Friday, May 2, 2014

Laurence de Mello

Princess Diana, Dr. David Kelly, Martin Bormann


  1. Who would she take evidence to? Everyone knows this; like trying to get "them" to listen when "they" already know. She sounds like a great old world journalist but doesn't quite know how much "we" already know about it all. By the way Jim, the connections between this issue and JFK are much closer than you can imagine. Have Joseph Farrell on your show already! and you can find out a lot more than these hints. She also seems to believe traditional history a but much. Black is white; white is black. Garrison knew it. It is the real Unspeakable that a catholic wrote about; Catholics helped in the rat lines; but the Vatican might be more kosher than you think, until now maybe. A new player on the block. The baton is passed. The Anglo-Sphere is about to crumble. The Rose will bloom once more. Goodbye "clever" ones; oh ye high cabal. It's all about the esoteric stuff you don't cover on this show. The "tech"; the moon, so much to learn, but one must empty their cup first. Did you know Tony Blair baptized his son in a military section of Israel where John the Baptist supposedly baptized Jesus?

  2. But great show; it makes me happy to see the process happen to the establishment types; abd how they realize they can't live in a world this corrupt. I wonder if the blonde ghost got to him. Funny how he hit cancer just as the Watergate stuff was going down, which we all know goes back "to that whole bay of pigs thing." Then Nixon is neutralized just a bit later. And we left the gold standard for a floating currency, etc. Bormann started Bilderberg with Prince Bernhard. Look into the latter figure to connect the dots.

  3. Solfeggio,

    thank you for listening and your valuable comments.
    Where would I take the evidence? I imagine we are talking Bormann here. It is one thing ''everybody knowing'' and another thing having DOCUMENTARY evidence to support and prove what we are saying and what we suspect is true!. The broader public (masses) do not move. or even listen ''unless'' we give them something which they can not close their eyes and ears to. The evidence to support and prove the case Bormann escaped will enable officially recognized debate and mainstream media discussion as to what happened re the dynamics of the Nazi funds and deals made post WWII AND who was participant in those ''deals''. This is the ''key'' to all that is happening today. I know for a fact that the Nazi horde was invested into over 750 international organisations.and corporations which are headline today! and lets not forget, this is not just about Gold and tangible assets, this is also about pre-meditated investments into organisations/corporations and foreign nations even before WWII started! Those ''organisations/cells'' are those that are pulling the strings of Bilderberg, the IMC, The EU fascist state, Middle Eastern affairs, UK and US foreign policy etc. Diana, Kelly et al are just victims of this dominance and the need to keep things ''tidy'' by the ''cabal'' which control everything in our daily lives, such as increasing loss of liberty and basic human rights. Creeping control manifested by the Patriot Act, and thousands of other speech/freedom limiting acts, gun control, enforced vaccination, lack of privacy (NSA/Ecehlon), restriction of freedom of movement and speech (discrimination and immigration laws). You only need to look at the consequences suffered by revisionists such as David Irving! or doctors that exposed the dangers of vaccination, they were ''excommunicated'' from their universities and support networks, had their research funding cut off , lost their jobs/positions, publishers were afraid to publish their work for fear of being ''contaminated'' and ''punished'' by association! ''character assassinated'' after years of bona fide research and only because they voiced their ''views''. Their VIEWS! this dictatorship by ''stealth'' which is creeping up and limiting a free and open society where the public have been conditioned through a very effective ''mind control'' use of media/propaganda to not ''upset'' the PTB. How did they do this? by inventing a non existent boogie man ''Al Qaeda'', where we now allow our children to be frisked at airports and photos taken of out naked bodies in scanning machines, fear mongering! and by complimenting it by the strategic destruction of the economies in the West and encouraging/helping us to get into debt, resulting in us living ''hand to mouth'' where are only objective now is to ''keep out of trouble'' and to be able to ''survive. No one wants to ''rock the boat''. The broader public have been gradually and effectively conditioned to ''behave'' not to ''step put of line or else''. I personally believe if we prove Bormann survived post 1945 it will make everything else much easier to get to grips with, 9/11, Boston bombings, London bombings, the Buenos Aires Embassy and Amia attacks, even Sandy Hook and Waco.

  4. part 2 (limited text)

    As you well know, all the False flag ops are connected and they are connected by the fact they were instigated by the same organisation or whatever they are that supported the business dealings with Nazi Germany post WWII. Maybe you feel what James and I discussed was in some way ''superficial'' or naive, but I personally believe there are ways and means to bring things to the attention of the public. If we go in there and blast away with what we think without presenting the information in a ''measured'' and unbiased manner, it not only drives the people that are not informed away, but also alienates journalists and investigators like myself from being taken seriously and given a voice to express our concerns in the Mainstream media, which jeopardizes future support for ''public inquiries'' to which that exposure of documented truths may lead! , We need to draw in the masses in a way that we are not labelled as blatant ''conspiracy theorists'' which has the intended affect of alienating ourselves away from the very people we need to ''get through to''. Its called diplomacy Solfeggio, and I agree we are sick of walking on eggshells and its tiresome and frustrating, BUT it works so much better than charging in with the heavy metal, which results in it becoming ''them and us'' rather than ''we the people'' all working together to get back the control of the free and just society we not only deserve, but of which is our right in a democratic world.....Yes, the supposed 'democracy' UKUSA used as the excuse to invade Iraq.

    Best regards. Laurence.

