Friday, August 3, 2012

Ernst Zundel

Persecuted & imprisoned for research on WWII


  1. Wow, I love it! Two of the greatest scholars having a long over-do conversation... I am downloading this now and will listen ASAP!

  2. Jim, you've been taken in by an authentic neo-Nazi antisemite. Dave Emory outed Nazi disinformationist Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel in 1999: your Ernst Zundel, a.k.a. Christof Friedrich, a.k.a. Mattern Friedrich, and owner of neo-Nazi publishing house Samisdat which promotes the notion that Aryan Saturnians planted Hitler on Earth to save the planet from racial degeneration. Last 1/3 of Dave Emory's radio program FTR#178: Also, the biography of Zündel in this Wikipedia article which is well-sourced and detailed:ündel According to the biography, in the German judge's closing remarks in Zündel's 2007 trial, he called Zündel a "Brunnenvergifter und Brandstifter, einen Verehrer dieses menschenverachtenden Barbaren Adolf Hitler, von dem er dummdreist daherschwafelt." (a "well-poisoner and arsonist, an admirer of this human-despising barbarian Adolf Hitler, of whom he rambles on with brash impertinence", according to the Wikipedia article and which seems to me with my fair knowledge of German to be correct, although I would have it "foolheartedly" rather than "with brash impertinence"). You have to keep in mind that millions of Germans, and not only Jewish Germans, suffered the scourge of Nazism; and many had worked hard to undo Conrad Adenauer's attempt to resurrect the Third Reich in Germany by appointing arch-Nazi war criminals to high-ranking cabinet posts when he was Chancellor from 1949 to 1963. Furthermore, Jim, you should have been clued to Zündel's intellectual bias when he told you that a German friend gave him access to Rudolf Hess's(!) library of "scholarly" works. Remember also that anti-Marxism (only secondarily red-baiting of Jews) was the quintessence of Nazism, as you can see in the banner decorating Hitler's first major speech as Chancellor (following on the podium Zündel's mentor, Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess) here at minute 28:00:
    Banner reads: "Macht Deutschland vom Marxismus frei!" (Make Germany Marxism-free!)
    Really, Jim!

    1. "diametrically opposed to Jewish Bolshevik Communism" Well, that's Josef Goebbels' line. It's the ideological deflection from class struggle that was imported from Nazi Germany into the U.S. by the same handful of industrialists and bankers who funded Hitler and tried to overthrow FDR, came out of Douglas McArthur's general staff to found the John Birch Society and other like-minded and historically interlinked groups such as Aryan Nations and the World Anti-Communist League (of Iran-Contra fame), and brought Nazi war criminals and their protegés into high positions in the Republican Party (although the Democratic Party also has ties with them). Notwithstanding all the rat-line traffic through Operation Paperclip, it's hard to separate how much of this rubbish was imported from Hitler Germany and how much exported there from the U.S.: the immense contribution to the psyop by Henry Ford, for instance, was well-recognized and acclaimed by Hitler. And there are earlier, common roots in the Czarist Okrana (political-police apparatus) - the same who forged the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The archived radio programs of Dave Emory are a wealth of information about all this.

  3. Really good job Jim. Your bravery as an intellectual knows no bounds, touching such kryptonite as Zundel.

    I followed the trials as much as I was interested in the persecution of free speech in an alleged free country. While there is nothing particularily attractive about him or his topic, it was the unrelenting railroading of him with obscure and unrelated laws that scared the hell out of me as a liberty loving person. Compound the power of the state trying to pay to defend yourself and you have an impossible situation.

    I really didn't care too much about his Holocaust revision. I know a whole branch of my family got on a train to nowhere in Czeck and Austria. I know they didn't come back and their assets disappeared too. I do know that whatever the final count is that Jews around the world pledge never again. I do not however support setting up an efficient security state where a kangaroo court decides who gets to say what. EVEN IF it means someone with an opposing distasteful view can speak freedom loving individuals must accept this.

    To not accept this is to descend right back into the pit my ancestors were thrown into.

  4. @Jim Fetzer.

    When I saw Zundel's name in the archives i thought "This is going to be good." After listening however, i regret that i cannot congratulate as anticipated. It is to yr credit that you had him on, but the show was a tremendous disappointment.

    Haing Z. on and not discussing the holocaust is like interviewing Sibel Edmands and not discussing 9/11. For two hours i waited wonmdering when you were going to broach the topic that made Zundel famous, but you never did.

    I gather that the astonishing omission was to protect him against further legal persecution; and given that he too did not mention the cause with which he has become synonymous, that it was by mutual consent. But then why bother! The result was a show that went into excruciating detail about his travails, but one that never addressede their substance. What a waste!

    At the end you said something to the effect that he was a wonderful human being. While I do not dismiss his research and am sympathetic to German people who have been stigmatized like no other, and while I recognize that his prosecutions have been wantonly malicious and utterly disgraceful, I don't believe Zundel has done anything to warrant such praise. He comes very close to the racist line, and, imho, crosses it ("Hypocrisy is the hallmark of the modern Jew," and many other such statements). Asserting that a given race(s) are more prone to venality (like hypocrisy etc.) than others is quintessentially racist and fascist. It is the core principle of fascism without which it loses its meaning.

    And if the things Zundel says are borderline racist and fascist, the utterances of his wife, Ingrid, are not. She is a classic anti-semite, and her sectarian loathings do not end with the Jews.

    Zundel has done yeoman work in confronting the Hololobby and the oppressive Jewish McCarthyism, and is to be commended for it, but that doesn't make him a saint.


    It wasn't Adenaur but the Allies who put the fascists back in power, and not just in Germany. The Greek resistance, almost exclusively anarchists and communists, drove the Italians and then the Nazis out. They had established a democracy with local self-rule with most of those jurisdisctions abolishing capitalism and some outlawing money altogether. Churchill's government contacted Hitler's and said if you have to abandon Greece, couldn't you hold off long enough for us to get our army in and prevent a democratic takeover. Hitler agreed but was unsuccessful and socialism/democracy was established by the resistance. The Brits landed in Greece and fought a war that lasted years. They prevailed, and when they did they appointed/ran for office in rigged elections those Greek fascists who collaborated with the Italians/Germans. Churchill's correspondence leaves no room for doubt. His goal was to crush democracy in Greece and establish a bourgeois republic controlled by international capital, which he did. Once the Greek fascists had been put back in ppower, they systematically murdered/imprisoned the anarchists/communists who had liberated Greece from the fascist yoke.

    This is precisely what they did in Italy as well. There's lots of information available abt this, but I recommend Kolko's "Century of War."

    Why would Hitler and Churchill be secretly negotiating to crush democracy in Greece, because they both headed capitalist governments. And while they do occasionally fight amongst themselves, their common enemy is the working class. Bourgeois republics and fascist dictatorships are two types of capitalist control, the carrot and the stick.

    Adenaur was no more or less a fascist than Churchill. They were both controlled by the same plutocratic forces.

    1. @Dave Fryett, I agree about Churchill. He carried on a friendly correspondence with fascist Francisco Franco just before the war. I also know about Britain's armed defense of Nazism/Fascism in Greece and murder of the resistance fighters. As for Adenauer, you can hear Rodney Atkinson, advisor to UK Parliament, name the names in Adenauer's cabinet here:
      Yes, of course the Western allies were behind the early attempts at the re-Nazification of Germany. They also put a halt to the Nuremberg Trials and funded/directed the Nazi "Werewolf" partisans against the Eastern ally until c 1950. Thanks for the additional information!

    2. "Hypocrisy is the hallmark of the modern Jew," and many other such statements). Asserting that a given race(s) are more prone to venality (like hypocrisy etc.) than others is quintessentially racist and fascist."

      "Hypocrisy is the hallmark of the modern Jew" is an indelibly true statement. The way you throw around the epithet "racist" and "fascist" exposes you as a typical Jew-communist freak.

  5. I have to agree with Dave. You need to have Zundel back to discuss the Holocaust and 9/11. Even with all his publicity over the years I never did read his stuff. I am more interested in his views of 9/11 to see close they align with yours and mine.

    1. I agree, of course, that the state apparatus of the ruling bourgeoisie (which trades off liberal democracy for fascism when it serves its purposes) must be opposed when it suppresses opinion. But this does not mean that we have to give Nazi apologists a public podium. Furthermore, whether it's true that the Zyklon-B was used for pest control or for a concerted campaign to exterminate alleged enemies of the Reich, it's still the case that the regime worked millions to death. And the intentional, or even negligent, death of the kidnapped millions under imprisonment still amounts to official genocide.

    2. Anyone sympathetic to revisionism, conspiracy theories, anti-gov sentiments, etc., who uses the term "racism" as if it's a meaningful term, is an idiot. That term is a likely Trotsky invention, a tool to pursue a political agenda and short-circuit critical thinking.

      A similar issue is with the term "anti-Semite," which makes Fryett a two-fold idiot. Regarding that term, the great Joe Sobran aptly defined, “An anti-Semite is someone that the Jews hate.” Before the time of MLK and his Jewish social-Marxist handlers, virtually everyone believed that their race had a right to a future, that their people had a right to exist. They didn't believe in a principle, which if universalized, would equate the extinction of all races. I'm talking of miscegenation and multiculturalism. Crazy how folks today want to champion diversity but they refuse to espouse the beliefs of their forefathers which were the only prophylactic against racial genocide and a Unitarian, coffee-colored eschaton. Challenge all of your sacred cows, amigos. Pursue nothing but TRUTH. Think.

      Moving on, why should Fetzer have to ask Zündel about the Holocaust? What new info does one expect him to uncover? If Zündel doesn’t want to hang himself, why badger Fetzer for not setting up the gallows? It was a fascinating interview, one showing an autobiographical slice of the man’s real, believable, and authentic life. Such interviews give more credence to the alarmingly growing recognition that those labeled has haters, racists, and anti-Semites are some of the most beloved and genuinely nice people on the globe. Zündel appeared like your good neighbor who lets you borrow a cup of flour, not a man guilty of murderous hatred toward a person based irrational accident of birth.

      Lastly, Michael Hoffman has done some quality research on Judaism, namely her perverse yet authoritative Talmud and her perennial criminal underground operations. If you’d like to hear me interview one of his friends who runs an online bookstore that sells his books, then tune in. We’ll be discussing the topics mentioned in the above linked post, and very likely the Holocaust. Hoffman’s Wikipedia article is akin to Zündel’s in that the first paragraph labels the man a “Holocaust denier.” How effective. Since this is such a universally recognized sin, I think all of Fetzer’s readers/listeners should tune in to see how deplorable this “truth-seeking” sin is. BTW, my guest, Mickey Henry, is offering Hoffman’s Talmudic study "Judaism's Strange Gods" for free for anyone who wants it. If you listen to the live show, we’ll give out the coupon code at the end.


    3. For my part, I can use the term 'racist' with some authority since I learned racism first-hand growing up as a White German-and-Irish-American Southerner in Georgia but learned the other side of it from my involvement in the Civil Rights Movement as soon as I began acquiring the ability to think rationally and critically. The racism of the German Nazis that fielded the anti-aircraft guns that killed my father and Nazi apologists such as Zündel is a secondary cover for their primary anti-working class, anti-Marxist message. In my youth, the Jim Crow South was full of soft-spoken Nazi refugees like Zündel, during the post-war period of "friendship and reconciliation" with Germany (We've always been at war with Eastasia!). Thank God my university studies in German literature were filled with repentant tales from surviving German soldiers and not apologetics for the crimes of the Hitler regime!

  6. Jim you need to use your critical thinking skills and handle your anti-Jewish bent. Your generalizations show you have no objectivity on the topic. I would appreciate a well moderated panel with suitable spokesmen on both sides to handle the Jews/Israel/Zion/911 thing in an objective manner.

    Tho you didn’t broach this with Zundel this Jewish Issue you have has been a recent theme and its on an upswing. So I ask whether you have any intention of inserting some objectivity into this at last. For instance, could it not be equally argued that a neo-con, or ultra right wing power group was to blame for USING Muslims, Christians and Jews as chess pieces in the 911 power grab / cold coup-d'etat? Aren’t there Plenty of Jews, Christians, and Muslims to go around if we want to focus on that? I guess you could do a show on how NASA/JFK was a Christian conspiracy. What a derailment of logic and critical thinking, though, if one doesn’t invite a qualified panel with divergent opinions and evidence on such a divisive issue.

    Jim, since you are beating the drum, what is the evidence Jews/Israel/Zionists have control of all our military, and everyone in every level from production to on screen talent, to all the media, and caused and the military to stand down, invented and deployed beam weapons, mini-nukes, plasmoids, or whatever, planted explosives, that JEWS had vans of explosives at the New York bridges, that JEWS filmed the event from the begining which would demonstrate advanced knowledge, and danced with joy proving they caused the event see 911myths(dot)com*, with advance knowledge were warned not to go to work*, that JEWS must have told Condy Rice to warn Willie Brown not to fly*. Did JEWS train pilots? Did JEWS run the defense department? Etc. Etc.

  7. Part2. MAYBE CONDY and WILLIE are DARK JEWS!!! Gimme a break! *.

    Yet, there were no conventional explosives that could have brought down the towers--you have shown that repeatedly and you expressly reject the thermite hypothesis. And you can't deny that the Van guys were arrested and only later cleared (In your hypothesis these guys would have been given an instant pass by the perpetrators in charge, and you would have never heard of them).

    Jim, you don’t need to use Edge Shaving Gel to use Occam's Razor. Your insistence on a Jew/Israel/Zionist to finger in the 911 whodunit forces you to constantly expand the field of perpetrators and now with these last 4 or so interviews you have gone off the deep end of credibility and even listen-ability. I am sad to say that you are now spewing hate speech.

    You have seen the film footage of the concentration camp victims haven’t you? just look for that string on youtube! My great aunt was killed in a traincar with gas and poured into a mass grave, My grandmother went to Bergen Belsen. Bergen-Belsen began as a prison camp for captured prisoners of war. It was not like Auschwitz where numerous gas chambers killed thousands everyday. But Bergen-Belsen was no less cruel or horrifying. Most died at Bergen-Belsen from being shot, hung, starved to death, or killed by disease. Bergen-Belsen's most famous prisoner was Anne Frank who was transferred there from Auschwitz in October 1944; she died of typhus a few weeks before the British Army liberated the camp. You might enjoy Stanley Tucci’s film CONSPIRACY, since that’s your bailiwick. It is a dramatic recreation of the Wannsee Conference where the Nazi Final Solution phase of the Holocaust was devised.

  8. pt3 “The Wannsee Conference was a meeting of senior officials of the Nazi German regime, held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee on 20 January 1942. The purpose of the conference was to inform administrative leaders of Departments responsible for various policies relating to Jews that Reinhard Heydrich had been appointed as the chief executor of the "Final solution to the Jewish question". In the course of the meeting, Heydrich presented a plan, presumably approved by Adolf Hitler, for the deportation of the Jewish population of Europe and French North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) to German-occupied areas in eastern Europe, and the use of the Jews fit for labour on road-building projects, in the course of which they would eventually die according to the text of the Wannsee Protocol, the surviving remnant to be annihilated after completion of the projects.” (Wikipedia) There you can find is a copy of the total remaining Jewish populations in the German sphere of influence over whom the Protocol was imposed.

    Here is a new model for you to explore: That racism, blood libels, the use of terror and often false flags to manipulate people has been a multi-generational fuck.
    It is perpetrated by war criminals and violent sociopaths of a certain mental state, but it is not based at all on sex, race or religion, and you have no evidence to show such a correlation. The truth is religion and race are not the best tools to differentiate between people...we have brothers of different skins tones while many of our own skin tone may not share our ethics or morality.

    Your recent style seems to have the weakness of inviting cliche solutions (the Jews did 911). You have bypassed logic and merely reciting stories isn’t evidence. Let’s have some dialog and examination of the proffered evidence!

    Understand that the belief that people of your faith, or color, are okay and others are not is an essential logical fallacy. To help purge the system, I challenge you to identify a scandal perpetrated by your ethnic group and explore and do a show on it.

