Friday, November 9, 2012

Art Olivier

"Operation Terror"


  1. Since no one else has commented, allow me to say how much I enjoyed Art Olivier. A lifetime of political activism and personal research has convinced me that no level of infamy is beyond the capitalist ruling class and its hirelings: so, I don't consider what Art said in reply to your Pollyanna-ish enthusiasm, Jim, beginning at minute 50:22 of the interview to be the least bit "cynical". On the contrary, I would characterize his point of view as entirely REALISTIC. The people who engineered 9/11 and the various cover-ups must have had a ball doing it: what a hilarious joke on the gullible American people! But the methods are as old as Western civilization. Listen to the author of here, who does a pretty good job of showing how true this is: (short)

    Some friends in the 1% percent of the proletarian Left which is the REAL Left once told me that they don't give 9/11 any play because the false-flag attack (which they're aware was an inside job) was not exceptional; and, when you consider that the Jewish Nazis that run Israel did far worse to Beirut a few years before, you might see their point (however, I myself don't think this level of cynicism serves us well).

    The élite's trillions of black-budget dollars buy them a lot of sociopathic talent. But we can take heart in the realization that sociopaths and psychopaths (the difference is that the latter are genetically disposed) are limited in their creativity. Most of what they do are rehashed methods of the caesars, monarchists, and Nazis (Bonapartism and its Stalinist variant were clever variations on the same theme). And our work is done within healthy intellectual communities on the Internet and elsewhere. They can't prop up the decaying corpse of a dead system forever; and very few people will accept outright piracy as a substitute, as it becomes universally recognized that that's all they can anymore offer.

  2. I liked this interview also. Especially his emphasis on the fact that Presidents are just teleprompter readers, despite Jim's opinion that they have power.