    1. Laurence

      Pt. 1
      My apologies if any offense was directed towards you. I clearly see you are one of us, and there is not one opinion you expressed here or in the show that I disagree with. I was perhaps too flippant in speaking to the rhetorical issue of jurisdiction and bringing legitimate evidence to a Establishment organs, as these are controlled as you very well know. In this narrow facet of the problem I believe that the truth community has often suffered from a fallacy in logic -- not in courage, integrity, or goodwill -- that 911, JFK or (insert your issue of expertise) will be embraced for its essence by such mainstream audiences or organs of information because of the lack of that perfect smoking gun.

      The reason we know this is because many crimes have smoking guns, and in the case of JFK, there is a consistent 80% of the public that understands there was a conspiracy and cover-up. Even our latest congressional finding suggested as much, and the matter was turned over to the executive where it has laid dormant ever since. Since then, the many confessions, and general body of evidence only grows, and yet on this last anniversary of the assassination our academic luminaries, journalists, and others who partake of the prestige of the realm will not utter a word of truth but lie to the public as they earn their lucrative seat at the table of consensual "Orwellian' reality, even as it destroys our culture, infrastructure, and quality of life for both rich and poor alike.

      On this side of the pond, we have understood that power does not investigate itself, but can only be quenched by authentic power, and and by the courageous, sincere efforts of revolutionaries, who see that unless we change the paradigm on which our society rests, the human race will perish. Revolution does not imply violence, however, and if you like, substitute the word "evolution," but unless we -- a growing minority of humanity that is is willing to give their lives -- and I mean our very lives -- merely to carry forth this noble project of enriching human liberty and dignity but a fraction of its necessary target.

    2. Pt. 2

      The mainstream media will and is being replaced by a more authentic media in an ongoing alchemical process. I hope you know I enjoyed your show and I think you are courageous, particularly in light of your many commitments. There are many of us, however, who know we have been murdered already, and seek to balance the cosmic scales, through myriad devices, both overt and covert. Yet we know that the greatest weapon, however, is love. And by loving our enemy, by showing him a reflection of the world he is building, how it is not sound, we then go about building the world as it could be; if we show him through the inspired genius of idealism how there is a better way, by his own pragmatism will he adopt the greater world, if thete are no impediments.

      And for such realists out there, far too gone or spiritually dead, they will be addressed by an equal and opposite fire. I agree that it is all "we" here, and yet on this earth, we have so many examples of that lesser species of soul who would gladly go along to get along, blinded in his own righteous cause to protect himself and his family, to adorn them with comfort, not understanding he is but only dividing a true commonwealth through his holy rationale and noble cause. Yet his circle of empathy is not as wide to include all his brothers, and he fears death, wanting, and the deprivation of his comforts.

      This, in the final analysis, is the enemy, and it lies in both you and me, just as in the "high cabal.". We have our own quest to follow, and in the end, if we are bkessed, we will come to know this:

      We all rise and fall together.

      I also believe that this imminent renaissance we are about to experience, as well as the storm that precedes it, should be entered with calm, resolute, loving hearts. I think a truth and reconciliation program is better than any knee-jerk reaction based on anger, division, and strife. I think you are among the best guests Jim has had on, and I only wish the show went on. I also understand you must be delicate in the public forum; my words were not directed towards your person as much as the difficulty of having to live with one foot in that world of Pulitzer prizes, upward mobility and cognitive dissonance, and the other foot in the world of truth, light, and wisdom.

      I wish they overlapped more -- like one of those Venn diagrams --but the ongoing assault on reality tells me otherwise. And while the elite believes its noble lies are in the Platonic tradition, they are anything but. We live in a world where we reward those that should be shunned, and we murder our prophets, geniuses, and noble souls. To sit at their table and hope to reform them is certainly a strategy, but so is joining the rest of the human race. When the critical threshold is reached, you will see that the revolution is already in the rearview mirror.

      Marvel at the times we live in; for while the demons to be turning ever more ugly, so too are the saints shining with unprecedented luminosity. Forgive me if I failed in my rhetoric and caused any offense; I deeply appreciate you.

    3. Not in the least offended Solfeggio, On the contrary, I very much enjoyed your posts. I just wanted to make it clear where I was coming from. Dr Fetzer and I had very little time to cover three topics. My intention was to give a brief to those (plus it was a US audience) that may know little or nothing about those subjects.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      Kind regards

    4. Laurence,

      Have you read the work of Dr. Joseph Farrell? His website and blog is at Giza Death Star; but don't let that curious name deter you from a wonderful fountainhead of knowledge. Dr. Farrell is one of the most amazing minds out there today focusing on the same issues as you are.

      He doesn't engage the typical media circuits, I suspect, because they are saturated with Mockingbird type assets. He got his doctorate at Oxford, although he is an American, but his special field of studies lie in the unique blend of Nazi post-war structures, hidden or suppressed history, the alchemical relationship between finance and physics, and how secreted technology, esoteric knowledge, and the covert manipulation of post-war gold plunder has led to the creation of a malignant runaway society within society, accountable to no one, but whose effects are felt by every human being. It is the very information you are researching.

      He has made significant progress and he has penned many books thus far and keeps putting more out as the dots are connected even further. He, more than anyone else, in my opinion, is understanding this "breakaway civilization", and you would find his work nonetheless fascinating, even if it did not bear on your work. Yet his does directly. He has volumes of work done about Argentina and its role in the Bell project after the war, and of Pinochet’s role in helping to finance certain experiments. I’ll give you a clue: torsion stress. The Nazi’s made a deal with the allies, in exchange for delivering much of their incredible technology. But they held back their most classified project, one that was designated even more important than their atom bomb project.

