Friday, May 23, 2014

Jim Fetzer

JFK assassination / Jewish Holocaust (w/ John Friend)


  1. At 01:56 of this recording, Dr. Fetzer said that Nathan Folks, Hollywood director/producer, stated that he had hired Jeff Bauman to be an amputee actor in a film he had made in the past so Mr. Folks, when viewing Boston Bombing video scenes, knew immediately that Jeff Bauman was an actor and not a genuine traumatic amputation victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    Excuse the pun, but that is bombshell information.

    Many of us, including Dr. Fetzer have been working to verfify and document and prove the true identities of ostensible "crisis actors" in the Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook MA school shooting events. This information from Mr. Folks regarding Jeff Bauman should be documented in every way.

    Please let me or us here know the original source of that statement by Nathan Folks.

    P.S. Nathan Folks said he experienced a severe illness of a poisoning nature and almost died and had several hospitalizations after he spoke out very publically regarding the faked nature of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Mr. Folks said several of his friends had same serious illness and said Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and frequent Alex Jones Infowars substitute show host, of, also experienced mysterious serious illness after his speaking out.

    This is important because it shows the very real physical harm and reprisals that come from speaking out about Boston and Sandy Hook.

  2. Jeannon, I fully agree with you: this is indeed some bombshell info... So Nathan Folks, a (jewish?) Hollywood producer knew that Jeff Bauman was a legless actor - PRIOR to the "Boston Marathon terror event"? Wow.

    I trust Jim Fetzer will invite - as soon as possible - Nathan Folks on his radio show - so as to get to the bottom of this matter. But why do I doubt that Fetzer will ever do so, dear Jeannon? Well, you see, in the past i have asked Fetzer to invite to his "Real Deal" show 'bombshell' characters such as Steven Rosenbaum, Charles Hirsch and Ken Feinberg (all of whom jewish, I presume). I believe each of these three persons can provide us with critical information about 9/11 - a far greater psyop than the "Boston Marathon bombings", you'll surely agree. Yet Fetzer - the veteran truthseeker - has never responded to any of my suggestions to get these most interesting fellows interviewed on his show?

    Why? Why? Why?

    Simon Shack

    1. Simon, what do you think of the idea that the JFK assassination was completely faked? I think that's a possibility.

  3. The Zapruder film may have been altered. I have to check that in more detail. I have examined some frames thoroughly, not for fakery but for suspicious behavior of Jackie. My new suspicion is that JFK may have been replaced by a dummy (operated with strings by a person in the trunk) with explosives mounted in the head to fake the head shot.

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  5. There seems to be a lot of conflict among JFK conspiracy researchers. I guess I just added to that conflict and confusion. Oh well, the truth will hopefully be known some day.