Monday, November 19, 2012

Richard Hooke

Framing Lee Harvey Oswald


  1. I don't feel confident to weigh in on the photographic evidence except to say that, from my own devilish retouching work to get some humor out of serious computer images (often down to a pixel level), Door Man looks a lot more like Lee Oswald than Lovelady. There are other serious anomalies in the Altgens photo that make me suspect it was altered, even if there's no evidence to question the chain of possession. I went through the material at Joseph Backes' links and have to say that some conceivably good points were made there. All the venom is out of place in a serious investigation, and anyone who spreads it casts doubt on his or her own position.

    I'm more interested in WHY Kennedy was assassinated. It wasn't JFK's disloyalty to the criminal class that runs this country. See Noam Chomsky's article on Kennedy's Latin American policy, his endorsement of using client dictators and death squads here: This was written in a more honest period in Chomsky's career; and, of course, Chomsky is better at political machinations than he is on the actual mechanics. My take on the why was that JFK was caught up in some serious political currents that involved the war industry, disgruntled elements in the security-state apparatus and among political movers and shakers (LBJ included), and a freight train that took off in and around 1947 heading the country in the direction of establishing the USA as the new homeland of the Third Reich. Nazi assets that were involved in the assassination included the CIA, J Edgar Hoover, George H W Bush, and (on the Warren Commission) Allen Dulles, who masterminded the post-war alliance with the Reich's civilian authorities and stay-behinds, and John J McCloy, who as Truman's High Commissioner for Germany put an end to the Nuremberg Tribunal and pardoned the leading Nazi industrialists (including Frick and Krupp).

  2. @atlantabill

    re 'It wasn't JFK's disloyalty to the criminal class'

    It seems that the factions you cite--Nazis, the defense industry--would be the criminal class that runs the country. And I'm not sure one would have to be 'disloyal' to have elements within yr class wanting you dead. The bourgeoisie isn't a monolith, it's a many-headed hydra. Michael Parenti gave a talk called 'Conspiracy and class Power.' I think he has it just abt right. It's available online.

    re Chomsky: I have two objections: He places far too much faith in government documents. We now know of several instances when the files were 'seeded' to show that presidents okayed things which they didn't. One has to be more cautious than Chomsky is I think. There is no question that JFK followed a 'Cold War' foreign policy throughout most of his brief presidency. The theory is that he had a change of heart and was pursuing a friendlier, more peaceable [less profitable] approach. And there is tons of evidence to support that. Let's not forget the unilateral ban on nuclear testing. It is hard to square that with Chomsky's JFK. This is not to say you and Chomsky are wrong, just that there's good arguments on both sides.

    Here's my take: The JFK assassination was a second Rapallo. Rathenau and Lenin broke with the provisions of the Versailles Treaty and established a separate peace. Attempts were made on both their lives, in R's case successfully. [Fanny Kaplan is the Oswald of the Lenin assassination attempt.] Khrushchev made the famous anti-Stalin speech, and JFK broke with the Truman Doctrine, was ending the war in Vietnam and establishing a detente with Kh' and Castro. JFK is killed and Kh' marginalized and then the Cold War went on abated. Not only do i believe that hard line elements within the ruling classes of the respective countries removed their leaders, I think they may have acted in concert. LHO goes to Russia, marries a KGB official's niece, makes dozens of phone calls from that official's house, certainly it possible that the KGB knew that the CIA had plans for Oswald. Remember that they already had impersonators running around Dallas and New Orleans when O was still in Minsk. I think it's quite possible the Russians were in on it. Several things suggest this, too many to go in here, but chief among them is the KGB's internal report that they believed O had whacked JFK. I cannot believe they believed that.


    OIC is a sham

  4. Dave Fryett, you make a good point about unreliable official documents: that's a valuable caveat. It wouldn't be out of character for the KGB to work with CIA against respective heads of their governments. Krushchev, whom we would expect to be lionized for standing up over Cuba, was shortly afterwards retired from public service (as you said, "marginalized"). I might even suggest that the business with Oswald was carried out by like-minded elements acting independently within each spy service. I would bring up the fact that the Vietnamese Stalinists were helped by the USSR and snubbed by China as counter-evidence for a mutual desire to escalate the War in Vietnam (however, the parallel with the Rapallo Treaty was something I haven't heard and was quite good).

    My dwelling on Nazis isn't a reflection of any lack understanding of the hydra-like nature of the ruling class: it's obvious to any serious scholar that there's always internecine warfare. My obsession of late with the Nazi underground has four origins: (1) my conviction that a Spanish anarchist I read some time ago had it right that fascism is the natural political form that capitalism takes at its financial stage, (2) my realization that the Marxist Left is woefully lacking in an adequate theory of fascism (esp. its transnational aspects), (3) my frequent encounter with classic Goebbelsian Nazi propaganda on the Internet, and (4) my discovery in recent years that there is some very detailed research on just who is involved in the Nazi underground and how what they do ties in so well with all that's going on currently.

