Monday, December 9, 2013

Kelly from Tulsa / Bernard Wilds

Sandy Hook 911 phone calls /  JFK reflections



    Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook
    Very well done presentation by Smallstorm. Kelly from Tulsa is an excellent investigative journalist and speaker.
    Thanks to both for their concern about this incredible story of Sandy Hook.

    I heard on the news the other day that the town would not permit media to come there on this first anniversary because families were still grieving and needed privacy. Something about donations was mentioned. Katie Couric featured a cosmetic product on her talk show, part of the purchase price would be donated to charity in Newtown.

    Watch this video before it's removed.

  2. Kelly from Tulsa was great! One of the clearest thinking guests on this show, ever. Great scientific mind.

  3. Thinking about Adam Lanza's non-existent Social Security number, I don't know why I didn't think about this before. It's not new. A similar invented person is the subject of a Russian comedy novel and a film with a score by Sergei Prokofieff It's sometimes heard as a short concert piece, "The Suite from Lieutenant Kijé". I'd suggest that the Lt Kijé theme be considered for background music to future Sandy Hook videos. Here's the Lt Kijé story (found at the first Wikipedia link underneath).

    "A slip of the pen by an army clerk when drawing up a list of officers for promotion, leads to the creation of a Lieutenant Kijé. Once the document is signed by the Emperor, Kijé takes on an existence of his own through a series of muddles and court intrigues. "
    Lieutenant Kijé Film
    Lieutenant Kijé Suite

  4. A possible more credible person who met Adam Lanza a number of times in recent years is Russ Hanoman, Nancy Lanza's best friend. In an interview in front of My Place in Newtown, where Nancy was a regular patron, Russ described Adam as very non-violent. In fact, he had become an organic vegan because he did not want to harm animals. The interview with Russ was conducted by WPIX Channel 11 in NYC and, for a time, was archived on their website. But for some reason, the clip never made it to YouTube, and at last check, WPIX has cycled it out and it is no longer available. Before Kelly firmly concludes that Adam Lanza is a fictional person, I hope she will try to locate Russ Hanoman to see if he can talk more about what he knows.

    1. Agreed. Another anomaly is not only the different death date and different state for the death certificate, which is submitted to the national level from the local level, but the very fact the process works that way, since anomalies from a local funeral home or coroner is likely in most instances to be a case of a glitch in controlling the narrative, a real event therefore in the mix.

      If he existed and died, he may have been inconvenient.


    check out this guy..

  6. stephen barton who happens to have been on a bike ride through Aroura and went to see Batman the night holmes supposedly shot the place up who also happens to be from Newton Connecticut. What a joke.

  7. I just heard some psychologist named Rhonda Martin telling about these two latest releases of Sandy Hook information. She, of course, accepted the official story and just had this caring supportive, but saddened, tone in her voice and was purportedly telling how we can council and be supportive to our children when these tragic school shooting incidents happen.

    I do not see how it is supportive of children to accept a total evil lie by our government and media. Lying to children is never good. Realize the truth of the big lie and protect your children based on the truth of where we are in our evil government.

    Here is the report summarizing the events in Newtown on Dec. 13 2012, by Connecticut's state attorney, Stephen Sedensky,

    This report has to be one big shameful lie.

    Report of the State’s Attorney for the
    Judicial District of Danbury on the
    Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and
    36 Yogananda Street,
    Newtown, Connecticut
    December 14, 2012

    7 phone tapes of the very first part of the event have been released but the rest of the phone tapes are held by the state and will not be released. These 7 tapes sound phony to me. They are described as "audio enhanced" whatever that means.

    The following link...

    Just for the record....

    gives transcriptions of the recorded alleged phone calls.

    This reminds me so much of the recordings of phone calls made from the "planes" on 9-11, all of which have been proven to be an utter impossibility and play-acting hoax.


    Alex Jones, along with Jon Rappoport, seem to focus on truly lone nuts who have been on psychotropic drugs which causes their behavior. Alex does seem to also say that there are a few "assassins" that are drugged and managed over time to perform the shooting as a total government operation. But Alex Jones' general stance is that the shootings and deaths actually took place and were done by someone who was on drugs.

    I and others here seem to be taking the position that there is no proof at all that any children were killed at Sandy Hook as described in the official story.

    This reminds me so much of the major split among the 9-11 truth seekers early on in that endeavor due to some of us taking the no planes, no plane passengers, and no Islamic hijackers. Alex Jones and company would not hear a bit of that and he and Dr. Steven Jones on air ridiculed people who had come to believe that.

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    2. Steve Jones has to be a plant (a nuclear physicist who misses and then won't respond to evidence of fission pathways in the USGS findings, and who created a wrecking ball through the first consortium created to study 9/11, i.e., the original Scholars with Jim Fetzer).

      Jones, some say, is a plant, but I completely doubt that; he has fanaticisms written all over him, in spite of his dedication ... or maybe related to his dedicated spirit.

      One of his fanaticisms is to dismiss weird-sounding claims on the face, and stick to that;

      evidence directly of government agency involvement, he can fathom, but "no this" or "no or few that" he sees as fantasy.


      Yes, seems no kids were harmed at Sandy Hook, though Adam might have been real and bumped off; or not.

      And 9/11 did have fake victims (not all, e.g., esp. surroundings of towers, and in WTC 7, per Jennings). Bloated numbers for 3,000 like Pearl Harbor count: many arguments, including 8 of the same head on different bodies for one character, as the most extreme example.

      And sadly, 9/11 had no planes (Boeings) for obvious easy reasons, but sure, it does sound strange at first. There were also media fake images (at least composite layers, CGI planes added, etc.), but not 100% premade fakes -- as there are too many inconvenient moments matching expected sorts of real-life scenario messups.

  8. The amount of outright fakery in major news events (of public opinion-shaping potential) is, perhaps, at an all-time high at present. The ascent of digital high-tech, combined with the decline of mainstream-news quality, have tragically facilitated this contemporary "information plague," and the adamant refusal by many high-profile "alternative news" commentators to acknowledge even the POSSIBILITY of fakery is providing a valuable "litmus test" of THEIR reliability and honesty. (Both Jones critters fail this test miserably...)

    OTOH, we truth-seekers are also hampered by those among us who have begun to obsessively, mindlessly "cry wolf," alleging fakery, scripting and role-playing EVERYWHERE, lazily abandoning all the laborious fact-checking and evidence-dissecting necessary to successfully/accurately sift the "wheat" of fact from the "chaff" of fiction.

    1. Yes, though those who cry wolf are confused, have become uncareful --- one may postulate total faking, but if there is contravening reasonable logic against it from the evidence itself (and inconvenient moments in broadcast are some of the direct arguments for real imagery in there), then one must remember that.