      The Nazis, everyone should know, never formally surrendered like the Wehrmacht did. They made deals, however; they gave Russia certain things, and the US certain things, keeping with the German diplomatic MO of working the two against each other to benefit the middle. But they kept their most treasured technology, and subsequently used the Bilderberg Group as way to launder their axis loot, in compliance with certain western allies, creating an enormous slush fund, and Bormann already had a contingency plan to keep the “structure of their enterprise going” utilizing a vast amount of proprietary corporations and dummy companies often to hide this fact.

      Dr. Farrell studies the history of the diverse forces that evolved into our current banking cabal, with particular emphasis on how we arrived where we are. He is probably one of the foremost experts on JFK, the Nazis, the secret space program, re-hypothecated gold, the Chinese interference into our stochastic finance equations, including the equation that was involved in our subprime mortgage meltdown, as well as the manner in which the "secret team” — to use Fletcher Prouty’s term — have practically attempted a leveraged buy-out of our beautiful home, planet Earth.

      Dr. Farrell has a perfect blend of the esoteric and exoteric in his nonfiction, with academic rigor and deep research complemented with occasional "high octane” speculation to entertain various models, motivations, and so forth. I would highly recommend the man and his work, both as a key contact for your further investigation, and also as a guest of this show. I think he would be a great person to talk with, for either you or Jim, and particularly you, if you are working to investigate these matters earnestly.

    5. Pt. 2 Laurence (and Jim Fetzer also)

      I would love if Joseph Farrell were a guest on this show, if only for his approach to JFK -- a subject dear to Fetzer's heart -- and I do not know if they know each other. Jim Fetzer had Jay Weidner on, who I adore, and they hit it off wonderfully. Well, Jay consider’s Dr. Farrell an utter genius, an he as adopted many of Farrell's paradigms, introducing many in entertaining alternative radio shows circuit.

      Laurence, I am curious how Arthur C. Clarke fits into many of these matters, since his fiction is very telling, and he implied he knew a great deal of the bigger picture. He often hung out with the german scientists along with Kubrick.

      I believe NASA, the AEC, Jason Society, TVA, Division 5, MI-V and other groups are key to understanding what was going on around the time of JFK’s assassination. Since we are on the subject, it is interesting to note, Laurence, that the first gun they found and "quickly lost" was an Argentinian-made German Mauser rifle, before, of course, it transformed into an Italian Mannlicher Carcano.

      Finally, do you watch "Game of Thrones"? The last episode had a very "telling" scene in which two characters discussed why there was no more gold in their kingdom, and how they continue to pay for the continued running of the kingdom. The character then goes into an interesting monologue about the "iron bank" and uses very analogical terms in discussing it, using masonic allusions in my opinion. If ones has eyes to see, this terrific show is done in the high tradition, and while the show is excellent for its dramaturgy, it is also discussing meta-elements in our world, as it ponders the great theme of "how one should rule." Their are fabulous archetypes, and along with True Detective, both are bold, bold moves from HBO, who are using fiction to finally address the issues in our tortured consensual reality and initiating the audience to wake up. I applaud this as I think the artists of every age have done this when they have been in harmony with the cosmic law, as opposed to producing commodities for corporations which ultimately makes art and culture degenerate.

      I am eager to know of those things that you could only discuss over a pint, as opposed to over a radio show, though in a proper society, there would be no fear of political correctness, psychological warfare or libel laws.

      I hope you and Jim Fetzer get together for another show as soon as possible. But do read the work of Joseph Farrell, either of you, and if necessary, I can send some books to get you started, if you have not already read him: Brotherhood of the Bell, Nazi International, Babylon's Bankers, Financial Vipers of Venice, Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, are just a few of his works. He is rather prolific, and quite esteemed by those in the alternative media community.

    6. Pt. 3.

      In conclusion, and getting back to the anglo-sphere, I would love to know your opinion, Laurence, on the Fabians, and the strong Atlanticist facet of this issue, since all roads seem to lead back to London. Our CIA was fashioned from British intelligence as much as it was from the Gehlen Org. Was it mere coincidence that Aldous Huxley, CS Lewis, and JFK died on the same day?

      Even Israel, a pariah state if ever there was one, is a popular target to revile these days, yet it grows out of the British-Israel dynamic and those historical antecedents. What most Americans don't know are what the various factions are on your side of the pond and why do you view it as "much more sinister than that" as you said on the show? What were you alluding to? And why is England so in love with Talmudic Jewish Priesthood in its vision of the world? Are they now throwing Israel under the bus, as one sheds a skin?
      If such men were the guardians of human culture going back to anti-dilivuian days, surely they would not be so avaricious and base, and they would not corrupt the history and science of the world. However, I can surely see people doing that if truth eroded one's power base. Hence, archeology is a joke. The missing dynasties in Egypt; the worldwide cover up of Civilization 1.

      I see many gloves, but I have yet to see the hidden hand. I want to know its touch, and I can not but help to think that there is something more sinister indeed. Perhaps we are but chattel after all, and these men we oppose are but managers, the Capos of a group entirely unknown. Gold was always for the Gods, remember? Man's coinage has been silver. Jason and the Argonauts seeking the Golden Fleece. It makes one wonder! The secret space program, and what are to make of the hidden hand holding humanity back as it wishes desperately to live in love and brotherhood, to invent and conquer his fears? What would hold humanity back but some force that is inhuman?

      I believe we are in an epistemological crisis, so I am not one to claim axiomatic principles, such as Nazis are evil. I believe if we really revised our understanding of WWI and WWII, we would understand our current problems much better. It is often stated among some groups that our president is way down on the power scale, which beggars the provincial mind:; who and what are above him?

      It goes to reason that an oligarchy would work through the same methods as would a masonic circle; circles within circles, etc... A hand wears a proverbial glove and manipulates the pawns on the board; in this case, each secreted member in a government or penetrated institution is termed a "focal point." Indeed, Churchill received much of his pre-war power and financing from a group called "Focus," if I am not mistaken. Finally, many people are curious if London is deeply vested in Rome still, thus giving an "all roads lead to Rome" paradigm.

      Do you believe these men - this "high cabal" are untouchable; and what is the definitive research source for the City? Are they not a paper tiger, since they merely use the instruments of other powers? I believe they are intimately connected with China, which is not on the radar of the alternative press. People forget George HW Bush was the UN ambassador to China before becoming CIA director. Their oligarchs are called the "gentry", are they not? You implied their name in your recording early, never to touch it again. I have long suspected there is much ado about the Middle Kingdom in the affairs of our disparate countries.

      Thanks again and be well!

    7. Wow, what a marvelous post!! Cant even start here as must get back to work. You know so much, much of which I am not sufficiently qualified to make a valid judgement in public, as I would be doing a disservice. But I would certainly do so in a private forum over a Caipiroska or Cabernet Sauvignon! Pint...Hmmmn not really! Kind Regards to all.

  5. I have long suspected that Bormann was a British agent. After Hess was lured to Britain by the British Intelligence on a fool's errand, Bormann became the gatekeeper to the Fuhrer - he kept Hitler's diary and had complete control over who got to see the Fuhrer. Bormann had a very negative influence on the German conduct of the war in the years 42-45 due to the way he influenced who could speak with Hitler, without Bormann acting as gatekeeper, sme of th more sensible minds would have had more access to the Fuhrer and could probably have talked him out of some of his ore lunatic decisions.

    Bormann was last seen on the south side of the railway bridge over the Spree with Hitler Youth leader Artur Axman during the breakout from the bunker the day following Hitler's death. His remains were found in precisely that spot decades later, but stuck to them was some red earth that is not found anywhere in the Berlin region but is common in South America.

  6. This woman is doing a ¨snow job¨ for the British Royal family. Her performance can be titled: Blame it on the ¨usual suspect¨, yes, the infamous Military Industrial Complex. Let us get it straight, ladies and gentlemen, the infamous Complex works for Aristocracy and not the other way around. Also worthy of note, how can she say that she is sure that the Royal family has ¨nothing to do with it¨, regarding the murder of Dianna? What a joke. This woman actually did a favour to the Royal family and its MI-6 in this interview (hopefully, she would be rewarded nicely). So, her performance was rather pathetic; let us leave it at that, regarding Dianna. One can only wander why did the host, otherwise a very clever man, agree so readily with her silly, utterly nonsensical (from the point of clever thinking, of course) claim that she is sure that the Royal family had nothing to do with that murder? Anyway...

    1. So many love to bash the royal family but never present any evidence for their claims.

      I'm a republican, I would love to see this country become the Republic of Great Britain rather than the United Kingdom.

      However, until I see some evidence, I really find it hard to believe that the royals wield any influence these days.

    2. There's a ton of evidence including death threats from two members of the Royal family. Get over it. The Royals hated Diana.That's fact.

    3. You might say Diana was pregnant
      with tolerance, uniting two creeds,
      but Monsters were planning division,
      with a most explosive Set of Misdeeds.

    4. She didn't say the royal family was blameless,
      but that she believes the queen is not the monarch Americans envision, in much the same way Obama does bot control America, and only fools falling for that cult of personality,
      vent their objections at his totem, while the priesthood of the permanent government goes about unscrutinized.

    5. Sven and Charles; ''Snow Job'' ''fraud'' absolutely not! I actually said I do not believe that Prince Charles or the Queen were involved in the murder of Princess Diana, and I stand by that. Disliking someone and murdering someone are poles apart and for whatever reason the Queen has been made a scapegoat by many ''truthers'' because no one can get to the real power ''behind the throne''. I did however say there is ''one member of the Royal family'' I do believe could have been involved. I think some people fail to forget that in order for me to continue my work as an accredited member of the British press I need to tread a fine line in order that I MAY continue to try to do my job without legal obstruction! My job is not to make unsubstantiated and libelous claims in a public forum. Irrelevant of what my personal views may be or may not be. If I say publicly I believe that the Queen and Prince Charles are blameless, that is because I have been a party to enough information from credible sources that have revealed such to me. My job is to gather evidence , EVIDENCE, not seminate third hand unsubstantiated rumours, as is so popular it seems today with all these willing ''truthers''. Everybody seems to ''know''. Unfortunately we and that includes ''you'', do not 'know' who killed the Princess of Wales, or more importantly WHO and (I'm talking names and faces here) gave the order to do such! We may suspect, but until we have evidence to accuse someone of a crime, we should leave it at that, until we or others find the proof of such serious allegations. After all, isn't it half of America that is (rightly) crying about the loss of Habeus corpus! So why play their game. If I were doing a ''snow job'' I would not have spent the past 8 years gathering information on Martin Bormann, which is a bit of a contradiction to the accusations presented. On that note, I will say here that there is a big difference between the ''old school and the new school'' within the intelligence community. Many older members of MI6 and the British Intel services are furious and upset about what happened to David Kelly and the Princess of Wales and it is many of these agents (many retired) that are revealing information to those that may be able to act when the time is right.

