Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jim Fetzer and Clare Kuehn

9/11 TV fakery: Planes or no planes?


  1. The bullet/plane analogy is outstanding. I think that might make some headway with the general public. If a lead bullet can't penetrate the building how the hell can an aluminum can flying at (supposedly)560 mph melt into a building? But most of the public believes that if they saw it on TV it must be real.

  2. Yes. It's an instance where this is the ONLY thing to start with: it's a direct assault on the impression intended by the perps. All the rest cannot usually make its way into people's pates (heads) until this is answered. ----------- For example, with PID, Don, as you know, the first 2 issues to address are that a) P looks/acts/sounds "the same" and b) that family of P, etc., couldn't "go along". THE ANSWER IS THE FORENSICS: THAT IT WAS DONE AND HAPPENED SO THE OTHER THINGS MUST BE WRONG IMPRESSIONS. :)