    If you haven't heard Dave Emory on the JFK assassination, I think his "How the Assas­si­na­tion of Pres­i­dent Kennedy Changed Amer­ica" would be worth your while: (scroll down) Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone have some valuable JFK research and a must-hear interview with Joan Mellen archived here: And, yes, I've admired Michael Parenti's work for many years; his "Conspiracy and Class Power" can be heard here:

    1. Couple of quick things: I have listened to Schoenman/Shone's i'view with his former wife [3 hrs if i remeber crrectly] Joan M., and I've read her "A Farewell to Justice. It was a bit disappointing but the part abt RFK and Murgado was interesting. She put a loty of faith in people who have been lying abt the assassination for decades. Why believe them now?
      A long time ago Emory [who puts a lot of faith in the bourgeois press] did something called "The Guns of November [i think]", which was quite extensive. Don't know if it's available online, but as I remember it it was quite good.

      There was a book written abt the Nazi underground called "The Nazis Go Underground." Rscking my memory but can't remember author's name. He was a journalist and it ruined his career cuz it was too honest. Been quite a while since I read it but I think it is a must for people like you with an interest in the topic. Maybe there is more and better now, I don't know.

      I don't believe that the KGB necessarily wanted an escalation of the V. war, but rather wanted a return to Stalinism. Let's not forget that Mao too was pissed at Kh., what he did was a bombshell in its time.
      An interesting sidelight to this was that Kh. believed that Castro was working for the CIA [that is against JFK]. To long to go into here, but there is ample evidence to support this. According to Carlos Franqui's "Family Portrait with Fidel," Fidel was responsible for the shootdown of American spy plane. He asked a Russian how the anti-aircraft stuff worked while seiing Anderson's plane on radar. He then asked which button fired the rocket, when told he pressed it causing the Russianss to go apoplectic. If true, clearly Castro was trying to ignite a war between US n USSR, as the Pentagon wanted. If one listens to the secret JFK tapes, Le May and the others were urious JFK didn't retaliate. Food for thought. Who knows.

      Don't agree Marxists haven't come up with adequate theory abt fascism. Follow the link to a quote, and I recommend the book it's from

      will listen to Emory. thx.

    2. Dave Fryett, that's a fine quote from Dutt's book: it's a book I'll have to read. I heard the same story about Castro and the missile button from comrades in the Trotskyist movement (Castro put our Cuban comrades into prison). Joan Mellen is Ralph's former wife?!-I didn't realize that. I think I recall from the interview or a follow-up program that Thom Harmann's book on the assassination (which the CIA published to flank and bury Mellen's) tries to paint Che Guevara as the CIA asset and Castro as the real revolutionary. Dave Emory's "Guns of November" is available here: All Dave Emory's broadcasts are archived now at Spitfire List:
      I can't fault either Schoenman or Emory for quoting from the bourgeois press because doing so has two advantages: (1) if done advisedly, it can offer those who think the b.p. has any credibility a crutch so they can move on to the truth or can bring the b.p.'s disinformation into focus and (2) occasionally a rare journalist gets the real facts into print (there are lots of them still, but the government political commissars who pose as editors usually trash their work).
      A long but worthwhile article giving the orthodox (ie,authentic) Trotskyist slant, "Trotskyism vs. Castroism, Defend the Cuban Revolution!", is available here:
      Carl Riess' The Nazis Go Underground is available in free PDF at Spitfire List:
      I forgot to thank you before for the valuable links to sources.

  5. Ich wußte nicht, daß Henry Kissinger ein Jude ist. Ich bin von die Deutschen stolz, daß sie solche gute Nazijäger sind. Sie würden vielleicht diesen über Hitlers amerikanische Unterstützer deutschen Dokumentar genießen: Meine Großmutter hat mich gelehrt, immer stolz darauf sein, daß wir Deutsche sind.

  6. Ich verrate mich, aber was zur Hölle:

  7. What many don't realize is that the so-called Left press is dominmated by capital and its intelligence agencies. I think they cal it the "grand wherlitzer." Harmann is a great example [Chris Hedges too]. Harmann got "unique" access to the FBI's files in order to write that. That means they trust him, nuff said. I didn't read the book, but I'm told that he doesn't actually name Guevara as the alleged mole working with the US, but leaves little room for doubt whom he means. I also heard that in the second edition this entire topic was excised. So apparently Goebbels was wrong when he said no lie was too big in propaganda.

    As I'm sure u r aware, Some believe Castro was behind the murders of both Che and Cienfuegos.. Even if untrue, he is at best a bonapartist.

    Castro put everybody in jail: Trots, anarchists, everybody. We know the CIA had at least one agent aboard the Granma, I think I know who...

    Thx for link, will reead the FI piece, but it is seldom that I find myself in agreement with them. I'm much farther to the Left. Thx.

    1. ps. Speaking of Vietnam, here a fantastic multimedia piece: