Friday, December 21, 2012

Jones Harris / Richard Hooke

JFK assassination science: Altgens photo #6


  1. Jim, beware of so-called JFK researchers who will agree with you on certain pivotal areas of the JFK assassination and vehemently disagree with you on other equally pivotal areas. These individuals are, in my view, no better than Trojan horses and paid LN shills. Two examples of this tactic are 1/ the motorcade stop and 2/ the newly found and much trumpeted Lovelady "work overshirt". This tactic is widely known as the DiEugenio Gambit:- Universally accepted facts about the JFK assassination are undermined and discredited with the aim of demolishing the fact that there was a conspiracy involved in the assassination of JFK. Your "friend" Jones Harris comes across as a firm devotee of the DiEugenio Gambit.

    Be careful out there, Jim.

    1. DiEugenio has recently said that
      JFK and the Federal Reserve got along fine and that the whole story has been exaggerated and been blown out of all proportion. Now this Harris Jones guy says the Dorothy Kilgallen story has also been misunderstood, misconstrued and exaggerated. What other flip flops can we expect from that giggling fuck DiEugenio and from our friend Harris Jones? Come to think of it, I'm slightly curious why Harris Jones himself hasn't been whacked before now - given his proximity to the JFK ménage.

      ...makes you think what the hell is going on in the JFK Research Community...

  2. Jones said Killgallen was trying to confirm that Roselli was present at the Cabana Motel at the time that Ruby and Brading were known to be there. Is that not significant information?

  3. We already know Roselli was in Dealey Plaza on 22 November 1963. We got photographic proof.

    Check out this video:-

  4. An opinion on Jones Harris from 1985

    Mae Brussell Worldwatchers (717)

    "Ruth Gordon (actress) passed away this week...she met her husband, Garson Kanin when he was in the OSS in 1941..I thought that was interesting as she had a son from an earlier time whose name was Jones Harris. He was an early researcher into the Kennedy assassination and very close to J Edgar Hoover....he wanted to prove beyond a doubt that J Edgar was clean and his research was done on that basis, to clear him of all possible talk..trying to prove that became impossible and he seems to have dropped out..."
    2nd September 1985

  5. Mae Brussell wasn't right about everything. I don't remember her saying this about Harris but I'm not doubting it. She held many w/ deep suspicion. I can't access that YouTube (not clickable) Frederico but I do remember someone in a Dealey Plaza film said to resemble Roselli