Monday, December 17, 2012

Janet Phelan

Sandy Hook / conservatorship scams


  1. The police and the few Waffen SS units that Homeland Security can field won't have allies in the populace. They have aspirations of installing a Nazi-style police state, but they're far from having a charismatic personality like Adolf Hitler. Franz von Papen couldn't have pulled it off in Germany, nor could von Hindenburg. Hitler's movement was able to put swastika armbands on the police and tell the German populace that the swastikas meant that THOSE police were not like the Weimar police, that THOSE were the "people's" police. Many people didn't believe the ruse, but it was safer to accept it. There is no prospect that the ruling élite will be able to do the same without a Hitler. Every step of the U.S Government forces alienates the populace further from the police and other representatives of officialdom. Counter-propaganda from the Truth movement is invaluable in assuring that the forces of tyranny will be digging their own graves by accelerating this self-defeating process of the tyrants. We will have our revolution yet, and millions will rally to it.

  2. The Brutal Repression and Sniper Killing of the Occupy Leaders was ORCHESTRATED IN HOUSTON TEXAS at the HOUSTON FBI Wow Imagine That .....