u know all this amazing stuff, why don't u?

  8. I know lots more than that. We are scratching the top of the barrel on Fetzers blog. The point is the debate on Jfk has moved from Jims weekly ramblings about the contents of the movie to the contents of how and why the movie was made. You don't talk about cyborgs taking over the world as we speak after having seen Terminator. See how stupid that would be. I saw Jim first time in a you tube video talking about impossibility of terrorist attacks on 911. He addressed the issue in 10 points in the way that every third point contradicted logicically preceding points. I thought Jim was a player, the top shelf disinfo operator, the JFK guy. Then it turns out he ripped off the cheesy and gullible sniper story from some occultist, Pretty weak.

    1. WTF?--so that's the best u can do, simon?--just more of the same old Jewwy ad hominem, eh? U get a big fat F, sucker. I want info, conclusions founded in premises founded in sense-perception of the objective, Aristotelian reality, scum. U need to go to the non-existent gas-chambers of Auswitchz.

    2. apster,

      If I understand them correctly, primarily they use a fake film (Zapruders) and show what they claim as Jackie pulling a cord to fire a squib which simulates a head shot. Plus Nelly has her bottle spraying fake blood on Gov Connolly's back

      Or in other words, they use a fake film to claim fakery. Nice, eh?

      Theres other bits, too. Jackie not having enough blood on her clothes for instance. Which I will grant is interesting but hardly conclusive in light of all the witness reports.

      The level of hubris displayed by these people is awesome. Truly f'n awesome.

      Folk like me have been at this for nigh onto fifty years and these 'people' show up and have all the answers.

      It's spectacular.

      And about as insulting as it gets.

      Good luck to them. I hope it works out

      But I rather suspect their handlers will end up dealing out a lot of beatings.

      Even if they win, their side shows as little mercy to its minions as it does its victims.

      I guess they just dont care to understand that part of it

      just my two cents

    3. Thanks Chris: yes, these Jews "protesteth too much," I'd say--they make me laugh w. their stupid pretension to "intellect"--like w. "one-born-brainless."

      Who takes the cake is "Joannie Edwards" pretending to know what Christianity is all about--like "love"--which then makes us hostage to Jews; Joannie telling me I'm "not helping my case"--which is what she actually wants, ho ho ho ho

  9. I wonder what Fetzer thinks about his buddy John Friend jumping on the No Nukes bandwagon?

    The Realist Report - Are nuclear weapons a hoax?

    1. 911truthnc: the pt. is PROOF of the existence of nukes. Do u understand the word, "evidence"?

      It's good exercise for ANY subject-matter--the proof and evidence for its existence

  10. Christianity Is Foundation Of Western Health, Success, Real Prosperity

    "Proof"?--u idiot punk, u simply cannot prove a universal negative--that there's no God, moron scum--this is simple law of logic, fool. Read my above exposition, puke.

    Thus Christ is simply metaphorical TRUTH, the "only way" to Godly happiness, idiot.

    Thus Jews, defined as followers of Pharisees, killed Christ as they hate truth, living by lies, lies and lying their instruments of war against humanity, reason, justice, etc., in accord w. their Talmud--see and for best Talmudic expo.

    Get this straight, punk: all gentiles must unite against Jews and their cohorts, and this is best done by means of Christianity, most successful anti-Semitism (anti-Jew). Jews foster stupid punks like u to divide gentiles and whites, to reject Christian unity--which Jews require in order to thrive.

    Christian anti-Semitism has the only record of success against Jews, as early 4th cent.--it's why kikes hate Christianity--did u ever wonder about that, ignorant moron?

    Christianity only needs proper understanding as affirming the OBJECTIVE reality of Aristotle, science, reason, etc.--against subjectivism & Pharisaist moralism of kikes, this subjectivism feeding upon the Spenglerian CYCLIC "Decline of the West," corruption and HUBRIS of previous cultural success, "prosperity," etc.

    Get a life, for goodness sakes, u ignorant puke--don't let urself be manipulated by kikes.

  11. Any of this sound familiar? :

    " The Secret Playbook of Internet Trolls":

    Regards, onebornfree.

  12. Sounds familiar.

    As one interesting example, trolls start flame wars because – according to two professors – swearing and name-calling shut down our ability to think and focus.

    And trolls will often spew divisive attacks so that people argue against each other, instead of bad actions and policies of the powers-that-be. For example, trolls will:

    Start a religious war whenever possible using stereotypes like “all Jews are selfish”, “all Christians are crazy” or “all Muslims are terrorists”.