      Kind regards

      P.S. Re: Letters. Charles have you even considered that it was very convenient that the Princess was made paranoid about her husband? after all, it is a documented fact Diana was at some point highly unstable and undergoing substantial psychiatric care. She also suffered anorexia nervosa and bulimia, Mind control practices are much more effective when the target is at their most vulnerable. During eating disorder crisis periods is a perfect opportunity to work on someone and make them very paranoid. I believe Diana had every reason to be unbalanced considering the affair Charles was having and the whispering within the court, and courts there still are! those loyal only to the Queen, yet those that are loyal to the Queen conspire and plot against those in the Princes court etc etc, That is the nature of it and it has been like that for hundreds of years. Yes I'm sure Diana believed what she wrote in her letters, that does not mean to say that she was correct as to 'who' were plotting against her. Let us also not forget it was The Princess that decided to leave the marriage not the other way around. Prince Charles and the Queen fought for months against a separation. But Diana was adamant. Think about that! Has it even crossed your mind that Charles fought the separation as did the Queen because they knew that Diana would be in danger by leaving the ''net'' and they would not be able to protect her?

    6. As a fellow Brit I understand your need for circumspection. If people really want to know which member of the royal family you refer to as suspect, it is not hard to find out, the same suspicion is all over the internet.

      As well as the death of Diana, I am interested in the deaths of Airey Neave and Mountbatten. Neave may have been taken out by the IRA, but I'm sure Mountbatten wasn't, the conviction against the IRA man has been proven to be false and I strongly suspect an intelligence role in his death and the same Royal who is suspect in the Diana case my well be the man behind Mountbatten's death too.

      As for the real power behind the throne, people must realise that the British Crown is not the same thing as the Queen herself and the British Crown is the richest entity on the planet in terms of assets. The Royal family is not at the top of the pyramid of power, they occupy the same level as the Bush family and the Vatican - powerful but two levels below the top. The real power lies with the money men, those who control the banks. To give you a clue, the Rothschilds are the bankers for the Royal family and the Vatican. The bankers are the second to top level and the most powerful that are visible, the top level is hidden, but those who have studied these things know who I refer to.

      I think Laurence is precisely correct about Charles and the Queen not wanting Diana to separate because they would then not be able to protect her. It must be remembered that within the higher echelons of power, the intelligence services, the prominent families, there are factions. The CIA and MI6 are split into factions, the Royal family has it's factions too.

    7. Are you forgetting Robin Cook?
      The circumstances of his sudden death reek of CIA and MI5. Perhaps he was murdered for several reasons not least his openly declared opposition to the Iraq war and the WMD baloney and his contention- also declared openly - that Al Qaeda were not what the Americans said they were.Cook also cast aspersions on the (s)election of GWB as US president. Cook in his resignation speech in the HP Commons wondered out loud whether the rush to invade Iraq would have happened if Al Gore had been elected US president. Shortly after his resignation speech to parliament - he fell off (or was pushed off) a mountain ridge to his death. He was with his American wife (his former secretary) who it is alleged had CIA connections.

      Listen to his resignation speech to parliament on YouTube.

    8. Oh I'm definitely not forgetting Robin Cook, I have written about him on this blog before. Cook was the most honest politician of his generation, he wrote an article in the Guardian that echoed his resignation speech and laid out the falsehoods of the Iraq War and explained that Al-Qaeda was actually the name of the CIA database of Mujahadeen fighters they were employing against the Soviets in the 1980s.

      Cook was alive when they put him on the rescue helicopter, they refused to let his wife accompany him to the hospital, wen it landed, he was dead. It's pretty clear he was 'taken out'.

      Sadly good, honest men like Robin Cook and the late Tony Benn get sidelined in modern British politics and it is the dishonest friends of Israel like Blair, Cameron and the Millibands that thrive.

    9. laurence de mello

      "Has it even crossed your mind that Charles fought the separation as did the Queen because they knew that Diana would be in danger by leaving the ''net'' and they would not be able to protect her?"

      Has it even crossed your mind that Charles fought the separation as did the Queen because they knew that Diana would be in danger by leaving the ''net'' and of blowing the lid off the whole stinking business and they would not be able to control her?

      Think about that.

    10. Diana was not the first nor will she be the last Royal Princess be murdered. Britiah history is full of Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses who were murdered. One does not have to go very far back into British history. There is evidence that a Royal Prince was murdered only a few decades ago - a Prince Michael of Kent. Also a son of Queen Victoria is romored to have been assassinated. One has only to read Shakespeare to see how prevalent royal murders were in the Royal Houses Of England and Scotland. It is no exaggeration to say that sudden death was an occupational hazard where Royalty was concerned. Princess Diana is merely and sadly only the most recent. I would even suggest that Prince William and Prince Harry would also be taken out if they ever decided to do a "Diana".
      Her Majesty the Queen herself is not even safe as she hinted when she spoke of the "dark forces at work in this country" to the guy who claimed he was "Diana's rock".

    11. ''Her Majesty the Queen herself is not even safe as she hinted when she spoke of the "dark forces at work in this country" to the guy who claimed he was "Diana's rock".''

      My Point exactly Rick!

