Friday, August 10, 2012

Michael Collins Piper

FINAL JUDGEMENT: Israel's role in JFK's assassination


  1. I HAVE to get Piper's book, the 6th edition. However, he seems to be leading us away from the Nazis and their CIA creation, and he doesn't appreciate that many of the leading second-wave Zionists who were ostensibly anti-Nazi have actually been caught working with the Third Reich and its surviving operatives. The Rothschild family certainly helped such Nazis. The irony is that there have been Zionist Nazis AND liberal Nazis. As for the latter, listen to this short segment of a broadcast by Nazi-hunter Dave Emory exposing links between the (once superior to Adolf Eichmann) SS Officer Otto von Bolschwing and Nancy Pelosi: (accompanying text here:

    The connection of Clay Shaw and Permandex with the Fascist and Nazi stay-behind operatives behind Operation Gladio is pretty well established, I think. Ralph Schoenman (author of The Hidden History of Zionism and here interviewed by Lenny Bloom) in 2005 detailed the evidence of this connection and exposed the slanders against Jim Garrison misdirecting investigations away from the CIA: (last half)

    And, Jim, please be careful to discriminate between duped Jewish nationalists (traditional Zionists) and the actual Zionist Nazis (the second-wave, neo-Jabotinsky variety who run Israel). Also, please try to get an interview with Ralph Schoenman, who does programs now for the Progressive Radio Network in Chicago.

  2. "he seems to be leading us away from the Nazis and their CIA creation"

    I think you are on to something there, Atlanta Bill.

    And then we have to look at who created the CIA as we know it today. I know it came out of the OSS, but we have to look at the deep history of the OSS and those people. These people seemed from the beginning to want the one world death and slavery system. There were heavy Freemasonic and I think CFR connections of the early people, and there can then be connections shown between those entities to "Zionism."

    I would like to read a Michael Piper book. He seems to be a good researcher and I guess good writer, but I do not particularly like his speaking style. Too much metadiscourse.

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  4. BLUEYEDEVIL, You need to familiarize yourself with the work of Dave Emory at Or State Department whistleblower John Loftus (search YouTube(c)). Emory's radio archives cite and quote the important sources on the role of the Rockefeller empire, Henry Ford, the Duponts, and most of the major (non-Jewish and notably antisemitic) American industrialists in funding Hitler and forcing him on the German people. The war didn't end in 1945 with the surrender of the military authority (not the civilian) to the same Western powers which bankrolled the Nazis: the shooting war was continued, in fact, until 1950 (1952 in Ukraine) by the German "Werewolf" guerrillas under the direction of SS Major General Reinhardt Gehlen and the CIA he and the Third Reich's US friends created out of the OSS (Dave Emory gives the details and names the names). Martin Bormann's flight-capital network funded the creation of the Bilderberg Society and the other fascist think-tanks that have worked diligently to shepherd the re-emergence of the Third Reich, whose new homeland is the U.S.A. The State of Israel is a thinly-veiled Nazi client state for masking the dispersal of Bormann capital and Bormann agents throughout the world using duped Jewish and Arab nationalists, and as a compliment to the Reich's Muslim Brotherhood ally, which supplied it with several SS divisions during the war. NATO, which was created as a similar joint US(and UK)-Nazi venture, is the re-emergent Wehrmacht. NATO has returned Libya to the Reich's Italian Fascist allies in fulfillment of a post-war agreement, and it's now going after Central Asia in a re-start of Operation Barbarossa (from the south this time). The origin of the Israeli terrorist groups can be traced back to the Third Reich and its Italian partner, not the other way around. Russia, as before, will again face Operation Barbarossa alone; but this time it may have some more trustworthy allies.

  5. Atlantabill's obviously a Dave Emory follower ("Nazis are everywhere!") but AB does attempt to present a NUANCED view of covert history in his postings here and certainly does not exempt the execrable Likudniks from blame for their massive evil-doing and ongoing, octopus-like control fetish. Yet you, Nick, prefer to dismiss AB's postings as "complete fiction".

    That's not rational debate, that's being in denial. Are you saying that Operation Sunrise, Operation Paperclip, Operation Gladio, etc. never happened or are totally inconsequential to the state of the world today?

  6. Atlantabill,

    You sound more like a TelAvivDave; I wouldn't be surprised one bit if you were. Your Nazi comments are pure b.s. and boring. Ditto Dale Emory, Alex Jones(tein), etc.

    If the "Nazis" were secretly running things as you (falsely) claim, we'd have a pro-White government and accompanying policies instead of an anti-White, heavily Jewish* government (anyone else notice the relation?) as is the case (for several decades).

    A close friend once said to me: "America's decline corresponds to the ascent of the Jew."

    How true.


  7. Andy Tyme, there's history you seem not to be aware of. In the previous MCP thread at this blog,

    I took the time to reply to atlantabill's mythmaking with facts, showing that his Nazis Run the World extrapolations from such events as Operation Paperclip were bogus. About Paperclip I wrote:

    "the scientists and technicians who came over with Operation Paperclip etc., were just that, they went to work doing maths and engineering. The Soviet Union took as many as the US, and other allies took a share too. Some Nazis also fled to other parts of the world including the Arab world and South America. None of these places are as war-like as the modern US, but then they don't have as many Jewish neocons."

    He did not reply.