    The mental state that is eating our nation alive is elitism, worship of money and power and fear; 911 was the fulcrum for the leverage of society and its study is of great importance. Please eliminate THOUGHT STOPPERS such as the appeal to prejudice and xenophobia and get back to credible evidence well documented and analyzed. I challenge you to get a fair panel on this asap!

    Let’s see if your contentions are founded or if they are the “thermites” of the logic.

    (By the way, forget the niceties of what "semitic" means; the term has come to mean prejudice of Jews. We know about semitic language groups.) Jim you are coming from old think on this. And find out about the DNA evidence refuting the “Kazar” libel.

  9. Replies
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    2. Thanks, superfun, for introducing some balance! Needless to say, however, some of the countervailing evidence you mention, such as the Wannsee Conference, could have been manufactured if it were true that there's a "World Jewish conspiracy" to distort the record. From what I can gather, just the opposite seems to be the case if the Second-wave Zionists running Israel have a hand in such an alleged conspiracy: the heirs of the Haganah have been far-too-ready to drop investigations of Nazi post-war activities. But then up pops the genius of Henry Ford and Josef Goebbels: the capitalist ruling class AND their Bolshevik archenemies are both puppets of an all-powerful global Jewish conspiracy, "if vee can't get 'em one vay, vee get 'em by de other". And, yes, it's one of the best interview sites ever to appear on the Internet! Furthermore, Jim Fetzer will always be a hero of mine.

  10. ive heard all zundels interviews since his release from prison,ernst is not allowed to talk about the holocaust or he goes back to prison this was one of the conditions of his doubt zundel told jim this before they taped the interview hence why jim didnt bring it up

    1. Then why not bring on a proxy, say his attorney Christie, who shares many of Zundel's beliefs. Bringing Zundel on and then ducking the subject is what we expect from Charlie Rose, not Jim Fetzer. Either bring him on and talk abt it, or don't bring him on. The worst choice is the one that was made. Two hours is a lot of time to devote to anything, I don't appreciate being bamboozled.

  11. OK, this is a pretty heavy duty interview on the topic and lead-in to a pretty heavy duty book. I thought it was worth a listen:

    The Holocaust Hoax Exposed by Victor Thorn

    What are people's views on this. Perhaps this is what the Zundel interview would have sounded like if he was allowed to speak.

    Perhaps this person is worth interviewing.

  12. By allowed to speak, I don't mean Jim was interrupting, just that he may not be allowed to speak on the topic or he will go back behind bars.


  13. @atlantabill

    Thanks for the discussion

    Not disputing that Adenaur appointed ex-[?]fascists, just saying that the same thing happened in all the Allied-occupied states: Germany, Italy, Greece et al. Check the pedigree of the modern apparatchiki of these states and you will find a common lineage.

    There's a good documentary about Greece called "The Hidden War" [or something close to it] which is/was available online. Regarding the tactical support the Brits and Yanks lent to Franco Peter Day's book "Franco's Friends" is excellent. FDR and Churchill were terrified of Spanish anarchism and conspired with the fascists to crush it. Franco's return was stagemanaged by Brit intel.

    And let's not forget operations Paperclip and Gladio.

    re giving a public podium to Nazi Apologists: I understand your point, but cannot agree. I think it's best to give everybody a public podium. Fascism didn't succeed [remember Hitler, Musso', and Franco never one a single election] because their message was appealing to the masses, they won bnecause they had the endless tactical, financial and political support of international capital while their enemies were being oppressed. Hitler flew in over 41 private aircraft during his electoral campaigns--in the 30s! He didn't own a single one. Fascism triumphed by political intrigue and brute force, it was neither free speech nor the electorate that put Hitler into office.

    re the Nazis: I agree. They were first rate bastards, mass murderers. Even if they never killed a single Jew they enslaved millions in forced labor camps, attacked their neighbors, and attempted, in most cases successfully, to destroy the workers' movements in those lands they conquered. Naziism is capitalism in its ugliest form. I despise it.