  7. This women is a fraud. The Royal connection to Princess Diana's death is substantial. Lawrence s claims that the letter wasn't real or no mention of Prince Philip's death threats via phone got no mention are absurd. She's an obvious stooge.

    1. U r right, Charles, re. Diana.

    2. I don't think that is entirely fair,
      though hunting Nazis does get old.
      If we are going to have hunting season,
      Why not hunt the Smiths who make Gold?

      If you want to know who won the war,
      Paid heed to what world was lost...
      Essence, that Goddess, a commodity became
      And your soul, just another CAPITAL NAME.

    3. ... it's fire hidden beneath the frost.

    4. Ian

      You mentioned Tony Blair. Do you allow for the possibility that the death of Robin Cook was a warning to Blair to cooperate with the Americans or he just might meet the same type of "accident"?

    5. Okay, Ian. Just one last point or two. When Tony Blair left No 10 he got a job as a Middle East Peace Envoy or some such job title. Is he still in that job and still being paid? Finally, when Gaddafi was murdered, did Tony Blair still get his monthly cheque
      from the Libyan government
      as he used to under Gaddafi?

    6. I honestly don't know those answers Rick, sorry.

      I always thought that Middle East job was a hefty Golden Handshake from the Zionists for Blair's war criminal work in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      BTW, what's your opinion on Blair?

    7. Dont mean to butt in but I found this fascinating. From Dave McGowans site.

      ...Many years later, another member of the Booth clan, Theresa Cara Booth, was born on September 23, 1954. Theresa is a direct descendent of Algernon Booth, Junius Brutus Booth’s brother and John Wilkes Booth’s uncle. She became an attorney in 1976 and a member of the Queen’s Counsel in 1995. Two years later, Theresa Booth – better known as Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair – became the First Lady of Downing Street. Nothing unusual about that, I suppose.

      Small world

    8. Interesting stuff Chris, cheers.

    9. My opinion on Blair?
      Like him or loath him he was
      a consummate politician
      who used the media especially TV to perfection.
      His speeches could be and often were nauseatingly trite and coy.
      He really knew how to work a crowd and those big Bambi eyes of his had you almost in tears as he spouted the usual nonsense. But as long as you knew he was spouting nonsense, no harm was done. Blair was always one for the sound bite as in his reference to Princess Diana as 'the people's Princess' which I think he stole from Alex Higgins the snooker player who called himself 'the people's champion'.
      It was around the time when Higgins was still playing snooker.
      Blair knew a good line when he heard it and was a great copier even to the extent of imitating the way GWB walked ( arms akimbo striding/ swaggering purposefully) side by side in the White House gardens. In short, Blair was a bit of a bluffer IMO. Blair seemed to have the Selig quality about him i.e. the abilty to empathize and metamorphose or almost become the object or person of his empathy for a time.
      Such an ability may be a decided advantage in politics so that when talking to Putin, Blair became a Russian and with Gerhard Shroeder - a German. I can't say what he became when talking to Yasser Arafat [if in fact he ever did]. Although as a politician Blair would always know exactly where his true allegiances lay. Blair was a superb actor.

    10. Totally unrelated but interesting[?]

      Roger Mudd (born February 9, 1928 in Washington, D.C.) is an Emmy Award-winning U.S. television journalist and broadcaster, most recently the primary anchor for The History Channel. Previously, Mudd was weekend anchor of CBS Evening News, co-anchor of NBC Nightly News, and hosted NBC's Meet the Press.

      Mudd is an indirect, distant relative of Dr. Samuel Mudd, the doctor who was implicated with inadvertently aiding John Wilkes Booth shortly after he assassinated U.S. president Lincoln. Many accounts have muddled the facts, assuming incorrectly that he is a direct descendant.

  8. Laurence (a man's name) doesn't half sound like emma Thompson (the actress). Diana and dodi al fayad's deaths were faked/staged and so i I heavily suspect was david Kelly's. I also know there are suspicions that bormann faked his death.
    I think this lady Laurence is a plant/player.

    another staged affair, proven beyond doubt now.

    1. Staged as in false flag, not fake death. Isolating problems ad hoc is not a good idea, pshea. LetsRollForums has some good finds and some utter drivel. That's the nature of public forums on "weird" or "unacceptable" topics.

      There was a coverup, yes, but just as with the JFK assassination, separating lies from truth is part of the process, without saying the basic event (death) did not happen.

      Bormann is a different issue.

    2. Ignore him Clare, he's just a troll, his past behaviour has made that clear.

    3. The "wee fecker" pshea is "back" after a long "absence".

  9. There once was a wise man who said, "if you want to rid the world of terrorism, you could do it with one nuke to the city of London." It is very LaRouche thing to say, I would like to expand my knowledge about the Habsburg House, or Venice, or Phoenicia before that. And hell, why not learn about Venus as we should. No probes with fanfare visit that luciferous rock. And I would like to understand how oligarchy works, or who the Etruscans were, and the divine rite of kings. And I would like to know why Aldous Huxley died at that peculiar age of 69, on November 22, 1963. Was he being ironic even at death, as we ushered in our Brave New World? Who has these answers I seek, to the problems of five and six? Or when Hercolubus comes, will bricks be worth more than sticks?

  10. Ian said.
    I am interested in the deaths of Airey Neave and Mountbatten. Neave may have been taken out by the IRA, but I'm sure Mountbatten wasn't, the conviction against the IRA man has been proven to be false and I strongly suspect an intelligence role in his death and the same Royal who is suspect in the Diana case my well be the man behind Mountbatten's death too.

