Wednesday, August 13, 2014

George Lees & John Patterson / Gary King

Corruption in the UK / The New JFK Show #22 Show/Evidence of Revision #1 We added comments to one of the greatest underground JFK videos of all time entitled "Evidence of Revision" a 9 hour presentation about our Presedent which has no narration what so ever. Jim and I attempt to translate the lies and propaganda that were in hyper-ultra overdrive that fateful day into the REALITY of what was happening to our world 11/22/63. These are unusual radio shows in that they are loaded with historical news clips and Jim and I weave in and out to add commentary to a documentary that has no commentary.


  1. In the last segment with Mark Lane, where does Lane say Ruby testified before the HSCA? Lane said Ruby testified in closed testimony before the HUAC in 1947 because he was an FBI informant who worked for Richard M. Nixon..

  2. Joan, Nice catch! Thanks for this correction. Very good!

    1. It was the first time I had heard the clip and it came across as HSCA rather than as HUAC, but of course the circumstances fit the latter, not the former. I appreciate your following this closely.

  3. I love these JFK shows with the old clips.

    Why did the people who planned to set Oswald up allow him to stand outside and risk being photographed or filmed watching the motorcade drive by? Was this just a mistake?

    Why did they not have him up in the alleged window, perhaps taking photos or a film, in order to place him there without him suspecting that he was to be the patsy?

    Why did he leave for the theater? Was he instructed to do so by someone from whom he took orders? Deciding to take in a movie at that particular time seems odd.

    Why was Ruby the one used to shoot Oswald? He must have known he would be throwing his life away by doing so. Why not use someone who could not be connected to Nixon and others?

    At what point might Oswald have realized, or at least suspected that he was to be the patsy?

    Did Oswald calmly purchase and drink a soda pop after having witnessed the assassination? Was it visible from the doorway where he was photographed?

    Why was Oswald not shot dead at the theater? This would have made more sense from the point of view of those seeking to frame him. It would have saved them a lot of trouble. Was this their plan until something went wrong?

  4. Good questions all. I think that Lee was largely kept in the dark about the plan. Whether they knew it or not, he was working as an informant for the FBI and had apparently warned them about an earlier attempt in Chicago, which was thwarted. (See my interview with Andrew Bolden.) They did not have him on a string and he followed the others out to the front of the building. I expect he was heading for the Theater to make contact with a handler, which is a common intel practice. Just when he realized he might be the dupe is not obvious. It may have simply been a habitual thing (to have a Dr. Pepper, which was his preference.) I think plan (a) was for Officer Baker to shoot him in the Book Depository, but his supervisor, Roy Truly, was there and it would not have looked right; (b) was to shoot him at the Texas Theater, but for whatever reason the scenario did not play out right (especially when he called out that he was no resisting arrest); where (c) Ruby was used because he was well-known to the police and his presence would not arouse suspicion. He was given the choice between shooting Lee and climbing in the back of a trash truck, I suspect. I was certainly not something he wanted to do.

    1. When considering the JFK assassination and
      Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged involvement, it is important to keep in mind three important facts.
      1/ The strange and perhaps not unconnected-to-the-assassination
      incident which occurred in the TSBD shortly before the
      shortly before assassination.
      This was what looked like an attempt to strand LHO on the
      TSBD 6th floor only minutes before the assassination. It happened just after noon. Oswald was left on the 6th floor and had to call down for someone to open the elevator gate on the 1st floor. The elevator could only be activated from above if the gate was opened below. Somehow, someone did open the gate and LHO came down.
      2/ It must be remembered that the JFK motorcade was running 15 minutes late and instead of arriving at the TSBD at 12:30 pm, the motorcade should have been there at 12:15 pm approx. The motorcade actually entered Dealey Plaza at around 12:25 pm. Carolyn Arnold told the WC that she saw LHO eating his lunch at 12:25 pm and perhaps even later. Was the incident regarding the elevator timed to strand LHO on the 6th floor
      only minutes before JFK was SCHEDULED to arrive in front of the TSBD?
      3/ The strange power cut to the TSBD which occured immediately after the shots were fired at 12:30 pm as testified by Geneva Hine to the WC. Presumably, if JFK had been in front of the TSBD at the SCHEDULED time
      of 12:15 pm approx and if LHO had been still stranded on the 6th floor, the power cut would have occurred after the shots at 12:15 pm approx and LHO would have been unable to get off the 6th floor using the elevator. If Oswald had for some reason decided to stay on the 6th floor and wait for and simply view the motorcade when it arrived at the SCHEDULED time of 12:15 pm perhaps the plan was to kill him there in a shoot out. The Mannlicher Carcano would have, of course, been concealed (unknown to LHO) on the 6th floor. If the plan to isolate LHO had worked and if the motorcade had arrived on schedule at 12:15 pm, LHO would
      have been declared the dead
      assassin. As it turned out, the attempt to strand LHO on the 6th floor failed.
      If one were to look for the time when it suddenly dawned on LHO that he was being set up as the patsy, the elevator incident could have been the catalyst that made LHO realize something strange was
      going on .One thing is certain, there is NO credible or conclusive evidence that LHO was even on the
      6th floor when shots were allegedly fired from the "sniper's nest".
      Add to that the evidence that LHO was getting change of a dollar (no pennies) from Geraldine Reid  on the TSBD 2nd floor at the exact time the shots were fired at 12:30 pm.

    2. The irony is that LHO was the fall
      guy not because he was the assassin on the TSBD 6th floor
      but because he was not the assassin on the TSBD 6th floor as the conspirators had planned and that was what LHO suddenly knew for sure within minutes
      of the assassination.

    3. Author Steve S Airheart claims in his book that Dallas police files released in the 1990s show that when arrested, Oswald's wallet contained 2 halves of 2 different dollar bills. This may indicate that Oswald was some kind of operative and may also explain his strange behavior in the Texas Theater when he sat down several times beside different people perhaps in a search for his contact. The contact's true identity would be confirmed by him (or her) supplying either one or both of the halves that matched Oswald's half dollar bills. This dollar halves checking would assure Oswald that he had found his contact. This is a well known undercover procedure or "spy craft" as it is usually known.

  5. Thanks Jim. One shot to the stomach can certainly kill, but often will not as long as you get medical attention quickly enough. Did this one shot kill Oswald, or was he finished off later? Or do we know?

  6. Well, it did a lot of damage to his internal organs. It was far worse than you might think, with serious harm to multiple organs--and they appear to have done CPR in the ambulance, which is not what should be done with a victim with internal injuries, since it promotes bleeding.

  7. Hi Jim,
    Re.:- First Segment
    Those two just went on and on and on without ever finishing a point, in the most inarticulate manner. Sometimes a point can't be made right away, I know, but that interview only came out with one point about the MP who had all the businesses registered in the Commons, which I haven't checked yet.

    The point about that other lady getting a "D". What are they on about? A "D" in what(like you said), exactly? Obvioulsy, with the English libel laws, they have to be cohesive and say something with capacity, that means something, but this didn't so they are definitely not going to get sued.

    Its funny how they mentioned Greg's deliveries to the PM's office, and how they wouldn't take them. I can only immagine that David Cameron is just too stupid to know what they might mean as are his sidekicks, so they probably did get confused and take the "duck and cover" option, but I am still at a loss as to how this proves anything.

    The George fellow keeps on commenting on my videos, telling me that Greg publishes stuff that's all top quality---which isn't the entire truth as I know from personal experience. The point is he was giving me a telling off about not taking Greg seriously. He cited "Royal Marks", but they're only mentioned on Greg's site. When that Dutch guy stopped giving Greg money, Greg had to downgrade his accommodation and live in a cave (I say cave, but he could just be being rude about his host's residence) in Portugal.

    The website with the reference to the "Marks" on, called "World of Truth" seems to have wound down as the whole dethroning / rethroning thing's all gone totally quiet.

    Francesco Manuelle still cant be bothered to put his great benefactor up, so Greg will be on the move again soon, but he's pissed off everyone he's ever stayed with, so where he'll go, I don't know.

    If you get tens of thousands of dollars to publish books you've "already finished" then piss it all up the wall and ON HOTELS!!! for months on end, its hard to see how anyone who does any research of the most scant kind will give him any more help of that kind.

    The Dutch guy did get a "Knighthood", but I don't think he's calling himself sir any more. No doubt Greg's lugging a sword about with him to do more knighthoods. But as they don't seem to hold much weight with anyone, they're more of a badge of embarrassment, so I'm glad I didn't get the one he promised me in hindsight.

    In summary, Jim, you really owe it to yoursef to press your guests on things like "How do they get the money out of the Treasury?", and when they can't say, and can't even venture a partial explanation, even when you were helping them, by hinting at bogus contracts, you need to stop the recording and not start it until they've clarified.

    It may be academic, but they then seemd to keep getting the theft from the charity mixed up with theft from investors. Both undoubtedly go on, but I think we probably didn't find anything they said of any value.

    This said, someone I know is going to listen to that recording, and he does have a lot of knowledge of these things, but he can articulate them, link them to 9/11, the pig flu and all sorts of contrived events---it's called the "Companies House Websearch" and you have one like it in each country---and have a child understand. Tony Blair had bought loads of shares in one of the vaccine companies. He's listed as a shareholder. It's downloadable for a pound a report. There is no great science involved in linking a lot of this.

    Your interviews are normally good, but try and stop people making fools of themselves and the show would be better.

    Thank you for your work,

    Tom Cahill
    skype: t0mcahill
    +66 879 766 213 (GMT+6, temporary)

    1. Correction:-

      I've written "charity" where I meant to say "Treasury".

      Sorry, I don't know how that happened.

  8. Hey Tom Cahill, I have already told you many times, meet-up with me and I will show you 100 Percent Forensic evidence I now have in safe hands, I was an eye-witness to a hand over of several of thousands of documents on the 14th October at The Temple Bar, come onto my YouTube channel and challenge me you dumb mthfker Jim knows more about Greg Hallett than you will ever know, he's met him personally in London, he was also a Skype contact of George, I can now reveal what I could not before, through Ex RAF whistle-blower Gordon Bowden who I met and trust him 100 percent, this is dangerous business so run along and go troll on YouTube before you get your dirty little fingers burnt Capiche?