  13. 911truthnc said
    "John Friend's Blog: The Realist Report - Are nuclear weapons a hoax? "

    I don't know about Fetzer, but I'm beginning to believe nukes are a hoax. With such alleged proliferation of nuclear weapons, the fact that none has been fired at someone even accidentally, is a miracle.

    "On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Rae West of and Rae and I will be discussing the very real possibility that nuclear weapons are in fact a hoax and a variety of other subjects. You can download the entire program here.

    "Below are relevant links for this program:

    "Have you heard the idea nuclear bombs are a myth?" - vid YouTube playlist
    Guided Tour of our Hiroshima/Nagasaki/WWII/'A-bomb' Forum
    THE NUKE HOAX - September Clues
    The Bomb Chroniclers - The New York Times

  14. Some websites recommended by Apsterian:
    Why doesn't he quote from some of these?

    Censorship is an important topic.
    On the Contrary
    Wednesday, August 06, 2014

    "Cartoon about Gaza denounced as “anti-Semitic” and retracted by newspaper
    An Israeli wearing a kippah (yarmulke) watches the Israeli attack on Gaza, July 19, 2014

    Zionist Thought Cops Reduce Australian Newspaper to Quivering Bowl of Jelly

    Sydney Morning Herald can’t apologize enough for editorial cartoon and accompanying column

    "We apologize unreservedly for this lapse and the anguish and distress that has been caused....It was wrong to publish the cartoon in its original form.”

    The fact-based cartoon has been retracted

    Sydney, Australia — An influential Australian newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, has retracted and said it was "wrong" to publish a July 26 cartoon about Gaza that ignited howls of outrage from Zionists. In an August 3 editorial, the Herald denounced its own cartoon, saying that it "invoked an inappropriate element of religion, rather than nationhood, and made a serious error of judgment.” The cartoon, by Glen Le Lievre, depicted "an elderly man, with a large nose, sitting alone, with a remote control device in his hand, overseeing explosions in Gaza," according to the newspaper. His armchair had a Star of David on it, "and the man was wearing a kippah, a religious skullcap.”

  15. Check these out Christian churches that support Zionism (From Apsterian's website recommended)
    The National Prayer Network's Homepage

    Breaking Down “Hate Crime” Double Standards

    Protest "Illegal to Boycott Israel" Bill

    29 Jul 14 - King David Advocated Fairness to Israel's Foes

    16 Jul 14 - Rev. Ted Pike leads Bible Studies on Psalms .......etc.

    We Hold These Truths

    1.How to Talk to your Zionist Pastor: Mainline Christian Churches Offer Help and Hope

    Applying what we know: Author's 10 minutes with a Zionist Christian Church leader. Clearly, Christ followers must make it a personal ... Full Story

    1.Gaza, A Culture of Children vs Israel, A Society of Death2.Israel’s Ongoing Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza3.Why Use The Arabic Word, “Philistine”4.Will Israel Get Away With Murdering Innocent Palestinian Women & Children in Gaza…Again?5.Thanks to the Presbyterian Church for “Zionism Unsettled”6.Christian Zionism And Bible Scrabble7.Christian Palestinianism: A New Threat To Israel?

    8.Major Media Expose Of Israeli Attacks On Palestinian Children

    It's no surprise that the "major media" source for this documentary was not found in the US where politicians are attacked if they mention Israel and "occupation" or "military occupation" in the same sentence. The ABC's (Australian Broadcasting Company) ... Full Story
    9.Avoiding Cold War II In The Nuclear And Drone Era

    The United States needs credible enemies to sustain and nourish its war based economy. Is Russia the next enemy de jour? In this podcast, Chuck Carlson and friends look at ... Full Story

    10.Sheldon Adelson’s Republican “Primary” And Israel’s Occupied Territories

    Op-Ed: "The West Bank is under military occupation, and that’s a fact." It seems that the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie has committed another faux pas ... Full Story

    11.Responding to Paul Larudee; Is BDS “Soft Zionist?”

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    'We Hold These Truths’ award winning documentary, Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I begins with the statement, “America’s economy is war based and those that plan it, depend on Christians for the support of those wars…” Most Americans have ...
    14.The Meaning of Russia in Crimea and Beyond, Part 1
    Chuck Carlson Today President Obama unilaterally imposed various sanction on Russia, a de facto act of war, economic sanctions are said to be pending. The Ukrainian revolt was not a surprise to either the US or Israel. And Russia's landing in ... Full Story
    15.Presbyterian Church Attacked For Publishing “Zionism Unsettled,” Others Applaud

    Israeli lobbying organizations, including Unity Coalition For Israel, the Anti-Defamation League, and The Simon Wiesenthal Center have suggested that the PCUSA committee producing the "Zionism Unsettled" (1) Study Guide ...