    I failed somewhat in not pointing out that Germany itself was where most Nazis continued to reside, and of course that country has been docile and put-upon for nearly seven decades. Better than anything else this demonstrates the imbecility of the Nazis Run Everything crowd.

    Above all else the Nazis were passionate German nationalists, yet in the decades since the Nazis began secretly running the world (according to establishment-boosted propagandists like Jim Marrs and credulous conspindustry reading housewives in Iowa), Germany has been subjugated to Jewish bankers, Asian and African colonists, Brussels bureaucrats, and NATO.

    Like I say, if Nazis have all this power and control, when will we see something, anything remotely Nazi-like materialising in the real world and not just in conspindustry media?

  8. "The State of Israel is a thinly-veiled Nazi client state"

    Can anyone take seriously someone who believes this? He's either lying or blind. Like when Alex Jones says "the Arabs run Hollywood", it is so diametrically opposite to such clear facts that you know the guy can't be relied upon to discuss Jewish power with any accuracy.

    Joseph Farrell got a PhD from Oxford in Patristics but now deals in this hokum. Why? Because it sells in vast quantities to half-wits, but also because it's the kind of thing the establishment wants you to believe -- half the damn programs on the History Channel and National Geographic put out basically the same line as Farrell, Lavenda et al, and Jim Marrs's FOURTH REICH was a New York Times bestseller, which listing has nothing to do with sales and everything to do with what the Jewish controlled media want you to think.

    Jeesh, this is so clear it's frightening to think any of you guys are genuine and not JIDF.

  9. I prefer sticking to 9-11 truth topics, I have no aversion to this topic for discussion and have been in discussions of the “Zionists” and “the neocons” and “the Jews” for many years but in the context of near extinct traditional Roman Catholic intellectuals’ refutation of the double standards influences in USA culture and politics of those people of the “Jewish revolutionary spirit”. I notice that often these discussion do not seem to operate in the realms of reason and righteousness but in the realms of premise-to-conclusion giant leaps and ad hominems (half-wits, embicilic, mythmaking) argumentation and attacks.

    Nick, I always appreciate your keen insights. I have not poured over what Atlanta Bill has posted but we are all at different places in our fund of knowledge and our understandings and our critical thinking skills. Also a good part of what AB posts has basis in fact, though it really may be more of a superficial nature in terms of the big picture.

    I think you need to draw a straighter line between the paperclip scientists and the USA neocons and the USA Jews. Many of the paperclip scientists themselves were self described "Jews". Not saying is not true, just need more specifics and acknowledgement that these “facts” not “myths” are circumstantial in nature.

    A major theme of those who write and speak about the “Zionists having done 9-11” is the “Nazis were passionate German nationalists”. I don't think the NAZIs were passionate or even “compassionate” German nationalists, and I think nationalism is often a very ugly thing. There is a crucial difference between nationalism and patriotism. I also do not think Muslims and Islam “do not have a history of violence” so while Palestinians Iranians and Syrians and Libyans are being very wrongly treated by the Israelis, Islam is NOT nonviolent. (e.g. Research why the Shriners’ Fez hat is dark red and the complete history of African slavery.) The Zionists (or “Jews” or “Israelis”) being wrong does not make Islam or nationalism or NAZIs right and good. (I tend to think that state sponsored eugenics is "not good.")

    Dr. Dennis Cuddy has written a book about “the Secret NAZI plan, serialized on, and he makes a pretty strong documented case that the NAZIs are alive and well and are well advanced in their plan to rule the world. True, Dr. Cuddy, wrongly never mentions the Zionist / Israeli components, but he is no intellectual slouch and his ideas may not be cavalierly dismissed.

    May be true, but I've not heard about the “establishment-boosted propagandists like Jim Marrs”. It may well be true. I just would like to see some documentation like facts about the establishment boosting him and facts about him being a propagandist. True, the publishing houses that have published his best seller books are Jew-owned publishing houses and they control book content to a great extent and they probably would not touch one of his books if it waivered too far from their party line. But I think more than one of Marrs’ books submitted to them have been outright rejected and much of the info in his published books was stricken from final copy by them.

    As far as when will we see anything “NAZI like” materializing in the real world, depends on what the meaning of “NAZI like” is. I think we are seeing overwhelming evidences of the planned synthesis of Marxist nationalist socialism and Marxist – Leninist communism / socialism all over the place, and this is what I call the one world death and slavery system.
    Yes, we need to discuss and better explain Jewish power and Jewish solidarity and collaboration in the USA today and in relation to 9-11 perpetration, but I still am not seeing enough objectivity and documentation in all this “erudition.” Maybe there are some topics that simply never will allow for truly objective reasoned discussion.

  10. It doesn't matter how intelligent you are if your moral compass is profoundly off. The problems we are talking about here are rooted in:

    exceptionalism / sense of having a higher inherent worth than others / overdeveloped sense of entitlement;

    pursuit of power / control / domination above all else;

    pursuit of self-fulfillment regardless of cost;

    lack of compassion / kicking the vulnerable when they're down;

    exploitation / parasitism / greed;

    abuse / violence;

    lying / deception;


    Can a society that tolerates these types of values amongst us (and these values are not constrained to any one ethnic/etc. group), to a degree that puts everything at risk and under enslavement, be considered civilized? How do we achieve a balanced / civilized world, where the psychopaths don't control things?

  11. Glad to see others bringing Gladio to light, some even miss the Otto Skorzeny connection via the Paladin Group of MC Inc in Spain. Cheers- EvS