    Given the character of your comments it is not likely that you will benefit from a discussion of the topic, but for the benefit of those who might believe that your comments have merit, here goes...

    Please consider the mind-numbing stupidity of the first sentence of your post [ChristianGrayAugust 11, 2012 8:21 PM]. In order for it to be true the following would have to be so as well: Governments always must tell, and must have told, the truth; the initial appraisal of each historical event must be correct and complete in every detail; There could be no, nor could there have ever been, race-based slavery, racial segregation, Jim Crow, racial profiling etc.; nobody could ever have conspired with another person; each and every government has acted honestly and effectively in everything in which it engages--100 percent competence and integrity.

    If any of the above is untrue, then it is you who are the idiot. Everybody has a political agenda [particularly those decrying miscegenation], and it is you who needs to learn to think critically.

    I'll leave you with Mark Twain's famous admonition: "It's better to sit in silence and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

    1. Dave,
      Perhaps I didn't say it very well, but I agree that it wasn't Hitler's appeal to the masses that got him to power. I'd even agree that fascists' right to speak and publish should be defended from criminalization by the state (and I might have gone overboard when I defended the remarks of the German judge, though his remarks may have represented a large public consensus among decent Germans), if for no other reason than that it gives the state a precedent to use against dissidents in general. My point was that decent people such as Jim Fetzer shouldn't step up to the plate to give such people a public podium; let them go to the Aryan Nations for it.

  14. Dave Fryett,

    'He comes very close to the racist line, and, imho, crosses it ("Hypocrisy is the hallmark of the modern Jew," and many other such statements). Asserting that a given race(s) are more prone to venality (like hypocrisy etc.) than others is quintessentially racist'

    Is it true that racial and ethnic groups differ in psychology and behaviour Dave? And if so, doesn't the 'racist' label just distort truth, and therefore because what's good and true needs no special protection, enhance what's bad in the world?

    The 20th century neologism 'racism' was created by a Jewish supremacist and popularized by Trotsky and his followers in order to pathologise normal fellow-feeling among peoples they intended to conquer and subjugate. As far as I can tell it serves pretty much that purpose and no other today.

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  16. If it's true that the 'hallmark of the modern Jew is hypocrisy' then it's vital that all other peoples be aware of this.

    If not then perhaps other nations will be as screwed as the English and the Americans, going along happily with the Jewish claim that 'Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state' even as the vast majority of Jews insist that England and America must diversify away from their ethnic base for the 'greater good of humanity.' And Jews have always led the agenda on diversity and multicult.

    The idea that a people has a right to a sovereign territory to safeguard their existence is reasonable, the idea that others do not and must be replaced by aliens is quite transparently genocidal.

    Ignoring Jewish hypocrisy on this issue and many others gives free rein to the genocide of all nations they oppose; currently we can it see happening to the White and the Muslim peoples. Dave, isn't this enough for ya?

  17. Just wanted to say that the term "double standard" is often used for "hypocrisy" in speaking of these matters.

    Dr. E. Michael Jones and many other traditional Catholic scholars are outraged at the behaviors of Jewish scholars. The rules of professional conduct in academic matters do not seem to apply to Jewish scholars but the rules are strongly enforced on gentile scholars.

    Just search on the term "double standard, "e. michael jones" to find examples in this arena.

    The ultimate double standard or hypocrisy regrding religion and the Jews is their objection that Christians accuse Jews of deicide.

    "Furthermore, the disjunction between the Jews of Christ’s time, and those of today, raised a double standard on the issue of “collective responsibility”:

    Jews could hold the German people accountable for Hitler’s crimes, forcing generations of German taxpayers to pay billions in reparations to Jewish organizations and the state of Israel. But Jews vehemently denied collective responsibility for the death of Christ. The Council’s (Vatican II Church Council 1963 - 1965) schema tried to have it both ways, repudiating the claim the Romans alone were responsible for Christ’s death, but limiting Jewish guilt to Jewish leaders and their followers. As Poncins points out, in the case of Germany in the 20th century, “The whole people is considered responsible and subsequently punished for faults officials committed by its leaders, even when are unknown to a great part of the people.” On the other hand, the Gospel accounts make clear that many Jewish people in Jerusalem were aware of what their leaders were doing and supported them in their efforts."