    British Intelligence have controlled the IRA through informers and double agents, most likely from the beginning of the troubles. Both Mountbatten and Neaves murders were most likely ordered by Military Intelligence. The INLA was used to claim the murder of Airey Neave.

  11. Ian and Amanda; For the Mountbatten 'Link' and the please check out ''Ami de Creighton'' ;-)

    1. I'm a bit leery of anything with Greg Hallett's name on it. IMHO, his writing is a fascinating melange of fact and fiction, makes good reading but frustrating to work out what's true and what isn't.

    2. Laurence, Thank you for this extremely informative and engaging interview!

  12. Dear James,

    thank you for the very kind note and taking you time to listen..

    kindest regards


  13. Ian Claire- FOR CLARITY: Mr Hallet only helped me edit the ''Mountbatten Report'' book and he did a brilliant job on the indexing!!! The core of this book was written by Churchill's former number one agent Christopher Creighton aka John Ainsworth-Davis. The report was requested by Mountbatten shorty before his death! Creighton sent me the raw manuscript in 2006 for ''offshore publishing'', as he was being monitored and his work suppressed in the UK. I brought in Hallet in 2011 as I needed an offshore ''safe'' publisher after sitting on the docs for 5 years. Hallet has an offshore renegade publishing company. The marketing was then suspended by me after publication at the behest of Creighton after Mr Hallet misguidedly and against my advice added his name as co-author as; ''Lord Chancellor''. ''to the true King of England''! That is why I halted the marketing and that is why my business relationship with Mr Hallet sadly broke down.

    1. Thanks for the clarification Laurence. I will get round to reading that book when can, I have a stack of books on similar subjects to go through already. I think I've read 7 or 8 books on the Battle of Berlin so I'm familiar with the times, how they got Bormann out intrigues me, I've read the account given to Henry Makow by Hallett and there are a few points I want to check, such as if the Spree is even deep enough for a submarine, and we're talking a coastal type 37m in length, not a 'mini' sub. Hanna Reitsch landing in an amphibious JU-88 also needs to be checked as the official history has Reitsch landing a Feisler Storch in the Tiergarten on the 26th April then flying out again in an Arado trainer on the evening of the 28th. One would think that was the opportunity to get Bormann out. The breakout from the bunker was on May 1st, a day after Hitler's corpse was burnt, if theofficial history is correct. Of course, there is a lot of scope for the official history being wrong. I know that the details of the last days in the Fuhrerbunker are somewhat hard to ascertain with great certainty because many of those present who survived were killed in the next few years and the few who survived the post-war trials were probably none too honest on certain details. For instance, the SS radio operator Rochus Misch must be viewed with suspicion as some of the details he gave about the layout of the bunker were proven wrong.

      I have read David Irving's writings on Bormann and he gives the official story here, where Bomann and Stumpfegger were injured while trying to get across the Weidendammer bridge and then took cyanide, as testified to by Artur Axmann:

      However, Irving related that Hugh Trevor-Roper believed Bormann escaped to South America:

      Carter Hydrick's book 'Critical Mass' about the German atomic bomb program contains a lot of good info about Bormann:

      "I studied Bormann's technique with Hitler and realized he controlled the Fuehrer!"
      Chief of Nazi foreign intelligence, Walter Schellenberg

      Bormann was "the secret master of a despot."
      Hitler courtesan Hans Frank.

      "Everything had to be done through this sinister guttersnipe (Bormann)."
      Hitler's General Chief of Staff, Heinz Guderian

      "Bormann stayed with Hitler night and day and gradually brought him under his will so that he ruled Hitler's whole existence."
      Herman Goering, Hitler's heir-apparent until war's-end "

  14. Ah-ha! I see you have done your homework Ian!!
    ''The Mountbatten Report'' does not cover Bormann. It covers the grooming of JAD his relationship with his godfather Desmond Morton (head of secret intelligence section V) (referred to as M in Fleming's James Bond works) and the covert ops and double agent role of JAD during and before WWII. But good reading, although some say it is ''fantasy'' but they would wouldn't they!

    I can testify to the fact I have seen private letters to JAD from Churchill and Mountbatten. ( I have also photographed them)

    I mention all this as I do believe Mountbatten was not taken out by the IRA and partially because Mountbatten was opening up and asking JAD to tell the truth about all that happened. Mountbatten became a security risk to the 'new' SIS UKUSA agenda. Mountbatten requested the manuscript be published 25 years after his death. Churchill also asked JAD to ''tell the truth'' nothing more nothing less, ''do not try to protect me''.
    This is what I mean when I talk about the ''old school and the new school''. The old boys want this information in the public domain, the new boys do not, as it will threaten their EU and et al agenda!
    This is why the naive accuse me of being a ''Nazi'' ''disinformation agent'' or a ''plant''. I am with the old boys school of codes and principles.

    In case of any reprisal or allegations due to this public discussion here withing this page, I have every thing documented.
    I have no intention of abusing Dr Fetzers thread or hospitality here but as Mt Hallet was brought up by two posters here I feel I should clarify my position on such.

    My Hallet is a brilliant researcher and author, no one can take that way from him. But I feel sadly he has been deliberately distracted (by impostors and covert agents posing as genuine truth agents) from his path which is to tell the truth and make changes in this world. I do hope he frees himself from the disinformation agents/network which has closed around him and he gets back to his work which has been truly groundbreaking in the past. So I would hop that due to some of his more recent interviews we do not forget the great contributions here has made and will continue to make if he frees himself from ''infiltrators''.

