Friday, May 30, 2014

David Cole a/k/a David Stein (w/ Joshua Blakeney)

Holocaust researcher undercover in Hollywood


  1. If someone don't know who this David Cole is (really?), I can highly recommend his video on Auschwitz prison camp as the by far best introduction to the LOLohoax (60 min):

    For the rest of the real story, The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes should explain most of the crucial points:

  2. Untrustworthy. Gave up on peace and truth and started putting out conventional LOLocaust propaganda mis-education videos for schools and propping up the Republican party during its Wars for Israel golden years.

    Then walked straight into a book deal with a major publisher. How fortunate.

    Why not promote serious dissidents like Germar Rudolf instead, JB?

    1. Nick,
      He sounded totally honest to me.

    2. Steve, a person can be 100% sincere and yet totally untrustworthy. The question of whether Cole believes all that he has said at different times is one that only he can answer.

      We can say that he has jumped between mutually incompatible beliefs repeatedly and now apparently claims to believe that there were probably gas chambers (despite no evidence existing for them).

      I stand by what I said, he's untrustworthy and his own behaviour/MSM-no-alternative media promotion is deeply suspicious.

      There are stable personalities who have done more rigorous original research themselves and they would be better candidates for interviews designed to get to the bottom of this question.

  3. Josh,
    If I remember correctly, you once admitted to being a recovering Marxist. Bob Marley's "War," I believe comes from that ideology, promoted by the U.N. Douglas Reed's 'Battle for Rhodesia,' which can be read online goes into detail about the history of Africa. It may be very instructive on your road to recovery. Cheers!

  4. Good interview. This interview was even more informative than the one he gave with Vinny Eastwood [which was good too]