  18. Pardon the slight digression but this stuff is all connected anyway.

    Here is a must watch free documentary film on the fraudulent nature of our current money system. At least two of those interviewed in the film would be great to interview on the Real Deal. I watched the directors cut of this film...just great!

    Film: "97% Owned - Monetary Reform documentary - Directors Cut "

  19. I have been an admirer of this show for a long time, but I really do have to say something about this interview.

    I am a masters student in history and I support historical revisionism, including the study of the holocaust. However, I am confused that Jim gave so much attention and praise to a man who is clearly using revisionism to support his racist theories, which is clear from the content of his website.

    Searching for truth should be the purpose of historical inquiry, but using it to support ones own racist agenda is not only hurtful but also renders such research open to criticism.

    Jim, I am wondering if, prior to the interview, did you look at his website? did you click on the links? This man clearly has an agenda other than truth seeking.

  20. Ab Irato said:

    "I know a whole branch of my family got on a train to nowhere in Czeck and Austria. I know they didn't come back and their assets disappeared too."

    So that is 'proof' they were "exterminated"? Maybe they were victims of an Allied bombing raid, shelling, machine gun fire, partisan sabotage, or Typhus? Far more non-Jews didn't "come back" either.

    There was no "extermination" bona fide "gas chambers" only delousing rooms (to kill lice!) "ovens", in reality crematories, capable of "burning" so many vast remains (so-called "ashes") of the 'holocausted' bodies found anywhere near or not so near the so-called "death camps" which in reality were concentration and work camps.

    Sure Jews died during that time (a war was going on, remember?), but not because of any genocide. For every one of the alleged six-million Jews that were 'holocausted', at least fifteen non-Jews lost their lives during the 1917-1947 era. More non-Jews were interned in German camps and Jewish-run gulags than were Jews, yet not one of them have ever received one damn cent in "reparations." The holocaust is one big moneymaking, mind controlling $cam. And I for one am more than sick and tired about hearing about it and virtually NOTHING about the far greater loss of non-Jewish life.

    The past is past. Get over it.


  21. Superfun said:

    "Jim you need to use your critical thinking skills and handle your anti-Jewish bent."

    Why are you smearing Jim? Are you a Jew? If not, you're a lackey. Jim's "bent", first and foremost, as is the "bent" of the rest of us 'evil' anti-seemites (like Dr. Pierce used to pronounce it) is pro-truth. Got that? Running a close second, we are pro-gentile.
    In my case, pro-White-gentile.


  22. Hmmm, racist host satisfies racist listeners.

    911 Truth devolves to Jewbaiting and hate speech. All is fine here.

    Jim what have you done to advance critical thinking? What are your rules of evidence?

    Check out the level of discourse on this thread!
    I don't think even you would want to have a scotch with these people, OR MAYBE YOU WOULD.

    Your kind of hate speech has released the moonbats from their survival bunkers; they have swastikas in their eyes and they are ready to scapegoat. Good going, cause that's what you must want given your propaganda. All Jews are suspect, right? They are all in a conspiracy, right? They are all bankers, right? They are not loyal Americans, right? They all have dual citizenship, right? They run the media, right? For that matter, they killed Christ, right? They should die, right? They are the reason you are impotent, right? They are the reason you can't cut it at work, right? To the Boy Wonder: tell Jim you can't spell MUJCA without the J.

    Oh, and by the way, the Jewish rabbi Jesus that you worship as the Son of God, and his Jewish mother don't like hate.

    Haters and bullies, fuck you.

  23. I agree, the level of discourse on this thread is for the most part solid. Jim is showing a lot of courage by allowing these non-mainstream voices to be heard on the air. We are all entitled to hear the full spectrum of perspectives on this important topic and to decide for ourselves what the truth is. We don't need any 'supervisors' to decide for us what the truth is. Thanks though. I'm sure any 'supervisors' have our best interests at heart.

