Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Janet Phelan / Gary King

EXILE / The New JFK Show #11 (w/Gary King)


  1. Jim,

    Please, it's not a Nazi Police State here.
    Get Michael Walsh, author of 'Witness to History,' which I have referenced with a link in the comment section of another inerview, as your guest. I'm fairly certain he will disabuse you of your notions about Hitler, WWII, National Socialism, etc. Look today who has most all positions of power in this country. If you do an honest assessment, you cannot but come to the overwhelming conclusion that it is the enemies of Hitler's Germany who are now thoroughly ensconced in power. It is those whom Henry Ford rightly called 'The World's Foremost Problem - The International Jew.'

    1. Do you see how that gang can create or manufacture peoples perception of the World by their total control on the media etc?

    2. For the answer to that question please listen to my interview of March 15, 2013.

    3. Thank you, Steve Campbell.

      Keep plugging away, please. Fetzer is misled but has shown he's capable of changing his mind and going against the grain when the evidence dictates.

    4. Walsh is good. Plenty of him in the Spingola archives.

      The recent interviews by John Friend of Richard Tedor are also useful.

      Spingola's shows with Rodney Martin also have value as regards getting misled people straight on what Fascism/National Socialism actually stood for and delivered: Relevant show titles: THE GESTAPO- FACT VS. FICTION; Usury, Banking and Finance in National Socialist Germany; The NSDAP and Burning Books; Everyday Life in the Third Reich- Fact vs. Fiction; An In depth Review of the 1932 NSDAP Economic Program;

      And although he's untrustworthy on other issues including the LOLocaust, Mark Weber of IHR did a few podcasts that Fetzer ought to hear to get things straight:

      What (really) is Fascism? - basically everything Fetzer approves of:

      How Hitler Tackled Unemployment and Revived Germany’s Economy -again, Fetzer WANTS a Hitler:

      Public health policy in the Third Reich:

  2. Hail Gary King!
    That was inspired, respectful, dead on accurate, and a wonderful show.

    I don 'to want to tear down , Len, as I believe he has a good heart. I think he has sort of committed to a clique, but told his listeners that. I am deeply upset to hear Coogan -- prince of darkness -- wrote anything that uttered a bad word about Phillip Nelson , whose book is a masterpiece. Has Coogan written a masterpiece? And that James D. Is associating with Coogan just drained all my remaining respect for him. I will never understand why he attacked Peter Janney like he did, but it seems his website us more interested in knocking cutting edge research and good books than it is educating the public or adding to the debate. It is a negative enterprise by its own acts. Go there, taste its fruit, and tell me you think this is not more than a hatchet job factory.

    And I still cannot understand how people get off dismissing the most erudite and illuminated men when the very reviewers are rogues, misfits and now charlatans. You have people with maybe a bachelors bashing Oxford doctorates with twelve books under their belt, all cutting edge geopolitical analysis with nuance as with Joseph a Farrell. His book was trashed by someone who only threw ad hominem attacks and logical fallacies, one after another. I don't mind these blockheads like Grodin getting on Ken's show; but I do want to know why those that are insulted are not allowed to defend themselves or argue their books.

    I think Gordon Duff is right and the JFK community is way more compromised than anyone has conceived.

    Len, if you read this. I still believe you know virtue from vice, and that you will at least " cause no harm" to good people if you do not agree. Don 'to let your shortsightedness give your audience a distorted picture of the actual marketplace of ideas.

    1. I'll taker your word on the rest of the JFK controversy (the LOLocaust and 9/11, one predating the JFK assassination the other coming later are known to have greater relevance to social and political issues today so I'm more interested in these subjects than in the murder of JFK), but why cite gordon duff?

      duff is an admitted liar and criminal, he says lies and crimes are what he does at VT. It's as clear as day that what he does is shift the blame from responsible parties to innocents and even imaginary villains.

      I recently responded to a duff 'article' in which he instructed us to "look to the usual suspects" with,

      "But I have read VT occasionally, so don't whether the 'usual suspects' are Jesuits, reptiles, Freemasons, Jews who aren't Jews, Jews who are Jews, National Socialists, National Socialists who are Jews, eugenicists, dysgenicists, liberals, the far right, Arabs, corporatists, central bankers, the British royal family, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Zionists, the CIA, the Mossad, Mi6, the Establishment, the Occupy Movement, Alex Jones, the Cultural Marxists, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Barry Soetero, Muammar Gaddafi, the Klan, the ADL, Martians, Venusians or Dracos.

      "You've confused me!"


      He didn't allow the comment thru.

      Fetzer would do well to find a serious place to post his valuable research.

    2. Solfeggio, if your handle has something to do with the 'solfeggio frequencies' and 528hz and so on -- this:

      .. if you could say a little about that or post one or two links to good info I'd be very grateful. It's something I've meant to study but haven't really known where to start.