    2012 email content from John Ainsworth-Davis aka Christopher Creighton
    Laurence de Mello aka Ami de Creighton

    ''Hi Ami,

    Thanks for your message re publication.

    I agree with what you say, but the biggest offence on screen is the Lord Chancellor rubbish. That is an insult to the MOUNTBATTEN’s and the Royal Navy. I suggest a front page alteration to our book:


    A dramatised edition of the Report authorised

    Admiral of The Fleet The Earl Mountbatten of Burma KG

    Bonne nuit, ma bien-aimee.


    Kind Regards to all here and thank you for the debate

    sent in the best possible spirit

    1. Looks like we're heading into Hitler's Diaries nut country here. Anybody seen Gerd Heidemann recently?
      There could be a bestseller in this somewhere.

    2. Thanks for the further info Laurence, the book sounds like exactly my cup of tea.

      Mountbatten is, indeed an intriguing character. There are a few incidents in his life that would make rich material for a book. Not least, the highly controversial and disastrous Dieppe Raid. Mountbatten planned and carried it out without following the proper chain of command, if anyone else had done such a thing, they would have been court martialled, totally excoriated, bu Mountbatten was untouchable due to being royalty. There are a few possible reasons for Dieppe, one being that it was to show Stalin that there was no possibility of a second front for another couple of years. Another curious incident was the loss of his naval command, HMS Kelly, it is said he was an incompetent commander and should have faced sanction over the loss of that ship. The fact he then went on t be promoted to replace Roger Keyes, a thoroughly competent, perhaps brilliant man is testimony to his connections in the highest echelons rather than his ability.

      One incident that gives an insight into his character and his incompetence was a meeting with various senior US Navy personnel onboard a battleship. Mountbatten was presenting his (fairly crazy) idea to build colossal aircraft carriers out of a substance called Pykrete - ice mixed with sawdust. Of course, they would slowly melt but would last a decent amount of time. In order to demonstrate the strength of Pycrete, Mountbatten pulled out his service revolver and fired it into a large block of the stuff. The bullet bounced off and hit US Admiral Ernest King a glancing blow in the leg. The Americans were never very impressed with Mountbatten's competence.

      As for the IRA taking out Mounbatten. I see no way they could have done it. The bomb was 50 pounds and hidden in the boat, the logistics of the thing just strongly suggests the work of an intelligence agency. One rumour is that it was linked to Kincora boy's home and some unsavoury activities involving the young boys there but that's a whole can of worms I ain't opening.

    3. "I have no intention of abusing Dr Fetzers thread or hospitality here.."

      I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that comment!! You must be new around here Laurence :) Go read some of the threads on my shows Alan Weisbecker, Clare Kuehn or Frankly Speaking - this place is usually a Pier 6 Brawl!

      Anyway that was a great show and I look forward to the next one. Welcome aboard!

  15. Well chaps thanks for the great welcome, had enormous fun here reading the posts and I had to laugh at:

    ''Geoff Henderson May 7, 2014 at 1:04 PM
    Looks like we're heading into Hitler's Diaries nut country here. Anybody seen Gerd Heidemann recently?
    There could be a bestseller in this somewhere.''

    If ONLY it were only ''Nut Country'' Geoff! and frankly, with all due respect, I resent the suggestion of such.

    short edited brief on the Bormann investigation.

    Death of Christopher Creighton update;
    sorry very bad sound and not my images or video.

    any questions Geoff let me know.



    1. I don't think it's nut country at all. As someone who has studied ww2 and it's aftermath in great depth, I can safely say that the 'official' history is often very far from reality. I think research and writing about this period is a very vial thing to do as it shaped Europe and forms the basis of several national identities. If people were to become better informed about the reality of what happened and more importantly, why,then it would be harder for the powers that be to drag us into another war and sacrifice tens of millions of us as they did in the past.

      Keep up the good work Laurence, you have my support!

    2. Hello all, I just by chance came back here this evening and have a small update as to your comments about Dieppe. Kind Regards

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  17. I have been listening to the 'Real Deal' now for 5 plus years. This is my first and mostly likely last comment. Just wanted to say that was the best interview I've heard so far. You were wonderful Laurence. You're bright, good looking and English. Much like me! Just one thing. I have heard it explained that the ambulance went to a further away hospital, because in France they have a different system of emergency care than we do in England. Their ambulance crews are better trained and are able to give a level of care that you need to go to one of our A&Es to receive. I don't know? P.S. I see you lived in Buenos Aires. I went there once. Had an awful time. Which saddened me so much. Because since 1982 - I'd always wanted to go there. Thank you again.

    1. My goodness!!! Thank you very much Ken ;-)
      very flattered.

      I still live in BsAs (less, if any CCTV here ;-)) So, if you ever find yourself this side of the planet, let me know and we can swap notes on the Falklands. Have a very sad story to tell about a British Commander and an Argie fighter jet pilot I tried to reunite 25 years after one pulled the other out the freezing South Atlantic waves...for a documentary in 2009.! I'm sure you have many more. Thank you again so very kind of you!



    2. Hi Laurence

      If you're not already familiar with the material, you really should take a look at this book:

      It covers the German Atomic bomb program and Bormann's role in it. In short, the theisis is that Bormann traded Atomic materials and secrets with the allies in the closing months of the war in order to ensure his own survival. It fits nicely with your research that Bormann did indeed survive the war to make it to South America and would explain why the allies went to great lengths to get him out of Berlin.