  24. Sources of these quotations, if you please! As someone who spent years in the Trotskyist movement I'm quite familiar with the discussions among the Bolsheviks concerning whether the BRUTAL AND GENOCIDAL CIVIL WAR waged by the Czarist military and supported by expeditions of British, American, French, Polish, Austrian Czech, ad nauseam, troops should be opposed with terrorism (which was the only way the French Revolution saved itself from Austrian intervention). But I don't recall any of the statements you quote. I don't recall the Bolsheviks ever using the guillotine, either; though they did make use of a few firing squads to dispense with bloodthirsty cutthroats under Nestor Maknow who ravaged villages, murdering peaceful Jews and Seventh-Day Adventists. I doubt especially the quote about annihilating
    the Don Cossacks, who came over early in the Civil War to the side of the Bolsheviks.

  25. Truth doesn't fear investigation, Superfun. I've read "Aushwitz" and seen its movie adaption the Grey Zone. I've heard about these studies and wouldn't mind looking at the data here. Is that ok or must we check in with you and be subject to your name calling & raving?

  26. Remember, guys, that the immediate post-9/11 stories about the Dancing Israelis, the Israeli-owned moving vans packed with explosives, the hordes of Jewish "art students" behaving like spies, the pack of Israelis caught trying to blow up the Mexican parliament, and even Benny N.'s cringe-inducing "It's good for Israel" comments were ALL transmitted into the public consciousness by America's Jewish-owned/controlled mass media, with Neocon-mouthpiece Fox News (of "nose-out" fake tower-hit video fame) being the loudest voice.

    And THEN came the scrubbing of such stories from their esablishment websites, followed by the mainstream media's wholesale amnesia regarding such implicative narratives.

    Methinks this particular stream of "suspect-the-Jews," early news stories was essentially a plan of "innoculation," to make millions of otherwise innocent, not-in-on-the-9/11-plot Jews worry that the mother country's rambunctious Mossad MIGHT have played a guilty role in the attacks -- AND SIMULTANEOUSLY to supply "red meat" to the most militant (and easily discreditable via their mainstream "bad reputations") Jew-haters, who would (and certainly did) pounce on the opportunity to blame the "eternal scapegoats-and-conspirators" rather than a rag-tag gaggle of "Osama's boys".

    Well, the innoculation worked perfectly.

    In the disastrous, war-strewn decade of human sacrifice that followed, an unsurprisingly enormous percentage of the most militant defenders of the official 9/11 myth turn out to have Jewish surnames. And the most strident voices cring "Israeli False Flag," just as predictably, have come from the all-too-familiar environs of Stormfront/National Alliance/Liberty Lobby(ex)/David Duke/Chris Bollyn/Michael Collins Piper, etc.

    Is it any wonder that so very few "independent," "respectable" and "honest" scholars, journalists, and social commentators (yes, there are some, even in this corrupt age of mass deception) a whole decade on, are still utterly terrified of publicly questioning the feds' 9/11 fairy tale AND suggesting Israeli involvement too?

    I agree with Dr. Fetzer, who has often sermonized that hating ANYONE, because of their religion/race/ethnicity/social class/sexual orientation/disability/nationality/ideology is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    But we can still despise (and more importantly, must expose) all the evil that has, and continues to be, done in misguided support of "identity politics".

  27. Without identity politics (who am I/we and what are my/our interests), personal self-defense is impossible and ethnic self-defense is impossible.

    Was Gandhi wrong to say India belonged to the Indians? Is the Dalai Lama wrong to say that the policy of replacing Tibetans with Han Chinese is wrong and must end? They are both identity politics and few have concerns about them.

    Identity politics only really gets controversial when 1) any people tries to distinguish its interests from Jews - this is (bogus) 'antisemitism' and 2) when any White people tries to distinguish its particular interests from others - this is (bogus) 'racism' and clearly a codeword for (real) anti-Whitism.

  28. P.S. So-called "hate speech" in reality is speech Jews and other politically correct-types don't like, or approve of, and want censored.

  29. atlantabill says:"As someone who spent years in the Trotskyist movement

    AHHH, you finally let the cat out of the bag!You are an admitted JEW COMMIE!

    haha, no wonder you hate zundel and attack revisionism. You are a genocidal Jew Bolshevik!